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Denver Dog Mom Makes Best Christmas Card Ever


We’re all likely to include our dogs in our family Christmas cards, but what if your dog is the only family you’ve got? Not all dog lovers are married with children or in long-term relationships, and one Denver dog mom has gotten annoyed at the stigma that everyone in their 30’s should be seeking marriage and settling down with a family. Not only do we have to give her props for standing up against the societal norm, we’ve got to give her props for the making the best Christmas card ever.

Sarah Morley embraces her single life and lives with her dog, Ted. Ted is a Golden Retriever and the only man Morley wants in her life right now. Who can blame her? This adorable pup is just too cute for words. So when it came time for Christmas cards to be sent out, Morley had the great idea of showing the world just how happy her relationship with Ted is making her. To do so, she re-created a scene from the 1990 movie Ghost starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Image source: Sarah Morley | ABC 13

Morley told ABC 13, “I’m in my 30s and people keep asking me when I’m going to get married and I’m like, you know what, I’m having a great time with my dog.” She added, “”I’ve been getting a lot of calls that I won Christmas this year so I’m pretty happy with myself.” We’re pretty happy with her too, because this card is fantastic!

Written by Katie Finlay
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