The 10 Most Commonly Stolen Dog Breeds

According to the American Kennel Club, dog theft is on the rise. In fact, AKC has been tracking dog napping since 2007, and there was a 31% increase in 2013. It’s a scary thought, as we’d never want anyone to get their hands on our furry friends and do them harm. But why are people stealing dogs anyway? There are a number of reasons – all of them for money. Some dogs are stolen to be used in illegal fighting … Read more

10 Human Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

There are plenty of foods beneficial to humans that can actually harm our dogs, and it’s important to know what these are. While some are quite obvious, others might not be so straightforward. To get an idea of some of the dangerous foods and drinks that people consume, check out our list below. #1 – Stone Fruit Pits Gnawing on fruit pits (such as peach, plum and persimmon) may cause intestinal damage. Some dogs may break the pits up into … Read more

St. Paddy’s Day: 5 Things a Dog Should Avoid

Irish or not, there are a few aspects associated with St. Patrick’s Day that are tried and true; drinking copious amounts of Guinness, eating large quantities of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes and wearing the color green. While it is easy to get swept up in the fun and frivolity of the day’s events, there are some aspects a dog should avoid. Drinking Alcohol, even beer can be poisonous to dogs, even in small amounts. A dogs liver is smaller … Read more

Do You Know What A Yellow Ribbon Tied On A Dog’s Collar Means?

You are out in the park with your family, having fun, maybe even enjoying a picnic. Perhaps your dog is with you too, running and playing with the kids. Its a great day! Off in the distance you see an adorable dog approaching with their handler and your children immediately begin to run towards them. They love dogs just as much as you do! But as the dog is getting closer, you see a yellow ribbon tied on the dog’s … Read more