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Bone Broth for Dogs: This “Soul Food” Is Perfect For Nourishing Sick Or Senior Pups

Everybody has a certain go-to comfort food that soothes them when they are ill. When dogs lose their appetite due to age or illness, they, too need a nutrient-packed solution to help them regain their strength. Whether getting over a bout of gastrointestinal upset, recovering from surgery, or just reaching an age where appetite is waning, bone broth for dogs can ensure that your pup gets all the essential nutrients he or she needs. Veterinarians often recommend fasting a dog … Read more

Hospice Care For Dogs: Is It The Right Choice For You & Your Pooch?

Hospice care for dogs is a relatively new concept. Sadly, the word hospice often carries a negative stigma. It reminds us of lonely, sterile rooms and the fear of impending death. In reality, hospice care can be a wonderful gift for terminally ill people and pets. Rather than focusing on invasive medical procedures, hospice provides physical and emotional comfort to end-of-life patients and their families. What is hospice care for dogs? Hospice care is based on the philosophy that people … Read more

This Terminally Ill Pup Is Looking For A Family To Fill Her Final Days With Love

Foster and adoption aren’t the only ways to help a homeless dog in need. When you become a “fospice” (foster + hospice) parent to a terminally ill pet, you selflessly provide them with the love, care and comfort they so richly deserve in their final days. Akira is a sweet pooch in search of a fospice home to call her own.   She arrived at LifeLine Animal Project‘s DeKalb County Animal Services shelter in Atlanta, Georgia last June, and has … Read more

Woman Fosters Deaf, Dying Dog To Make Sure Her Best Days Are Still Ahead Of Her

When Jessica Miller first saw Grandma Dot at the LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia and heard her story, she “was in tears thinking about her staying there for the remainder of her life.” Grandma Dot is a deaf elderly Pit Bull who is dog-reactive and has heartworm and untreatable lymphoma. Dot had been at the shelter since February, but after her lymphoma diagnosis, the staff beefed up their efforts to find a foster home for Dot so she could know … Read more

Pet Peace Of Mind Program Helps Hospice Patients With Pets

A program called Pet Peace of Mind is helping families alleviate the additional stress of caring for a pet by helping cover essential pet care needs. “I know of countless numbers of older adults – widows and widowers, veterans, those living with chronic illnesses and those on hospice care – who have said that their pet is their lifeline,” says Dianne McGill, President of Pet Peace of Mind. They have helped thousands of people with pet care needs, and preserve the bond that exists … Read more