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Therapy Dog Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree In Veterinary Medicine

Well, it’s official, there’s at least one more dog out there with a more advanced degree than I have. Moose, an 8-year-old Yellow Lab officially just received his honorary doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine from Virginia Tech. Yep, just call him Doctor Moose! Even before receiving his degree, Moose was a pretty big deal on campus. The pup has worked as one of Virginia Tech’s four therapy dogs since 2014.  He attends events like football games and new student orientations. Throughout … Read more

Therapy “Dogtor” Delivers Care Packages To First Responders

When Loki the Therapy Rottweiler needed help, her friends at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) were there for her. Now that the tables have turned, Loki and her mom, medical student Caroline Benzel, are delighted to return the favor. Amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, the pair are distributing “Hero Healing Kits” to medical personnel on the front lines. Benzel adopted Loki intending to make her a hospital therapy dog. Inspired by the pooch that visited her … Read more

Therapy Dog Safely Greets Quarantined Seniors From Outside The Facility

Tonka the Great Dane is a very big, very good boy. As a certified therapy dog in Cedar Park, Texas, one of his favorite assignments is visiting the senior citizens at Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites. Sadly, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the care center is temporarily prohibiting outside visitors. Knowing how much the visits mean to Tonka’s friends at Cedar Pointe, the gentle giant’s owner came up with a solution. Instead of going room-to-room, Courtney Leigh proposed she and … Read more

Rescue Dog Attempts One Final Agility Course Before Retirement. Fails Gloriously!

It’s the end of an era. Kratu, the world’s favorite agility dog, gave his farewell performance at the Crufts Kennel Club Dog Show last week. The Romanian rescue dog that stole our hearts plans to retire from agility at the end of the year. Kratu first made a name for himself in 2018 when he put his own unique stamp on the agility course. Rather than follow the approved routine, he skipped obstacles, visited onlookers on the sidelines, and generally … Read more

Therapy Dogs All Dressed Up For Thanksgiving Will Tide You Over Til Christmas

Therapy dogs already bring so much joy to people year-round, but this holiday season some special therapy dogs in Florida are spreading that joy even farther across the internet. An amazing picture of seven therapy dogs seated around the table for Thanksgiving is going viral (for obvious reasons.) The group of therapy dogs from Therapy K9’s of Southwest Florida all gathered at a home in North Port for Thanksgiving. Obviously a photo needed to be taken to commemorate this occasion, … Read more

Norbert, The Tiny Therapy Dog Spreads Big Smiles And Inspires Huge Kindnesses

Norbert is a living example of the notion that good things come in small packages. At just 3 pounds, this tiny pooch easily fits in the palms of his dog mom’s hands but his small stature doesn’t stop him from spreading big love everywhere he and his handler go. As a registered dog therapy team, Norbert and Julie have been bringing smiles to those that need it most in Los Angeles for over 8 years. Norbert is a Pint … Read more

Pup Who Survived Being Shot 17 Times Becomes An Inspirational Therapy Dog

Maggie’s story is one of the worst cases of abuse we have ever come across. Although some of the details are hazy, here’s what we know about her past: She was discovered beaten and chained on a roadside in Beirut. Maggie had been shot 17 times, her right ear cut off, and her jaw broken. She was also heavily pregnant. Maggie was rescued and brought to the UK by the Wild At Heart Foundation. A veterinarian tending to her injuries … Read more

Fire Survivor Is Training To Become A Therapy Dog For Other Burn Victims

9-year-old Taka was severely injured in a house fire in October 2018. With deep burns to his head, face, back, and extremities, he needed round-the-clock care. He found it at Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia. One staff member in particular took a shine to Taka. Veterinary technician, Crystal Lesley became his foster mom. There was just one problem: Taka was aggressive towards her other dogs. Although the thought of giving him up broke her heart, Lesley could not … Read more

Dunkin’ And Baskin-Robbins Aim To Fill Children’s Hospitals With Therapy Dogs

Just in time for the holiday season, restaurant chains Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins have announced their newest initiative in spreading joy to children across the country. The two companies already power the independent charitable organization called The Joy in Childhood Foundation, and their newest endeavor focuses on bringing smiles and laughter to children’s hospitals nationwide. The program is called Dogs for Joy, and it’s going to provide full-time therapy dogs to patients, families, and staff at many of the country’s children’s … Read more

Bulldog Puppy Spreads Happiness To Seniors With Alzheimer’s Disease

The residents at Heritage Hill Senior Community in Weatherly, PA have always benefited from a monthly visit from a therapy dog. Lately, however, they’ve had another adorable reason to smile. Their special guest, a Bulldog puppy named Mikey, makes sure his contagious personality reaches everyone in the room. He isn’t a therapy dog (yet), but he does a great job at spreading happiness to the residents that need it most. When Mikey comes into work with his mom, memory care … Read more

