Brave Officers Execute Daring Rescue Of Missing Dog Trapped On 150 Foot Cliff

| Published on December 15, 2021

The Animal Law Enforcement team of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado had their work cut out for them Wednesday, December 8th, 2021. They received a call that a dog had somehow gotten trapped on a narrow mountain ledge.

A 150-foot drop into the creek below awaited if the dog lost her footing. Based on her precarious location, this would not be an easy rescue. Fortunately, Officers Barker and Johnson were up to the challenge.


A Daring Rescue Mission

When they arrived on scene, a kind man living nearby donated some climbing and rappelling supplies to the rescue team. Using binoculars, officers Barker and Johnson spotted the pup. They were also able to locate a somewhat solid area right above where the dog was trapped.


If they wanted to save the dog and keep her from getting hurt, they would have to carefully rappel down to her from above. So, Officer Barker anchored herself to a sturdy fence post and began climbing down.

A Facebook post from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region details the moment she got to the dog:

“Once the dog saw Officer Barker, she immediately started to wag her tail and crawl towards her, but the ground was slipping out from underneath the dog. She was too far away to reach, so Officer Johnson lowered a catchpole which Officer Barker was able to get around the dog’s neck and shoulder.”


With the rope around the dog, Officer Barker was able to slowly pull her closer without the risk of her falling on the way.

“Once the pup was finally in the arms of Officer Barker, Officer Johnson lowered a secondary rope which was securely tied into a makeshift harness for the dog. Officer Johnson quickly pulled up the dog and Officer Barker shortly after,” the post continues.

It was a two person job and a very brave mission, but all three made it off the cliff that day.


Jessie Lee Is Home Safe And Sound

Now that her safety was guaranteed, officers began the steps of finding the dog’s family. Her name tag said she was “Jessie Lee,” and she had a microchip. The HSPPR contacted the number listed on it, and before they could even speak, Jessie Lee’s parents asked if their dog had been found.

It turned out the dog’s parents had been looking for her every day since she went missing, but they didn’t check any narrow mountain ledges.

“Jessie Lee was missing for two weeks, and her owners were looking for her every day. When we told them she was ready to come home, they were there first thing the next morning to pick up their Jessie Lee.”


We don’t know how Jessie Lee got to that dangerous position, but it’s thanks to the kind civilians and dedicated officers that she’s home safe!

H/T: The Herald Sun
Featured Image: Facebook

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