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Dog Nail Trimming: 3 Things You Can Do So Your Pup Won’t Hate It 

For many dogs, nail trims bring about lots of fear and anxiety. Your pup doesn’t understand that you’re doing it for their safety and health – all they know is that you’re coming at their feet with a pair of clippers! Dog nail trimming doesn’t have to be scary for your pup as long as the right techniques are implemented. iHeartDogs asked Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP, to give us some tips on how to make the process easier. Also … Read more

Common Causes Of Dry Paw Pads + Natural Remedies

dry dog paws remedies

Socks, slippers, sandals, boots… we humans have many ways of protecting our feet, but our dogs don’t! Sure, you can try to put booties over your pup’s paws, but even if they don’t kick them off, those precious pads can still get dry and cracked. For this reason, home remedies for dry dog paws are essential. Related: What is Paw Pad Hyperkeratosis aka “Hairy Dog Paws”? In addition to coming into direct contact with all types of surfaces and terrain, … Read more

How Common Types Of De-Icer Can Hurt Your Dog

While winter wouldn’t be complete without a good snowfall, snowy scenes always come with a fair share of headaches. Keeping roads, driveways, and garden paths clear of snow and ice is an important safety measure, but it also poses potential problems for your dog. Many de-icer products contain hazardous chemicals. For your dog, it’s enough to make them seriously ill, injured, and uncomfortable. The Problem With De-icer The de-icer you depend on each winter does its magic by lowering the … Read more

6 Summertime Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe

Since you usually wear shoes when you walk outside, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about how hot the ground is. Unfortunately, your dog likely doesn’t wear shoes when you walk outside and can burn his paw pads on hot asphalt. Watching your dog limp around the house because you weren’t mindful of their needs is something no dog owner would ever want, so here are 6 summertime tips to keep your dog’s paws safe. #1 – Walk your … Read more

Traumatized Dog Once Stood Silently In A Corner…Now, She Can’t Stop Talking!

Back in July 2015, PAWS Animal Rescue in Ireland posted a heartbreaking video of Angel, the Sighthound puppy who was too traumatized to do anything but stand and stare at the wall. She tucked her head against the corner as if in a time-out, or hoping to disappear altogether. While the exact source of the abuse remains a mystery, the toll it took on the poor pup was evident. Gina Heatherington, founder and CEO of PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland, said to ABC News: … Read more

Florida Police Officer Goes On A Call To The Animal Rescue…And Leaves With a Puppy

When Fort Walton Beach police officer Marcus Montgomery went on a call to the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), he had no idea he’d leave with a new furry friend! …but some things are just meant to be. As his investigation was coming to a close, a PAWS supervisor walked into the room holding the the tiny Pittie, who was at the time, a very groggy doggy. “You could tell he’d been sleeping because his eyes were heavy and he … Read more