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Family Dog Finds $85,000 Worth Of Drugs And Is Now An Honorary Narcotics K-9

A Golden Retriever’s mischievous habit of digging in the yard turned into a major public service when he unearthed something no one expected. Kenyon is an 18-month old pup who lives with his family in Yamhill County, Oregon. His family wishes to remain anonymous, but they ended up calling the police after their dog dug up 15 ounces of black tar heroin that had been buried in their backyard. When the family first saw what Kenyon had found, they … Read more

16 Retiring K-9 Officers Are Honored In An Official Ceremony

Law enforcement officers in Ecuador take the hard work and dedication of their K-9 partners very seriously. When it was time for 16 of the force’s four-legged officers to retire and enjoy their golden years in peaceful bliss, they held a formal ceremony in order to honor them for their remarkable service. The pooches maintained their professional demeanor as everyone took a moment to pray for the pups who had fallen in the line of duty. Afterward, they were walked … Read more

This Organization Makes Sure K-9’s Are Cared For Even After Their Service

After their service, military and law enforcement heroes deserve to relax in retirement – after all, they’ve spent their careers putting their lives on the line in order to protect their communities and country. Their K-9 counterparts also bravely face danger for the greater good, but aren’t guaranteed the same benefits as they reach their golden years. That’s where Project K-9 Hero comes in.   This organization is dedicated to making sure that four-legged officers get the care they deserve, … Read more

Senior K-9 Dies In Handler’s Arms, Gets The Hero’s Goodbye She Deserves

When K-9 Keylo passed away with her human partner by her side, the community mourned for the lost hero. The black German Shepherd worked on the police force in Bath, Maine with her handler, Corporal Michelle Small. She served for over a decade, and assisted in an incredible 333 apprehensions in addition to sniffing out evidence including drug paraphernalia. To the small town community, she was a treasure. “What struck me the most is not just how much everyone in Bath loves … Read more

Police Sergeant Writes Letter To K-9 Partner After Saying Goodbye

Dog owners know the depth of love we have for our pups, and can’t imagine it being possible to love them any more. But for police officers with K-9’s, their bond goes even deeper. Not only are these police dogs part of their families, they are their work partners and their protectors. Sgt. Michael Spitaleri of the Clearwater Police Department had this kind of special relationship with his dog, Major. The pup was retired in 2014 due to medical issues, but … Read more

Watch As These Police Puppies Learn That Safety Is The Top Priority!

In New Zealand, law enforcement takes the safety of their working police dogs–and puppies in training–very seriously! Below is a video of two puppies outfitted in their mini stab-proof vests. It’s adorable, but more importantly, it shows that  the safety of these police dogs is a top priority. It looks like they start learning the fundamentals early! “You have the right to remain cute but anything you bark may be used in a court of law against you,” The Telegraph Facebook page … Read more

Police Force Honors K-9 On His Last Day With A Tribute Fit For A Hero

On the day that K-9 officer Zeus was taken to cross the Rainbow Bridge, the Ridgefield Police Department gave him the goodbye he deserved: one fit for a hero. After 9 years of service, he’d retired in 2014 because he suffered from a degenerative hip disease, which progressed over the next year. When the pain was too much, the valiant German Shepherd was taken for a final ride in a squad car to Ridgefield Veterinary Hospital, where as his colleagues stood to salute him. As … Read more

UPDATE: Officer Hickey Purchases His Former K9 At Auction…Wait Till You Hear The Price!

UPDATE 2/6/15: Officer Hickey was able to purchase Ajax for…(drum roll, please….) a whole dollar! Over $72,000 was raised on their Go Fund Me page and will be used to purchase bullet-resistant vests for K-9’s. You can check out the whole story via NBC news.  Original feature below: While K-9’s are trained to work with their human police partners and live with their families, the dogs are not necessarily “owned” by their handlers. Officer Matt Hickey from Marietta, Ohio felt blindsided when he learned that after he retired, … Read more

Officer Receives A Special Gift To Fill The Empty Space After Losing His Best Friend And K9

Earlier this month, K-9 Officer Jethro was shot and killed while on a suspected burglary call with his partner, Officer Ryan Davis in Canton, Ohio. At the German Shepherd’s funeral, hundreds of officers showed up from in and out of state to pay their respects. Officer Davis, understandably, was devastated by the loss of his devoted partner and friend.   When nonprofit organization K9s4COPS heard the story, they wanted to help–and provided Officer Davis with a new partner. Named Tuko, the German Shepherd was donated to … Read more