Witness This Master Of Disguise Take Costume Changes To A Whole New Level

Ducky the Yorkie has gathered thousands of followers through Instagram and TikTok, and it’s all because he loves to dress up! He’s the calmest, most well-behaved Yorkie you’ll ever meet. So, he lets his mom dress him up in adorable outfits based on fans’ requests.

So far, Ducky has mastered the looks of many celebrities and fictional characters, including Harry Potter, Stitch, and Harry Styles. His mom finds custom clothing items to complete each look. Ducky happily prepares for a photoshoot each time, as if he was made to be a star.

Ducky Harry Potter
Harry Potter – Image: @duckytheyorkie/Instagram

Dogs are Special

When Christine Hsu first moved to California from Nebraska, she realized that she wanted a dog by her side. She searched for a while before coming across Ducky, the cutest little Yorkshire Terrier. Hsu said she named him after the character from The Land Before Time.

It has been about 7.5 years since then. Now, Hsu and Ducky are inseparable and Ducky is social media famous. Hsu quickly discovered that people around the world adored her little dog, so she made social media pages dedicated specifically to him, where she frequently shares adorable photos and videos.

Ducky Harry Styles
Harry Styles – Image: @duckytheyorkie/Instagram

Soon, Ducky became known for his incredible costume transformations. Fans began commenting things they wanted Ducky to dress up as, so Hsu knew she couldn’t let them down.

“It started with a video of one of our fans commenting that they wanted to see Ducky with his glasses and tiny backpack on,” Hsu said. “Then people kept commenting the things and people they wanted to see Ducky dressed up as!”


Ducky’s Perfect Costumes

Ducky’s videos started out with him dressing up as fictional characters, including Harry Potter, Micky Mouse, Stitch, and Willy Wonka. But later, he moved on to real-life celebrities. This included Harry Styles from the “Watermelon Sugar” video, BTS member Jimin, and YouTuber Dobrik.

Ducky Jimin BTS
Jimin – Image: @duckytheyorkie/Instagram

“I go through all of the comments and see which ideas pop out or are mentioned the most,” Hsu said. “Then I scour the web to find matching items that Ducky can wear, which isn’t a lot because he’s pretty small.”

As impressive as the costumes are, the best part of the videos is Ducky’s patience. Hsu films herself putting the outfits on Ducky, and then she takes adorable photos of his costume once it’s completed. Throughout the entire process, Ducky sits perfectly still. Hsu says that he’s a huge fan of the camera.

Ducky Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy – Image: @duckytheyorkie/Instagram

Ducky has gained a massive following from these photos and videos. In fact, some celebrities like Dobrik and TikTok’s famous Willy Wonka impersonator have approved of his outfits. Hsu says she’d love to collaborate with some famous TikTok users and YouTubers in the future.

Not just any dog can sit still and bask in the glory the way Ducky does. This little Yorkie was truly born to be a model! You can follow his journey on his Instagram or TikTok.


H/T: insider.com
Featured Image: @duckytheyorkie/Instagram

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