20 Shelties We Just Had To Share

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on May 14, 2015

Big Thanks to the I Love My Sheltie Community on FB for sending us their pics.

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Annick L.
Photo credit: Annick L.


Buckley by Cindy M.
Photo credit: “Buckley” by Cindy M.


Chloe by Robert T.
Photo credit: “Chloe” by Robert T.


David by Megan E.
Photo credit: “David” by Megan E.


Holly by Jessica G.
Photo credit: “Holly” by Jessica G.


Inger L.
Photo credit: Inger L.


Jacks and Tuppence by Sarah A.
Photo credit: “Jacks and Tuppence” by Sarah A.


Jeff V.
Photo credit: Jeff V.


Joanne I.
Photo credit: Joanne I.


Lady by Kali Marie L.
Photo credit: “Lady” by Kali Marie L.


Leila by Debbie T.
Photo credit: “Leila” by Debbie T.


Luna by Carol B.
Photo credit: “Luna” by Carol B.


Luna by Courtney R.
Photo credit: “Luna” by Courtney R.


Lupi by Vanessa A.
Photo credit: “Lupi” by Vanessa A.


Milo by Mary W.
Photo credit: “Milo” by Mary W.


Missy by Julie-Ann O.
Photo credit: “Missy” by Julie-Ann O.


Rüde Rocky by Huibuh R.
Photo credit: “Rüde Rocky” by Huibuh R.


Sky by Dawn S.
Photo credit: “Sky” by Dawn S.


Sunny by Christ G.
Photo credit: “Sunny” by Christ G.


Zack by Fanny S.
Photo credit: “Zack” by Fanny S.

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