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Kind-Hearted Officer Pulls All-Nighter To Protect The Neglected Stray Puppy He Rescued

Rescuing a stray puppy may not be a police officer‘s job, but some kind-hearted officers don’t do it for the job. Some genuinely want to help the little ones who can’t help themselves. Officer Kareem Garibaldi of the Lakeland Police Department in Florida is one of those wonderful people. Officer Garibaldi worked an early morning shift one Saturday in May 2016. As he drove his patrol car, he nearly ran into a small Pit/Boxer mix puppy. The 8-to-10-week old pup … Read more

Pizza Boxes Featuring Shelter Dogs Are Getting Pups Adopted

I gotta admit, I never thought there could be a way to make a pizza delivery arriving even more exciting. A pizza shop in Amherst, New York really showed me. Starting last Friday, February 28th, Just Pizza & Wing Co. customers began seeing flyers attached to their pizza boxes. These flyers featured photos of adoptable dogs from the Niagara SPCA. The franchise‘s owner, Mary Alloy, is an animal lover. She had been volunteering with the Niagara SPCA, working with Kimberly … Read more

Dog Was So Matted He Could Hardly Walk

Officials at the Richmond SPCA consider Lionheart to be one of the worst neglect cases they have seen in decades. When the 7-year-old Poodle was surrendered to their care in April, he was so matted he was barely recognizable as a dog. “When I first looked at Lionheart in the kennel run when he first arrived, I literally could not tell which was the front or the back,” Richmond SPCA CEO Robin Robertson Starr told WTVR News. The filthy clumps … Read more

Shelter’s Longest Resident Of Over 3 Years Finally Finds The Perfect Pawrents

Dots the dog was transferred to the SPCA of Brevard in Titusville, Florida when he was just 6-months-old. The snaggle-toothed pup became a staff favorite, but for some reason, he was overlooked by adopters time and again. The days, weeks, months and years ticked by until Dots became the shelter’s longest resident. His friends at the SPCA went above and beyond to ensure Dots felt special and loved. They made him one of their “office dogs” to give him a much-needed … Read more

Man Caught On Camera Dumping Dog Turns Himself In

Surveillance video of a Texas man abandoning his sister’s “uncontrollable” dog by the side of the road has led to a momentous animal cruelty arrest. The cameras were installed by the Dallas Marshall’s Office in an effort to crack down on animal cruelty in the Dowdy Ferry area, known as a common dumping ground for unwanted pets. This is the first incident of animal cruelty captured by the cameras that has led to an arrest.   The suspect, Gorge Spears, … Read more