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Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on November 30, 2023

Homelessness is on the rise in America, and it’s a problem that doesn’t just affect humans. Among the homeless population in America, an average of five to ten percent of the citizens have furry friends that remain by their sides. In some areas, that average can reach as high as twenty-five percent. Most homeless shelters don’t allow pets, which means people and their beloved dogs and cats are forced to remain on the streets or make the painful choice of saying goodbye.

But groups like Feeding the Pets of Tulsa’s Homeless bring hope and good food to the homeless community’s pets. But the mission wouldn’t be possible without your help. When you shop with iHeartDogs, every single purchase provides donations for canines in need. Whether you purchase a cute dog shirt for yourself or supplements for your dog, that cart full of goodies gives compassion. Through our partnership with Greater Good Charities, we ensure dogs in need receive food and other necessities, no matter their situation.

Helping Them Stay Together

To date, the GOODS Program has delivered over 578 million meals to shelters and rescues nationwide. That’s more than 6,000 truckloads delivered to animals in need. And these much-needed donations help initiatives like Feeding the Pets of Tulsa’s Homeless serve the needs of homeless citizens’ pets. The Tulsa chapter of Feeding The Pets of Homeless began when two Tulsa Animal Welfare Officers saw a need in their community and decided to be the ones to step in and offer assistance to these much-loved companions. Today, dogs like Kya, Diva, George, Champ, Bella, and so many more can stay with their people and eat food meant for them, thanks to teamwork and generosity.

“All of these dogs live with homeless citizens near downtown Tulsa. Their owners are able to get food from local shelters or food pantries, but these organizations don’t distribute pet food,” explained Feeding the Pets. “Without aid from the GOODS Program, pets have to eat human food or scraps when they can find them.”

Too much human food can cause problems for cats and dogs, but Feeding the Pets is making sure these precious furry ones get the proper nutrition, and they are so thankful for the help received.

“These sweet pups now have reliable access to healthy dog food every week thanks to donors and the GOODS Program.”

And because food donations relieve some of the financial burdens, Feeding The Pets can spend cash on other necessities, like leashes, harnesses, and flea/tick prevention, when their funds allow.

“The need for pet food among homeless and low-income citizens in Tulsa is very great. We are unable to keep up with the demand with our usual cash and pet food donations. We are able to help so many more pets because of your assistance!”

So, splurge on something special for your furry friend and do more good for dogs in need.

Shop & Give Back!

The following products provide quality dog food for shelters and rescues, helping them reserve more of their precious funds for medical expenses, supplies, and spreading the word about their adoptable pups. Learn more.

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