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Cuddly Pup Snuggles Up With Baby Brother For Naps

| Published on April 18, 2020

Samson the 6-year-old Goldendoodle already had a great social media presence. He’s cute and he’s fluffy and takes great pictures. Then he went and broke the internet with a new addition to his pics: his human baby sibling Theo.

These two are like puzzle pieces that fit together. Sure it’s a 2-piece puzzle, but it’s the cutest one I’ve ever seen! Jessica and Alex, lucky parents to Theo, Samson, and two other dogs Charley and Shea, told Fox they love their kids’ adorable cuddling habit.

“Samson used to cuddle his bear. Sweet to see him cuddle our baby now.”


These sibling naps are a supervised activity. But I doubt Samson could hurt a fly, even by accident. He doesn’t seem too concerned about Theo tugging at him either.


Theo and Samson sleep so soundly wrapped up in each other’s arms! I’m sure it helps not having any awareness of the current situation. Just like seeing these adorable pictures help those of us who are in distress. Jessica and Alex think this is the kind of content people are really craving right now. (I think they’re selling their adorable dog and baby a bit short!)

“I think people just want to see heartwarming stuff these days as a break from what’s going on in reality.”

Samson makes the perfect cushion for a tiny baby. He’ll probably be an amazing big brother too. Goldendoodles are great family dogs who do well with kids. They’re also very social and typically friendly dogs.


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Benefits Of Introducing Babies To Dogs

Researchers at Kuopio University Hospital in Finland conducted a study of nearly 400 infants born during a two-and-a-half-year period. They found that during their first year of life, babies who lived with dogs experienced fewer illnesses, shorter bouts of ear and respiratory infections, and were less likely to need antibiotics than infants from pet-free homes. In other words, the team theorized, dirt and germs brought in by the dog help babies’ immune systems. This theory is now referred to as the “hygiene hypothesis,” and its supported by both the scientific and pediatric communities.

Obviously, as these absolutely adorable pictures of Theo and Samson show, dogs provide children comfort. They teach kids about socializing and they make great snugglers!

As long as you responsibly introduce your baby and dog, they’ll make the best of pals for many years!

Featured Image:@samsonthedood/Instagram

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