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Focus-Stealing Dog Photobombs His Parents’ Engagement Shoot

| Published on August 29, 2019

Our dogs are our family, so it’s no wonder a couple in Campo Grande, Brazil wanted to include their 9-month-old dog Thor in their engagement photo shoot.

Joyce Sabino Greffe and Alfredo Garcia da Silva hired a photographer, Nicolas Carrelo, to capture their joyful occasion. Before the shoot, they told him they wanted Thor in the photos with them, but assured him that the dog was calm and that he would be quiet and well-behaved.

Thor, however, didn’t feel much like being quiet and well-behaved on this particular day.


He completely derailed the photoshoot, running around and jumping all over everyone and everything. He alternated between licking his mom and dad and running towards or too far away from the camera.

The couple’s photographer Nicolas Carrelo shared the outtakes from the photoshoot on his Facebook page. The photos have since gotten over 125,000 shares and 69,000 comments from people who couldn’t wait to see more.


Like a diligent photographer, Nicolas took a lot of shots. In return, he got a lot of Thor gold.

Look at this guy, the camera loves him!


And who could blame him for being so excited for mom and dad?


After the photos of Joyce, Alfredo, and Thor went viral, Nicolas shared a few more on Instagram. These seem to be the better versions, though still pretty candid. At least everyone looks happy!

Nicolas shared that he’s proud of the results of a chaotic but rewarding photo shoot.

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A post shared by 🔘 Nícolas Carrelo (@nicolascarrelofotografia)

Personally, I think any of these photos would look great on a card! My hopes are that Joyce and Alfredo continue on their current path and let Thor be in the wedding.

Of course, there’s never a guarantee when it comes to dog photography, but if you’re thinking of including your pup in a photoshoot of your own, there are a few tricks you can try to get them to behave.


Dogs are more likely to stay still when they’re in familiar locations like at home. It might also keep them still if they have a friend or family member on the other side of the camera to distract them. Treats can usually focus a pair of canine eyes, but you might have to hold on tight so they don’t go running off to retrieve them. A photographer with action photography experience or even one who’s lived or worked with dogs before is more likely to get that perfect shot of you, your fiancé, and your beloved furry pal.

Congratulations Joyce and Alfredo and Thor!


H/T Insider

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