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6 Amazing Ways Dogs Can Help Those Suffering From Depression

Are you currently stuck in the mental black hole that is depression? Do you worry that your life is never going to get better and that you will never feel normal again? Maybe the words “happy” and “fun” have lost all meaning in your life. Perhaps your life has become a charade of pretending to the world that you’re okay when you actually feel empty inside. The good news is that it is possible to feel normal again. The better … Read more

5 Signs Your Dog Is Dealing With Depression

Has your dog been acting different recently? Have your or your dog been through some big life event? Just like humans, dogs can suffer from depression and anxiety. How can you tell whether your fur child is suffering from depression or something else? If your dog’s behavior change can’t be attributed to any life changes, it may be related to a health issue and they should be checked out by a vet to rule out a medical reason for their behavioral … Read more

Service Dog & Student Cross Graduation Stage Together

For Morgan Rath, high school graduation was a day she thought she might never see. She suffers from severe anxiety and depression which began her Freshman year. Her symptoms led to panic attacks and a brief hospitalization, but a chance encounter with a stray dog helped turn that all around. Morgan rescued Paisley from the streets of Emerson, Georgia. In return, Paisley rescued her right back! Last month the pair crossed the stage together to accept Morgan’s diploma. Morgan was … Read more

8 Ways To Help Your Dog Deal With The Grief Of Losing A Family Pet

  The death of a beloved pet is devastating to the entire family, including the other pets in the home. Dogs may not grieve as openly or in the same way we do, but they definitely go through a period of mourning. During this difficult time it is important to monitor your remaining dog(s) for “distress reactions” and take steps to help them through their grief. Signs of grief in dogs include: Changes in sleeping patterns Changes in eating habits … Read more

7 Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Emotionally Distressed

Every dog lover knows that our four-legged friends are most certainly capable of complex emotions, and that those emotions are heavily impacted by us humans. Major changes like bringing home a new pet or baby, moving, or an illness within the family can cause our dogs to suffer stress, anxiety and even depression.   Think your pup may have the blues? Watch for these 7 signs. 1. Changes In Behavior From a decreased desire to play or go for walks, … Read more

6 Signs Your Dog Needs More Love In His Life

It’s impossible to be everything to everyone all the time. From the daily 9-to-5, to kids, bills and errands, it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that’s important to you. Oftentimes it’s our four-legged friends who suffer the most when our worlds get too crazy. They are faithful to a fault, allowing their own needs to fall by the wayside when they sense that their humans are stressed. Our loving canines have … Read more

Top 10 Dogs That Help Fight Depression

While we’d argue that any sweet and lovable dog will undoubtedly make you happier and less stressed, some breeds tend to be especially cheerful, affectionate, and optimistic. If you’ve got a case of the blues, a canine companion may be just what the doctor ordered. Think about it: dog owners spend more time outside, have increased LPD’s (laughs per day) due to their dog’s silly antics, and provide the most loyal friendship in existance. Here are 10 particularly dopamine-inducing dog breeds who will bring sunshine to all your cloudy days. (Note: This … Read more