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Super Shedders: 25 Shedding Dogs With The Fluff They Left Behind

| Published on February 26, 2021

For parents of really fluffy dogs, sometimes it seems like you can never vacuum or lint roll enough. No matter what, your dog’s hair is determined to cover everything you own. If you can relate to the struggle, you’re going to love these hilarious photos of heavy shedding dogs and the hairy proof they left behind.

Here are 25 fluffy dogs whose shedding might just put your dog’s problem to shame:

1. A Dead Hair Style

Jen Tipton via Facebook

This Shiba Inu’s parents repurposed his extra fur into a nice new look. That’s one way to spin shedding!

2. An Answer To An Obvious Question


He keeps losing fur, but somehow there’s always the same amount left!

3. Some Self-Identifying Fluff

Marisa Crowhurst via Facebook

This little Cairn Terrier looks proud of his mess, enough to spell out the name of his breed. Plus, a whole extra terrier on the side.

4. Is That One Or Two Shepherds?


You could build another dog with all that left behind hair.

5. A Complete Palette’s Worth Of Hair

Brittany Johnson via Facebook

If you’re a Bernese Mountain Dog who feels lonely, you can just make your own furry friend.

6. A Shedding Present For Dad

Ben Kelch via Facebook

When life gives you an excessively shedding dog, make art! Ben Kelch, the Samoyed’s dad, said in an interview:

“He is the fluffiest and softest dog you’ll ever feel. Everyone always calls him a cloud or cotton ball and both are very accurate, except he is even softer.”

7. A Bed Of His Own Creation

Ruth Mangrum Herring via Facebook

Now that he’s relieved of that heavy fluff, this shedding pup can take a comfy nap.

8. Teamwork Makes The Fluff Pile Bigger

Jackie Mirba Danna via Facebook

Two very hair Huskies make for twice the fluff. This breed sheds a lot!

9. Send Help


Someone please send these two dogs help in the form of a powerful vacuum.

10. I Gave You My Heart


Their big hearts are what makes us so willing to put up with all the dog hair.

11. Shed? Who, Me?


This dog really can’t believe all that came from a single brushing.

12. Small Dog, Big Fur Pile

Sanne van Weert via Facebook

How can a creature so tiny make such a big mess? He’s not sure either.

13. Hairy And Happy


No amount of shedding could bring this furry boy down.

14. Sibling Shedding

Mishka Valentina Jensen via Facebook

Impossible to say whose hair this is, but it’s probably a combo.

15. Proud Pancake

Faith Clark via Facebook

Pancake the Corgi knows you have no choice but to put up with his fluff.

16. Shed By Side

Alexa Sapier via Facebook

It turns out there’s only one dog in this picture. The other is just his left-behind hair.

17. Floating On A Fur Cloud

Caleb-Ashlyn Mellstrom via Facebook

This heavenly Lab lost a cloud’s worth of hair during his grooming.

18. Smells Like Me


Sniff sniff… wait, did that come from me?

19. Bobo Knows He’s Worth It


Really, who could stay mad at that face? Not this dog’s mom, no matter how many pairs of pants he ruins with hair.

20. A Hairy Heeler Who Can’t Believe It


This floof is oh so tickled by his mess.

21. Someone Seems Sorry About Shedding

Sue London via Facebook

Those eyes seem to say, “but I can’t help it!”

22. Guess I Really Needed A Cut

Shane Welker via Facebook

This pup may not look like a super shedder, but the proof is in the pile.

23. More Where That Came From

Brooke Jackson via Facebook

How could he still have so much fur left? Brooke Jackson, the fluffy pup’s person, wrote on Facebook:

“This is day TWO of brushing. One more day to go. This is Johnny, and he absolutely hates being brushed. He’s a German shepherd/husky/Akita/chow chow according to DNA testing.”

24. Look What I Did!

Jessica Danielle Goodman via Facebook

Here’s another heavy shedder who looks very proud of his product. And it’s not even springtime!

25. Ball Of Fur

Annie Kelley via Facebook

Too bad this ball doesn’t bounce.

If your dog can give these pups a run for their money in the shedding department, show us your photos!

Featured Image: Jackie Mirba Danna via Facebook, Sanne van Weert via Facebook

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