It’s Puppy Vs. Adult Doberman In This Adorable Video

Poor Dobermans don’t get the best treatment in media. You usually see them as bullies or vicious attack dogs. Truthfully, a properly trained (and properly loved) Doberman Pinscher makes for a loyal family companion. These strong, fearless dogs love being part of a family and want to protect their pack. They were, after all, literally bred to protect people.

A viral video shows the calmer, loving nature of Dobermans. It also shows why they make such good older siblings. A full-grown adult Doberman, Boss, is obviously much larger than tiny puppy Kyra. This simple fact doesn’t seem to bother Kyra though. She just wants to play with him!

Screenshot, @starkl/Rumble

Looks like this tiny puppy sees Boss for who he really is, not how he looks. He isn’t scary, he’s a great playmate. He just happens to be a lot larger. Adult male Dobermans can weigh up to almost 100 pounds. Kyra looks like she can’t weigh more than 7 pounds! In just a few years though, she could get all the way up to 77 pounds.

Screenshot, @starkl/Rumble

While their playdate appears to be supervised, that doesn’t seem necessary. Boss exhibits an older dog’s patience as Kyra bats at his feet.

Dobermans are intelligent dogs which can sometimes lead to stubbornness. But, if they’re trained and socialized at a young age they end up as loving siblings like Boss. Kyra has a great role model to grow up alongside!

Screenshot, @starkl/Rumble

Kyra’s spunk and fearlessness also show how great this breed is. She has no qualms about facing off against a much, much larger dog.

Watch the adorable video of Boss and Kyra’s play time below:

Commenters on the video chimed in to emphasize what great companions Dobermans are.

“I raised two girls with dobes and they were great with them. I love dobermans!” – Darlene Pomeroy Sullivan

“Gentle giants. Such big babies. Our dobie male was a big puppy and always wanted to crawl in your lap. Really miss him. Would love to eventually get another. -Vaynece Lewis

Doberman Pinscher Rescue Organizations

Did seeing this video make you want a Dobie? Here are some Doberman rescue organizations to start your search.

California Doberman Pinscher Rescue

DPCA Rescue

Doberman Rescue Unlimited Of New England

Lone Star Dobermans

And if you do rescue a Doberman, the internet could certainly use more adorable playtime footage!

H/T: Cesar’s Way
Featured Image: Screenshot, @starkl/Rumble

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