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Once Chained, Now He Hears Sweet Melodies From His Favorite Human

When Oscar was found in North Carolina, he was living a lonely existence on the end of a chain.

Thankfully, nonprofit rescue PAWS of Hertford County took the neglected pit bull in, and placed him in a foster family. When the fostering period was over, they couldn’t give him up; they’d already fallen in love with him! (This is otherwise known as a “foster fail,” however, this is the good kind of “failure”!)

Sunday morning snuggles with my girl….Or, as the media would say "Wild Pitbull Attacks Child". 😐#pitbullproblems#imnotbroken#typicalpitbull#sistersnuggles

Posted by Oscar The Happy: Chained to Cherished on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Not only does he get to stay indoors with his loved ones, Oscar gets routinely serenaded by one of his sweet-voiced humans. This lucky pup loves to drift off to sleep to a soft melody and gentle pats!

She can count on me. I'll be there. Because that's what friends are for…She sings to me. Usually I fall asleep but sometimes I try to slip in a kiss. I used to have a different life but those days are forgotten. I live in the moment and now is all that matters now…so sing to me some more…#singtome#mygirl#sister#mypitbullisfamily

Posted by Oscar The Happy: Chained to Cherished on Friday, March 18, 2016

Just look at that loving gaze!

Oscar shares his forever home with two young human siblings and a senior cat, all of whom he gets along wonderfully! He is so well-mannered, in fact, that he passed his ASPCA SAFER test (an aggression assessment), and is an AKC Good Citizen.

Sometimes when your boy stays up too late at a sleepover you have to nap with him. This is pretty much Snuggle Level Expert. #dogrules #myperfectlife#pitbullsnirvana #PhDinsnuggle

Posted by Oscar The Happy: Chained to Cherished on Monday, January 18, 2016

You can find out more about this lovable pittie on his Facebook page, Oscar The Happy: Chained to Cherished.

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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