Watching This Husky Howl for the Very First Time Will Be The Best 7 Seconds Of Your Day (We Promise!)

There’s at least a dozen different reasons why puppies are so adorable. From their itty bitty paws to their sprightly nature, puppies are hard to resist–especially to any dog lover. Meet Remmington, aka Remmy, a Siberian Husky puppy who was cared for by his owner since the time he was just a few weeks old. After being bottle fed back to health, this once abandoned puppy grew strong and worked to find his voice. And watching a puppy bark for the very first time is just too cute! See for yourself below:

Aww! How cute is that little guy! We are so glad that he ended up in a good home where he can receive all the love and affection he deserves. And what about that “sit” on command? That was impressive!

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