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Watch This Happy Dog Make Snow Angels In The Backyard!

Does your dog love to play in the snow?

We’ve seen dogs who go absolutely nuts when their humans take them out to play in the snow. We’ve seen them dive into it, we’ve seen them running around in excitement, and we’ve seen them sledding on it.

But have you seen a dog trying to make snow angels? If not, then you’re about to!

The dog in the video below loves snow, so when he sees some snow on the backyard, he lies down and rubs his body on the snow–it’s like he’s making a snow angel! Check it out!

Source: Happy dog makes snow angels in backyard by Jed on Rumble

Awwww…he’s so happy! He doesn’t care if there’s just very little snow on the ground, he just wanna roll on it!

Have you ever seen your dog this happy playing with snow? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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