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The 8 Things You Want For Christmas From Your Dog

| Published on December 8, 2015

Although you’re your little fuzzbutt’s favorite person in the world, she can’t exactly grab her Americanine Express card and purchase this season’s Chewy Vuitton to gift you for Christmas to show you how much she cares. However, there are a few things that she can (and not do!) to make this howl-iday extra special. Although you couldn’t be happier that she is by your side all year long, there are days when she tends to be a little more naughty than nice.

You know what your dog wants for Christmas, but here are eight things that you probably want from her this howl-iday! (Plus, her good behavior is sure to land her on the “Nice” list, a win-win!)

1. A holiday feast…without dog hair in it.

If your pup could go one day without rolling all over the carpet and running around in circles until her shedding fur is flying around the house, this would be that day.

dog hair dinner
Georgie Pauwels via Flickr

2. And one occasion where she doesn’t rub her furry, lovable self all over your fancy black party dress.

Or, you know, that beautiful cashmere sweater that seems to attract every stray hair from within a mile radius. I guess it just so happens to be her favorite sweater, too. But at the holiday party you don’t want to be covered in fur or drool.

dog shed
Tammy Strobel via Flickr

3. The ability to sit down at the table without her begging for whatever is on your plate.

…and feeling her hot breath on your feet as she waits for a scrap to drop. The fact that cousin Randy keeps slipping his Brussels sprouts under the table doesn’t help any, either…

dog under table
Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

4. A “Silent Night,” where she doesn’t bark at everyone that passes by the window or walks through the door.

While we appreciate her instinct to protect, she should know by now that great-grandma Ida doesn’t exactly impose a threat.

Eduardo Merille via Flickr

5. A klepto-free Christmas morning.

“Schnitzel, must you steal every toy that’s been unwrapped under the tree? And every pair of underwear I own?”

dog with stuffie
~DianneB Photography~ via Flickr

6. The ability to allow you to pee in total solidarity.

“I love you too, but you don’t have to follow me into the bathroom every single time. I promise, I won’t fall in the toilet.”

dogs in bathroom
Schmidty via Flickr

7. A Christmas movie marathon with a sleepy, snuggly pup.

“Just lay down and be my furry pillow for the next six hours. Ahhh, that’s cozy.”

dog snuggle
fivehanks via Flickr

8. The knowledge of knowing  that your loyal buddy would love nothing more than to be here with you for many more Christmases to come. 

Because despite the silly mishaps of your barking, begging, drooling, shedding, panty-stealing dog, the joy of having her with you for the holidays–and every day of the year–makes everything worth it.

Christmas dog
gomagoti via Flickr

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