Dog Narrowly Escapes Slaughterhouse Fate & Finds His Forever Family

Not every dog has the start in life we’d like them to. Some aren’t so lucky to find loving, forever homes when they’re ready to leave their mother. In fact, some experience lives we can’t even comprehend. Boonrod is one such dog and he has an incredible story.

Boonrod, named after the Thai word for “survivor” or “one that got away,” was lucky enough to see a different fate than his friends. He was caged in terrible conditions in an illegal slaughterhouse in Thailand. When Thai police raided the abusive butcher, Boonrod was the only dog they found still alive.

Dog-watched-all-his-friends-die-in-dogmeat-factory-and-waited-to-be-next--until-a-family-spotted-him (1)
Image source: Soi Dog Foundation


Thankfully, they were able to get him away from the terrible future he was about to face. Instead, he was taken to the Soi Dog Foundation rescue center, who helped track down the illegal slaughterer, where he could start living a normal life. The butcher was charged with animal cruelty under Thailand’s Animal Welfare Act as well as illegally trading meat under the Contagious Diseases Act. We hope this means he’ll get the punishment he deserves for treating these loving animals in such horrible ways.

When the Soi Dog Foundation rescue center shared Boonrod’s story on their Facebook page, they didn’t expect for people to love him so quickly. An Italian woman named Paola Tonussi saw Boonrod’s beautiful, sad eyes and knew that she had to adopt him. She spoke with The Dodo about Boonrod, saying, “His story was full of meaning — tragedy and light at the end. I knew he had to come to Italy and be my own doggy. When he arrived in Italy, Boonrod was very tired because of the long journey he’d had. At home, my companion Nicola and I focused on giving him all the peace he needed to settle in well. We also spoiled him a lot!”

Image source: Soi Dog Foundation


Now the three, plus Tonussi’s older pup Fala, are living happily ever after. Boonrod will never have to worry about being slaughtered and eaten or kept in horrible conditions. He is fed, loved and cared for and we can’t thank the Thai police, Soi Dog Foundation, and Tonussi and her family enough.

Dog-watched-all-his-friends-die-in-dogmeat-factory-and-waited-to-be-next--until-a-family-spotted-him (2)
Image source: Paola Tonussi

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