Town Refuses To Help Poor Eagle Hanging From A Tree, So Army Veteran Steps In

Residents of Rush City, Minnesota, had been witnessing a distressed bald eagle dangle 70 feet above ground from a tree for more than two days. While many people were unconcerned about the bird’s condition, others felt she was already deceased. However, army veteran Jason Galvin realized he must act.

After hours of attempting to find the eagle with binoculars, he discovered that it was still alive. He decided to utilize his rifle to liberate the bird since he had military training. Neighbors tried to persuade Jason not to do so, claiming that “compromised security measures” and “liability concerns” would arise from his action.


Image Source Credit: Jackie Gervais Galvin/Facebook | WCCO – CBS Minnesota via YouTube


When the sun was scorching, Jason reached the tree and aimed his rifle at the branch where the eagle was caught. Throughout the next several hours, Jason shot more than 150 bullets into the same location on that branch. Finally, one lucky hit pierced the branch and caused the eagle to plummet to safety below.


The eagle was cared for at a local rescue center. Jason gave her the name “Freedom” because he rescued her on the 4th of July weekend! She will be set free in her habitat once she has fully recovered. What an incredible rescue! Let’s get the word out and commemorate this courageous veteran! Click the video below to see how a kind veteran saved the bird!


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