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Sweet Student Saves Stranded Stray From Soggy Sidewalk

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
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| Published on January 11, 2023

It was on a rainy afternoon that Mayane Rodrigues happened to be glancing out of her window, at the exact right moment, to spot something that truly touched her heart. Luckily, she thought to grab her phone, and immediately started recording. 

Thousands of people across the internet are glad she did, as the video went viral. It was such a heartwarming moment to witness.


A young girl was on her way home from school, when she suddenly stopped in her tracks on the soggy sidewalk. Without hesitating, she sat her umbrella down on the ground, and took off her coat. It was then that Mayane noticed that there was a tiny puppy, sitting on the ground, at the little girl’s feet. Seconds later, the young girl crouched down, cradled the drenched doggie in her arms, and continued her wet walk home.

“It all happened so quickly. It was very emotional. I sent the video to a friend who shared it to a neighborhood group, and then I found out who the angel was,” said Mayane Rodrigues, the videographer.

It turns out that the sweet savior’s name is Cibely and she’s 12-years-old. Of course she couldn’t leave the precious pooch there on the soaking-wet sidewalk all by herself. Not only was it raining, and the puppy was positively drenched, but there were so many cars driving by. What if she had wandered out into the street?

Saving Pup

Plus, it was obvious to Cibely that the pup had already sustained a small injury. 

“I was startled when she arrived with the puppy because she was very sweaty and wet from the rain. There was blood on her shirt. I thought she had been hurt, but she told me she found the puppy injured,” recalled Rejane Stiegelmair, Cibely’s mother.

Fortunately the pup’s wounds were only minor and could easily be healed at home. While they didn’t know exactly how or why this sweet girl was wandering the street all alone, they did know one thing for sure. It was obvious that she had found her forever home. 

New best friend

Cibely decided to name her Pretinha, and she planned to shower her new furry best friend with lots of love. 

“Cibely has a very good heart. She feels very sorry for stray dogs. If she could bring them all home, she would. As parents, we are proud of Cibely and always have been. But now we’re even more so,” said her mom.

It may seem like such a simple gesture, but scooping up that tiny puppy surely saved her life that day. The family was unable to find an original owner, so the puppy is there to stay.

You can view the very touching video of Pretinha’s rescue, below.

Featured Image: Instagram

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