Vet Said He Should Be Euthanized, Paralyzed Pup Fights To Prove Him Wrong

A puppy named Wheels was deemed permanently paralyzed by the veterinarian. The doctor said, “There’s no surgery to fix it. I think you should euthanize him.” The news devastated volunteers with Bullies And Buddies Rescue. They refused to put him down!


One of the rescuers, named Jennifer, explains that despite his disability, Wheels was still as happy and playful as can be! Her words were: This guy is a survivor! Regardless of the vet’s assessment, Jennifer took him to a neurologist.


The amazing woman vowed to do all she could to help Wheels walk again. So when the neurologist signed off on treatment, Jennifer immediately put him in physical therapy. And Wheels worked his little tail off! Finally, when he could stand all on his own, Jennifer said, “He felt like a rockstar!”


Regardless of his progress, the rescue group was still concerned that Wheels might not find a forever home. Finding homes for Bully breeds was hard enough, and Wheels needed 24-hour care. Then, unexpectedly, Jennifer got a call that would change the pup’s life forever. It’s a total game-changer for Wheels! Scroll down to find out what happens next!

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