Tiny Bodyguard Dog Protects His Big Dog Friend From The Cat


This little pup may be small, but he sure is mighty. We’re not even sure he knows he’s little because he certainly doesn’t act like it! When he and his much larger canine companion were coming in through the dog door, the family cat was sitting just inside waiting to swat at them. So what’s a fiery little pooch to do? He’s to burst right through the doggy door and hold the cat against the wall, protecting his best friend from the feline fury!

We all know that small dogs can have a bit of a Napoleon complex, and this pup sure is a prime example. He looks to be even smaller than the cat, but that doesn’t stop him from taking charge and making sure his friend is kept safe and sound. The poor cat doesn’t seem to be as entertained as we are watching their interaction, but he’s probably used to this little pup making an entrance everywhere he goes.

Is your small dog full of spunk? We’d love to see your little dogs acting like big, powerful guard dogs! With so much heart in their tiny bodies, it’s impossible not to love them!

Written by Katie Finlay
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