Survey Reveals All The Ways Our Dogs “Ruin” The Holidays

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close and we’ve said goodbye to visiting family members, there’s time for a little pause and reflection. Time to think back on the thoughtful gifts, delicious meals, and of course all the ways your mischievous dogs and cats made a horrible mess of the season. Itchpet recently performed some valuable research on this topic. A survey of 2,000 dog and cat people discovered a myriad of holiday “crimes” our furry friends … Read more

No Home for the Holidays: Dogs Being Set Loose so their Family Can Afford Christmas Vacation

An alarming trend has been identified in Australia leading up to and during this holiday season. Families are abandoning their pets to avoid paying expenses related to boarding them whilst the family travels for Christmas. The practice is naturally sparking outrage among more responsible animal lovers and causing problems for shelters with swelling populations.   Mayhem Ensues for Shelters in Melbourne Australian Animal Protection Society vice-president Sue Thompson told the Australian publication The Age that people are letting their pets loose, hoping … Read more

Getting A Puppy For Christmas: Problem Or Opportunity For Animal Shelters?

A muffled bark, the slight shaking of a suspicious-looking package—families everywhere will wake up Christmas day to a special Christmas puppy. Children will squeal with glee, and even adults won’t be able to resist the magic of a cute bow-wearing puppy scampering around the Christmas tree. It’s the kind of holiday scene fit for movies and commercials, but no one ever shows what happens once the bow comes off and the holiday season ends. Giving pets as presents is an … Read more

Introducing Your Dog To Guests: How To Keep Everyone Calm And Comfortable

dog to guests

Depending on your dog’s personality, the arrival of house guests could mean a few different things. First, for the nervous dog, strangers in the house could send your pup straight to his favorite hiding spot under the bed. For protective pups, there’s the risk of confusing friend for foe. And finally, our easily excitable tail-waggers can’t help but cause chaos during already hectic visits. Regardless of the category, your four-legged family member falls into, introducing your dog to guests doesn’t … Read more

Dog Camera Company Tracks “Bark Alerts” To Determine Naughtiest And Nicest Breeds

The makers of a popular treat-dispensing dog camera, Furbo, made a list, and you know they checked it twice. Whether or not they pass on their findings to the big guy up north is yet to be determined, but their data collectors have put together a list of the naughtiest and nicest dog breeds. Which list does your dog belong on? The naughty and nice lists were made based on how often each dog breed barks when their families aren’t … Read more

UK Travel Company Seeks Adventurous Pooch To Review Dog-Friendly Vacations

The UK-based company, Canine Cottages is searching for the perfect pooch to fill the position of Canine Critic. The hours are “between the time of sleeping, naps and more sleeping,” benefits include four paid vacations per year with their favorite human, and the salary is a highly competitive mix of “treats and surprises from top dog brands.” Does your pup have what it takes to land this doggy dream job? The property managers at Canine Cottages are devoted to helping vacationers … Read more

Lost Dog Found Making Himself At Home In A Stranger’s House

A family in Michigan came home Christmas evening to find their door open and a surprise guest lounging on their couch. They’re not exactly sure how it happened, but the home invader wasn’t the kind worth calling the cops over. It was River, a runaway dog looking for somewhere to get warm. A week ago, River disappeared from his new family’s home. Jean Strobel, River’s owner, did everything she could to bring her pup back. She organized her entire community … Read more

Shelter Makes Controversial Decision To Halt Adoptions Until After The Holidays

Dogs Trust is the largest canine welfare charity in Ireland and the UK. The organization has been rescuing and rehoming pups since 1891 with their now-famous motto, “A dog is for life.” In keeping with this philosophy, the Dublin rehoming center has suspended all adoptions until after the New Year in an effort to discourage people from bringing home pets on a whim. The charity took to the streets in order to demonstrate the message of their Paws For Thought campaign. Using … Read more

“Naughty” And “Nice” Holiday Foods For Your Dog

This holiday season, you might be tempted to share your delicious meals with your fur family members, but some of your favorite holiday foods might be dangerous for your dog. Knowing which table scraps are safe to share with your pooch can help you avoid the stress of a trip to the emergency room. In order to save you some time scouring the internet to find out what your dog can and can’t eat this holiday season, here are some … Read more

Shelter Compiles Exact Reasons For Huge Spike In Surrenders After Christmas

Last year, the Dogs Trust rehoming centers in Glasgow and West Calder, Scotland received 703 calls from pet owners looking to surrender their dogs in the weeks immediately following the holidays. Staff members fielded excuses such as “I got him as a secret Santa present” and “She wags her tail far too much.” The owners were clearly unmoved by the rescue’s slogan “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest canine rescue organization with a … Read more

Top 10 Gifts For Women Who Love Dogs

For women who adore dogs, certain gifts are just going to be more meaningful to them than others. We’d venture to say that for this special lady gifts that do double duty by also giving back are going to mean a whole lot more to her. She’ll probably love knowing that the gifts you’ve picked out for her have helped pups and individuals in need! We’re pretty sure that any of the following top 10 gifts for women who love … Read more

