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Animal Rescues Everywhere Step Up To Save Pets In Hurricane Ida’s Path

| Published on September 1, 2021

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana Sunday as a Category 4 storm. Typically during large storms, the priority is making sure people can evacuate or shelter safely. Fortunately, animal lovers across the country made sure dogs, cats, and other pets could get out before the height of the storm too.

Transporting animals out of Louisiana would also make room in the shelters for pets injured or separated from their owners during Hurricane Ida. So, Greater Good Charities organized a transport flight to bring over 150 animals from the path of the hurricane to safety and second chances in southern California.

This flight was a coordinated effort to assist multiple Louisiana animal rescues at risk. Organizations and individuals all across the country really stepped up to help.

Animal Rescuers From Other States Lend A Hand And Some Space

One rescue, Helen Woodward Animal Center in California, took in 40 adoptable cats and 25 dogs who arrived on the emergency transport flight Saturday. Greater Good Charities had organized the flight in less than 24 hours.


Hella Tyler, Helen Woodward Animal Center’s adoption services director, said:

“Greater Good Charities reached out to us yesterday, hoping we could help. This is one of those moments when animal rescue really becomes a life-saving mission.  Without a place to put these dogs and cats, many of these orphan pets would face a tragic end.  We couldn’t say no.” 

Those 65 pets will need foster families and eventually forever homes, and you can learn more about them here. After the rescue’s medical team clears them, they’ll be ready for adoption.


The Helen Woodward Animal Center is just one of many rescues that stepped up to take in dogs from Greater Good Charities’ transport flight. Greater Good Charities was able to connect with organizations all over the United States.


Another organization, Operation Kindness in Dallas, Texas, drove 20 dogs and 31 cats in a transport van from Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter in Ida’s path. Many of those animals are still looking for homes in Texas. You can see them on Operation Kindness’ adoption page.


Even those who couldn’t take in animals themselves have been gathering supplies and hosting donation drives to help Louisiana pets and the people helping them. This nationwide compassionate response shows how animal rescuers step up during a crisis.

How You Can Help Those Affected By Hurricane Ida

If you’re looking for ways to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, you can donate to the emergency relief fund. Your donation will fund desperately needed emergency relief efforts, providing cash grants, medication, food, and other supplies and services to vulnerable people and pets.

We’ve also learned of a desperate need for blankets, and if you purchase a blanket here, iHeartDogs can then donate blankets to the pets in need. Other most needed items include:

  • Bottled water
  • Cleaning supplies and towels
  • Dry/wet pet food (unopened)
  • Kitten/puppy milk replacer (unopened)
  • Leashes and collars (new or used)
  • Flea and tick medication
  • Single-use aluminum baking tins for makeshift litter boxes

See if your local shelter is hosting a donation drive or donate through a Louisiana shelter’s official website. Your donations will help both people and pets during a scary and stressful time!

H/T: People
Featured Image: @GreaterGoodCharities/Facebook, @helenwoodwardanimalcenter/Facebook

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