Rescue Dog Helps Parkland Teen Move Forward After School Shooting

On February 14, 2018, 16-year-old Annagrace Myers was sitting in a classroom at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. In the middle of her chemistry class, the fire alarm went off. She didn’t know it then, but that was the moment her entire community was changed forever. The sophomore survived what is now known as one of the deadliest school shootings in the country’s history. Recovering from the traumatic event hasn’t been easy, but Annagrace has a special friend, a rescue … Read more

Dog Raised For Meat Loses All 4 Paws But Wins Big At Hero Dog Awards

If you are a longtime follower of iHeartDogs, you’ve probably read about the amazing Chi Chi once or twice. She was rescued outside a South Korean meat market with severe injuries and infections to all four paws. In order to save her life, she underwent a radical quadruple amputation. Despite her ordeal, Chi Chi never lost hope. Once healed, she was brought to the United States and adopted by the Howell family of Phoenix, Arizona. With their love and support, … Read more

Teenager Wakes From Coma After Visit From A Therapy Dog

On July 15, a devastating traffic accident in Delray Beach, FL put 19-year-old Farrah Fox into a deep coma. An off-duty officer ran a stop sign and plowed into the SUV Farrah was riding in. She suffered a traumatic brain injury, and there was nothing doctors or her family could do but wait. They waited five weeks with no change in Farrah’s condition, but then a therapy dog named Fergie came to visit. The seven-year-old Labradoodle frequently visits hospitals as … Read more

Doggie Brigade Brings Healing To Children’s Hospital Patients

For more than 25 years, the Doggie Brigade at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio has been bringing smiles and healing to patients and their families. Doggie Brigade is the second oldest animal-assistance program in the country, as well as one of the largest. Not only do these dogs bring happiness throughout the hospital, but they’ve actually been shown to reduce patients’ blood pressure, stress, and anxiety levels as well as increase the children’s willingness to participate in their treatment program … Read more

Jacksonville Residents Search For Veteran’s Lost Therapy Dog

Communities near Jacksonville, FL are on the lookout for a therapy dog that ran away from a traffic accident on April 15. Luna, a tiny five-pound Maltese-Papillon mix, belongs to Navy veteran Jose Castellon. Since suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2016, Castellon relies on Luna on a daily basis. The decorated sailor has served multiple overseas tours, and now all he wants is to have his dog back. According to Fox35, rescue workers needed to cut Castellon out of … Read more

Community Joins Together To Help Boy With Autism Reunite With Lost Therapy Dog

Twelve-year-old Jacob Calloway from Austin, Texas took to social media this week to ask his community for a special favor. Last Thursday, Jacob’s four-legged best friend and therapy dog named Munsta Boi got out of his family’s yard. Not willing to give up looking, Jacob tearfully asked his friends, neighbors, and the entire Austin community to help him bring Munsta home. It took almost a week and over 1,400 shares on social media, but Austin came through for Jacob in … Read more

Massive Therapy Dog Wears A Stethoscope & Tie To See His “Patients”

Dr. Quincy March had to earn his title just like every other professional healer. As an 8-week-old puppy, his owner, Karen could already sense something special in him. Quincy had a calming effect on everyone he met. With lots of training and hard work, he earned his certification from Therapy Dogs International just two days after his first birthday! From that point on, Quincy has devoted himself to brightening the lives of hospital patients and nursing home residents, as well … Read more

Formerly Neglected Rescue Dog Comforts A Grieving Stranger In The Airport

When dog lover and advocate Madison Palm saw a posting on Facebook for a “free” 7-year-old Corgi, she knew she had to get the pup in a safer situation. “I called animal control, they did nothing,” Madison told iHeartDogs. So, she took matters into her own hands. Madison took an early lunch at work and headed straight for the address that promised the dog was “first come, first serve.”   When she arrived, Madison was shocked at the condition of … Read more

Plushie-Loving Therapy Dog Gets A Real Live Kitten To Cuddle

You may remember Mojito as the Golden Retriever with the adorable bedtime ritual. The sweet therapy dog carefully chooses one of her arsenal of plushie toys to snuggle with each night at bedtime. As heartwarming as this habit is, Mojito’s newest cuddle buddy is even more aww-inducing! His name is Skywalker and he is a snow-white polydactyl kitty rescued from life as a stray. A post shared by Mojito Rose Soldan (@mojito_rose) on May 31, 2017 at 2:25pm PDT Skywalker … Read more

First Live-In Prison Dog Softens The Hearts Of Dangerous Criminals

A successful experiment at a Michigan prison is showing concrete evidence that dogs make everything better. Corrections Officer John Hassen thought of the idea to bring in a therapy dog to Woodland Correctional Facility earlier this year. Prison warden Jodie DeAngelo had her doubts, but the live-in service dog has changed the prison in more ways than one. Sadie is the first live-in prison therapy dog in the country, and with her handler by her side, she works directly … Read more

