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Rescue Dog Transforms From Fearful Stray To Carefree Cutie

The most rewarding part about dog rescue – aside from watching them head off to their new homes – is witnessing the remarkable transformation that takes place when downtrodden rescue dogs realize they have been saved.

There is a shift in every aspect of their behavior and posture, as if their long-lost hope for a brighter future has miraculously returned.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws


In the following video, the compassionate animal lovers at Hope For Paws save yet another lonely, dejected stray from the streets of Los Angeles. By restoring the confidence of LA’s abandoned, abused and neglected pets, Hope For Paws restores our faith in humanity.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws


At first the devastatingly handsome pooch – named Odin by his rescuers – is too frightened to even move. He is so frozen by fear that his new friends are forced to carry him out of the dangerous construction site he has called “home.”

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws


But after a good check-up and some much-needed love and affection, Odin becomes the dog he was always meant to be – joyful, boisterous and outgoing!

Source: Abandoned dog in a construction site wouldn’t move because he was so scared. by HopeForPaws

It didn’t take long for a lucky family to snatch Odin up! He has been adopted into a wonderful family and left his dark past behind forever. Just look at that smile!

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws


Hope For Paws still has plenty of other available dogs and cats if you are looking for a new fur-friend. Subscribe to their Official Rescue Page on YouTube to see more heartwarming stories like Odin’s.

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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