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Theo The Bulldog Is Completely In Love With Metal Bowls

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on December 12, 2019

Most dogs have a favorite toy, blanket, or bed that they can’t live without. For Theo the Bulldog, that favorite item is a metal bowl! Ever since he was a puppy, Theo has had a strange fascination with bowls. Specifically, metal bowls that he can hold and carry around. He treats them like they’re his toys and he just can’t live without them! So, his family has embraced this strange behavior to make Theo as happy as possible.

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

When Theo was a puppy, his parents began to notice his bowl obsession right away. He would randomly stand with his two front paws in the water bowl. Whenever he’d finish his food, he’d take the bowl and play with it after. If his water got low, he’d try to spill the remaining water so that he could play with that bowl too.

Since his family didn’t want him to keep spilling his food and water, they decided to buy him some bowls of his own to play with. They quickly learned that he preferred metal bowls over plastic ones because they have an edge that’s easier for him to grab onto. 

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

The Start of Theo’s Bowl Obsession

Once Theo was given his own bowls to play with, he became very excited. He takes them everywhere with him whether he’s sleeping near them, playing with them, or chewing on them. He carries them throughout the house and even outside! It is very rare to see Theo without a bowl.

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

“It’s almost like a pacifier. Like a security blanket,” said Theo’s dad.

However, by spending so much time with these bowls, they get very dirty over time. So, they have to go in the dishwasher often. 

If Theo sees his bowls getting put in the dishwasher, then he is not happy. He will sit near the dishwasher to make sure they are okay. So, his parents make sure to only wash his bowls when he’s not in the room to avoid worrying him too much. 

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

A Life Full of Bowls

Now, Theo has lots of bowls to make him happy. He likes to always have one in his sight, so his family leaves bowls throughout the house so that their sweet dog never has to be without one. Plus, if he can’t find a bowl, he’ll go straight to the water bowl, dump the water out, and then carry it around.

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

He has metal bowls of all different shapes and sizes. He has massive bowls, normal sized bowls, and even baby bowls. His dad thinks that the smallest ones are likely his favorite because they’re light and easy to carry around. As much as Theo loves the larger bowls too, they can sometimes be more difficult for him to pick up. 

“He’ll let you know whenever he wants a bowl. Even if he has one sitting beside him, he wants a specific one,” said his dad.

Theo is a very happy dog with lots of exciting bowls to keep him entertained. His parents still aren’t exactly sure why he loves the bowls so much, but they have embraced his quirkiness. Theo is such a lucky dog to have a family that supports him and cares for him so much.

Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram


Featured Image: @bulldog_dad/Instagram

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