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Loyal Dog Follows Owner When She Falls 300 Feet Down A Mountainside

When Brittany Fintel felt her feet slip on the snow covering Mount St. Helens, she thought she was going to die. She tumbled over boulders and fell over 300 feet until finally coming to a stop near another steep cliff. She was hurt and in tremendous pain, but she was alive. She also had something else to be thankful for—her loyal service dog named Indy. A Navy veteran, Fintel was traveling around the western U.S. with her dog and planned … Read more

10 Tips For Camping With Your Pup

The summer season is in full swing, and that means it’s time for camping! Luckily, camping is one thing you and your pup can enjoy together. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind though to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy on your camping trip. Here are 10 tips for camping with your dog so you can have the best possible camping experience. #1 – Check in with the vet first You’ll want to take … Read more

Hikers Are Surprised When A Friendly Dog Follows Them But His Tag Explains Everything

When Scott Brown, his wife, and their hiking group decided to hike Teneriffe Falls in Washington State last week, they were surprised to meet a new friend along the way — a four-legged one, that is! As they embarked on the trail, the hikers noticed a large black dog and assumed he was the pet of someone in the nearby neighborhood. The pup soon joined the group on their adventure, even leading the way to the waterfall. Brown told iHeartDogs: … Read more

5 Ways You And Your Dog May Be Harming Wildlife

You love the great outdoors, and you especially love bringing your dog into the wilderness with you. Certainly, you would never do anything to hurt the wildlife – that could ruin the area for future generations. The problem is, you and your dog may be damaging the wilderness you love without even realizing it. While dogs are permitted inside many state parks, national parks, and national forests, they are usually required to be on a leash that is no longer … Read more

5 Strangers Volunteer To Trek Deep Into The Mountains To Save Injured Dog

When a dog was in distress and emergency personnel couldn’t help, five strangers joined together to save a life. It was an 18 kilometer (about 11 miles) round-trip hike through the wilderness, but the rescue came just in time for the Chocolate Lab named Louie. Janessa Walker and Louie are the best adventure buddies. Walker loves to take Louie, who belongs to her stepmom, Amanda McGregor, for hikes and walks, and a weekend trip through the Chilliwack mountains sounded like … Read more

8 Dog Breeds That Make Great Hiking Buddies

Are you looking for a dog that can keep up with you for more than just a walk around the block? Because of their genetics and dispositions, some breeds are better suited for longer hikes than others. Keep in mind that puppies, with their still-forming joints, and older dogs, who may suffer from joint pain, are best left at home for moderate to difficult hikes. Compiled from PetMD, Backpacker, and Outward On, here are the 8 dog breeds that make … Read more