Watch Out For These Hidden Hazards This Holiday Season

The holidays are about family, friends, and food. Unfortunately, they are also a top time for visits to the emergency vet due to holiday hazards in the home. Sometimes bad things happen to good pets, but there are steps you can take to keep your fur children safe this holiday season. Here are the top 3 categories of hidden health hazards so that you can be better prepared to prevent disasters from striking. #1 – Decorations Christmas trees in particular … Read more

How To Help Your Anxious Pup Banish The Holiday Blues

Dogs depend on a reliable routine in order to feel secure. Unfortunately, chaos tends to rule when the holidays roll around, leaving many pups feeling anxious and confused. We spend our spare seasonal hours cooking, cleaning, entertaining guests, wrapping gifts and decorating the home with strange objects (including a baffling indoor tree). All that holiday hullabaloo is enough to put any pooch into an emotional tailspin! Unfortunately, with the extra demands on our time, it can be easy to overlook … Read more

How To Get Your Pup To Pose For Holiday Photos

If your dogs are anything like mine, they seem to take pleasure in sabotaging your attempts at photography. Whether they blink, yawn, look away, or wander off, they can make a decent holiday photo seem impossible. Courtney Bayer, a Canine Behavior and Training Associate at the Louisiana SPCA, faces the same problem when photographing her clients’ dogs on graduation day. She recommends a three step process for capturing holiday pet portraits. 1. Train your pup to sit for an extended … Read more

Double Donations Through Giving Tuesday – The Deals Go to the Dogs!

At iHeartDogs, it’s all about the dogs. We put them first with everything we do, because every dog matters. It’s the reason behind our promotion through Giving Tuesday, November 28th – 0% off and double meal donations.   While Black Friday is the day of the year to expect deals and discounts, we believe we can do better. We know our customers look for value in their purchases, that’s why they shop with us! They know we’ve put our stamp … Read more

Shelter Pups Find Treats & Forever Homes At Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

Imagine a lovely spring afternoon watching dozens of adoptable shelter dogs dressed in their Easter best as they joyously sniff for treat-filled pastel eggs. Sound like a great way to spend a Saturday? The Austin Animal Center thinks so, too! Due to the rousing success of last year’s Easter Egg Hunt, they’ve decided to make it an annual event, and this year promises to be even better – and cuter! The festivities begin at 11 AM on Saturday April 15 … Read more

Domestic Abuse Survivor Reunites With Her Dog Just In Time For Christmas

Fear of leaving their pets behind is one of the most common reasons victims of domestic abuse cite for remaining with their abusers. Many shelters are working to alleviate this stress by creating pet-friendly facilities, but unfortunately, the woman we will call “Nicole” in this post did not have that option when she needed it.   Thanks to the generosity of the Lincoln County Humane Society and several online donors, Nicole has been reunited with her little dog just in … Read more

More Than 800 Shelter Pets Are Home For The Holidays Thanks To Generous Donor

Back in November we brought you the wonderful story of Kim Pacini-Hauch who volunteered to pay the adoption fees for every single animal adopted from the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA over the holidays. Since November 18th, more than 800 dogs and cats have found homes thanks to her “Home for the Pawlidays” promotion. Front Street Animal Shelter plans to make the most of Pacini-Hauch’s incredibly generous gift. They have been pulling dogs and cats from other area … Read more

Community Decorates A Snow Covered Tree In Honor Of Dogs Past & Present

The city of Billings, Montana is a dream destination for dogs. On top of all the gorgeous walking trails and scenic parks, several restaurants and businesses also cater to the pooches. So when an impromptu memorial honoring man’s best friend began appearing around the city at Christmastime it was no shock to Marcia Clausing, co-chair of the organization Friends of Billings Dog Parks. “It’s probably the work of a neighborhood dog-walking group. They probably do it because they love their … Read more

“Perfect Angel” Senior Pup Wants Nothing More Than To Find A Home For The Holidays

Sweet senior gal Zaney is a staff favorite at LifeLine’s Dekalb County Animal Services in Atlanta. She’s gentle, low-maintenance and is always ready with a tail wag and a Pibble grin when visitors stop by her kennel. The problem is, she’s been in that kennel far too long.  As much as they will miss her, Zaney’s friends want nothing more than to see her adopted into a loving home in time for the holidays. A photo posted by LifeLine Animal … Read more

Couple Adopts The Last Dog Left At The Shelter, A Disabled German Shepherd

In the animal world Black Friday means much more than crazy crowds and super savings. Many shelters waive their adoption fees over the Thanksgiving weekend to help the pets in their care find homes for the holidays. The shelter staff knew that Bryan would have difficulty finding a home as pets with disabilities often do. The adoption event – sponsored by and Best Friends Animal Society – was a rousing success, but it was heartbreaking to see sweet Bryan, … Read more

Dying Dog Who Never Lived Inside Enjoyed His Final Days, Thanks To An Amazing Woman

Last year on December 13th, the owners of blind, feeble 14-year-old Blackie dropped him off at the Austin Animal Center, expecting him to be euthanized. They knew he was very sick, and he has a visible tumor on his chest, but they weren’t sure what specifically was ailing him because he’d never been to the vet. In fact, he’d never even been let indoors. Although the Austin Animal Center is the largest no-kill shelter in America, vets on staff considered helping Blackie over the … Read more