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This Dog Survived By Eating Rocks And Twigs…Just Wait Until You See His Transformation

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on March 7, 2015

When organizational members from the Southern Animal Foundation found an emaciated dog wandering the streets of New Orleans, they immediately knew he needed help. The Weimaraner mix, later named Alex, was found looking nearly starved to death. An X-ray revealed the brave dog had been surviving on the streets by consuming only rocks and twigs.

Such a devastating way to live – it’s incredible that help came for Alex when it did.

The first photo below is of Alex when he was found, homeless, starving and afraid. The second photo, incredibly, is of him just a few weeks later, after receiving emergency surgery, extensive medical attention and, best of all, the love of his new family!

via Southern Animal Foundation

Diane, pictured below, initially fostered Alex, but quickly their bond grew, and she decided to permanently adopt the sweet boy. He gained 10 pounds in the first 10 days he was with Diane – such amazing progress. Just look at that doggie smile! It brings tears to my eyes to see Alex looking so comfortable, so joyful, after enduring so much.

via Southern Animal Foundation

What’s best? Alex not only has a loving human mom, he now also has two doggie siblings! Diane says Alex serves as peacekeeper for the two younger pups. Here’s a picture of the three of them playing in the snow – SO cute!

via Southern Animal Foundation


Such a beautiful story. It’s amazing to see dogs transform from scared, defensive and vulnerable to carefree, fun-loving and healthy. It’s a life every single one of them deserves. So happy for you, Alex!

Are you a rescue mom or dad? Share the story of adopting your dog in the comments!

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