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The World’s First Tap House For Dogs Opens Its Doors

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on February 7, 2018

A new bar has opened in Tigard, Oregon that allows you to enjoy a drink in the best company – dogs!

Fido’s is the world’s first dog tap house, a place that offers craft beer, wine, and a full menu offering appetizers, pizza, and hot dogs with clever names – like the Chihuahua, which is served with Mexican street corn, or the Basset Hound, served with pimento cheese and bacon! Best of all, Fido’s is helping rescue dogs get out of the shelters and into good homes!

Fido’s is partnered with Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, which works to get dogs out of another high-kill shelter and into the tap house, where they get to spend their days lounging and playing with guests instead of hoping for a forever home from inside a kennel. Dogs at Fido’s are showered with love and attention by patrons and staff, and given all the exercise and medical attention they need. Every dog is available to adopt through OFOSA, who makes sure that the pups go to good homes!

The business may be new, but the idea was born three years ago. While visiting a local cat café, Scott Porter, owner of Fido’s, wondered if the same concept could be done, but better: with dogs and craft beer instead of cats and coffee.

After three years, the result is 40 rotating taps, a full menu, and dogs… dogs everywhere!

The dogs at Fido’s get an opportunity to thrive and stand out in a way that is difficult when in a stressful shelter situation. And though most people may be drawn to cute pups when they look to adopt, Scott hopes to help all kinds of dogs. He tells iHeartDogs,

“Derek just went to his forever home yesterday. His picture is posted. He came in bad condition. Infested with fleas, ticks, and a missing toenail. OFOSA groomed and treated him medically. Kept him on meds. Fido’s gave him the loving environment in which to thrive, and he was adopted within 7 days of getting here. During those 7 days, Derek’s, skin and hair condition improved, his personality came alive and we were able to get him oh so close to being potty trained.”

Scott’s original idea was to open a tap room that helped rescue dogs find homes, but after speaking with the head of a local rescue, Scott understood the frequent struggle for funding that rescues face, and was inspired to help even more.

“I had a one hour coffee greeting with Cathy Nechak, Founder of Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals. Her story (challenges with rescue dogs, transportation and the spending nearly every waking hour thinking about how to raise money), inspired some altruistic thinking. As Cathy was educating me, I’m thinking 3, 4, 5 steps beyond our conversation, creating a 3rd leg to the business model, thinking perhaps I could use that room to act more as a funding and promotional arm for charities.”

Fido’s hopes to eventually become the pre-eminent corporate donor to dog welfare charities, and to inspire others to donate as well, both individuals and other businesses. Scott plans to regularly donate a portion of Fido’s profits to dog charities.

“We will accomplish this by staying true to our mission statement, and providing world class customer service, great beer and food. I hope that Oregonians and all patrons will respond to our mission to educate and inspire. If I’m right, then Fido’s has the ability to create a new business segment, of which I hope thousands of entrepreneurs will duplicate, whether as Fido’s or their own version. We hope to begin donating $1,000 per month by Summer 2018.

$1,000 per month is notable, 1000 Fido’s type businesses each donating $1,000 per month is exciting.”

Some may be concerned about mixing dogs and alcohol, but Fido’s has rules in place to keep both dogs and visitors safe.

“No food or drink allowed in the room and [guests] can not be inebriated, of course. We have a simple warning to parents that they are expected to exercise extra parental caution and supervision when their kids under 5 interact with the dogs. ”

Visit Fido’s in Tigard, Oregon, or check out Fido’s at Facebook and on

Learn more about Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals here.

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