Adoptable Dog Spends Second Thanksgiving In Ohio Shelter

Thanksgiving is a favorite among holidays because it’s so family-focused. We see and embrace our loved ones and express our gratitude. We spend the day basking in the love we’re blessed to be surrounded by. Sadly, not everyone has a family to gather with. In fact, dogs living in shelters don’t even have anywhere else to go.

An animal shelter is not the ideal place to spend the holidays, but that’s exactly where a black dog named Boomer (short for Boomerang) found himself Thursday. It’s where he’s lived since he was brought in as a stray on October 23, 2018.

Boomer is about 7 years old. He’s already spent two Thanksgivings at the Richland County Dog Warden’s Office & Shelter in Mansfield, Ohio. When you do the math, that makes close to 30% of Boomer’s total Thanksgivings. That’s far too many!

The shelter shared in a Facebook post how sad the little guy was the day before Thanksgiving, though the picture does a good job expressing that point too.

“Our poor guy Boomer is pretty down in the dumps today. This will be his second Thanksgiving without a forever family and in the kennel atmosphere.”


Ugh, my heart. Those droopy eyes just say it all.

So far the Facebook post has over 2.8 thousand shares, and let’s hope the extra eyes on it increase his chances of getting adopted.

The only time this sweetie has been outside of the shelter since he was admitted was during his time working with Bradford Vet Tech School. What he wants is a permanent home and a forever family.

If you’re looking to adopt a middle-aged cutie from Ohio, why not this one? Boomer is neutered, up to date on all his shots, and heart worm negative. The shelter says he prefers to be the only animal in a home. He’s calm and loves tummy rubs too!


By Boomer’s 1 year mark at the shelter, he was the longest resident there. Ohio resident April Friend shared in her Facebook group “My Dog Shelter Friends @ The Richland County Shelter” how desperately she wants to see Boomer happy and adopted.

“This dog has been at the Shelter WAY too long. This dog might be the most chill dog EVER. He literally just wants to chill. He is very sweet and so calm. He is around 6 years old and deserves a wonderful home and a wonderful family. He seriously wouldn’t ask for much. I want to see him on a soft bed chillin, because that would be heaven for him. He does LOVE his belly rubbed. He deserves the best, and does not deserve to be here!!”

Let’s make sure this guy doesn’t spend any more family holidays without a family! Learn more about adopting Boomer here.

H/T: Cleveland19

Featured Image: @R.C.D.W.OfficeandShelter/Facebook

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