Mourners Find Comfort In Funeral Home Therapy Dog

The death of a loved one is a heartbreaking event in itself, and even attending a funeral can be stressful. Of course, the people who run funeral homes know that their guests are grieving, and more and more funeral homes are turning to dogs to help people get through a very difficult time. Of all the important jobs dogs have, working as a comfort dog in a funeral home might be what comes most naturally. They provide emotional support for … Read more

Sheriff’s Office Hires Adorable Therapy Dog To Comfort Crime Victims

Meet Lily, a 5-year-old Beagle/Corgi mix who was rescued from a kill shelter in Florida. She was then enrolled in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s “Paws & Stripes College,” a program where inmates train rescued dogs to be PTSD dogs, therapy dogs, or child-victim-advocate dogs. She’s now moved on to assisting crime victims. After graduating from Paws and Stripes’s Law Enforcement Investigative Therapy Dog Course, she was given to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) for free to help comfort victims … Read more

Man Tearfully Reunites With Therapy Dog Stolen During A Carjacking

A Cleveland man has been reunited with his beloved Havanese therapy dog, Polo, five days after his two dogs were stolen in a carjacking. Andrew Wright was inside a local gas station early Friday morning when the thief sped off in his vehicle. Polo, who alerts Wright to impending seizures, was spotted wandering loose about eight miles from the scene of the crime. Wright cradled Polo and wept openly during their reunion this Wednesday. Wright’s car is equipped with OnStar … Read more

Former Bait Dog Does Something Special For Kids Affected By Hurricane Irma

Abigail the rescue dog is absolutely unstoppable. First, she survived life as a bait dog and losing an ear, then made the best of it by wearing adorable headbands over the wounds. Then, her inspirational story helped her win a hero dog award. Now, she and her sister Tala are therapy dogs, and together, they brightened the day of children who were affected by Hurricane Irma. (We’d also like to give a shout out to their amazing rescuers and family, … Read more

Children’s Hospital Therapy Dog Retires After An Incredible 11 Years Of Service

Abe has been changing human lives for the better ever since he was a clumsy, fluffy puppy. His owner, Judith Bonifaci, was mourning the loss of her beloved Golden Retriever when a friend suggested she fill the dog-shaped hole in her heart with another furry friend. Bonifaci vowed that her next pup would have a purpose, and that together they would pay forward all the love and joy her previous dog had brought into her life. “I knew that if I … Read more

Rescue Dog Becomes The First Ever Friend Of A Boy With Special Needs

With his umbilical cord wrapped three times around his neck, Johnny was born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. The lack of oxygen to his brain caused permanent damage, and breathing complications make it impossible for him to sit up for too long. With no control over his upper or lower extremities, Johnny suffers painful muscle spasms and spends his life lying in bed. Despite his disabilities, Johnny has always been aware of his surroundings. The frontal lobe of his brain is … Read more

Rescue Dog Becomes The Best Medicine For Woman Battling Cancer & Her 2 Children

Once a homeless dog living in a shelter, Stella is now an important part of a loving family. The one-year-old Boxer mix was at Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City desperately waiting to be adopted when Jeneanne Lock and her two children walked through the door. Stella’s exuberant personality and joyful demeanor instantly attracted the family, and what was supposed to be a trip to “just look” turned into a loving family connection.   Battling stage 4 breast … Read more

Firefighters Mourn Search & Rescue Dog After Decade Of Service

Nikko, Riverside Fire Department‘s long-time search and rescue dog, passed away this week. His fellow firefighters offered a final salute as his flag-draped body was carried to awaiting transport on Tuesday. The Golden Retriever began his work with the department in 2006 when he was just a puppy. Nikko participated in several rescue operations, served as a therapy dog, and was a cherished friend to his brothers and sisters in uniform. Nikko was assigned to the California Urban Search & … Read more

This Therapy Dog Accidentally Became The Star Of Fur Con

dog goes to fur con

When Cheryl Wassus heard that the Motor City Furry Convention was coming to her home town, she made a logical assumption. Her dog, Link, is a trained therapy dog, and the pair is used to attending animal-related events. In fact, they are active advocates for an organization called Pets for Vets, the same charity Fur Con was raising money for. The organization works to connect veterans with service dogs, and it made sense that “fur con” meant a convention for fellow dog … Read more

Grief Therapy Puppy-In-Training Instinctively Comforts Mourners

The death of a loved one is extremely stressful to say the least, and devoting your life to easing mourners through the process can also take a heavy toll. That’s why Melissa Unfred, a funeral professional in Austin, Texas, decided to adopt a rescue puppy. Kermit became an instant comfort and source of stress relief for her, and Unfred soon realized that he had the calm, perceptive demeanor of a natural-born grief therapy dog. Kermit has already earned his canine … Read more

Important Differences Between Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, And Therapy Dogs

Do you know the difference between a service dog, an emotional support dog, and a therapy dog? Can they all get into the same places? Do they all have the same rights? These 3 types of helpful pets have different roles, rights, and responsibilities in the lives of the people they help. Here are the differences between the designations. Service Dog Service dogs are trained to do certain tasks to help a person with a disability live a more independent … Read more