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A Dog Groomer Takes Amazing Videos Dancing With Her Furry Clients

| Published on September 24, 2019

Grooming a dog is no easy feat. It can be messy and often accompanied by sad whines, frantic scratches, and attempts to hop out of the tub. One dog groomer in Windsor, Ontario doesn’t mind any of the difficult parts though. She doesn’t work a day in her life as she sees it!

How does she do it, you ask? She dances with her canine clients all day.

Sabrina Paniccia runs a grooming service called Shave ‘Em and Bathe ‘Em out of her home. She does bathing, trimming, knot combing, teeth cleaning… the works essentially. Naturally, many dog parents are very concerned with who they’ll leave their fur babies with. Dogs often experience stress when in new places, and adding a brush and a tub of water doesn’t help things much.

That’s why Sabrina posts videos of her fun with the dogs to Facebook so their parents can be assured that they’re not stressed out during bathing and haircut time. In fact, most of them seem to be having just plain fun.


Sabrina shared the background behind a particularly popular video of her dancing with a dog client with CBC.

“One day I turned on the music and he just started hopping so I thought, ‘why not, I’ll dance with him.’ Then it just became a routine for us. He knew that every time I finished his groom that radio was turning on and I was just going to dance with him.”

This dog named Peppino seems really into the movement, or maybe just the song choice.

For the wallflower dogs that aren’t into dancing, Sabrina will share a lipsyncing or a snuggling video. It seems like she puts more effort into these than most artists do with their own music videos.

In Sabrina’s care, the dog clients really do seem relaxed and comfortable with her. Look how content this little pup seems, especially for a grooming session!

The reviews for Sabrina’s services are overwhelmingly positive. Her business has a full 5 stars on Facebook. Parents feel comfortable dropping their dogs off with her for this difficult errand because her love and passion for dogs is so obvious. Not to mention, she’s pretty good at giving pup haircuts!


Honestly, this whole thing kind of makes me wish I groomed dogs for a living. For now I’ll just have to settle for seeing Shave ‘Em And Bathe ‘Em dance videos on my newsfeed. You can watch a whole bunch of those here.

Featured Image: @ShaveAndBathe/Facebook

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