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What Every Dog Parent Should Know When They Find Lumps On Their Dog

Finding a lump on your dog can be a frightening experience. Our brains are conditioned to fear the worst, especially when it comes to those we love. It is always best to seek veterinary attention should you discover a new growth on your pooch, but it may help to know that less than half of the lumps and bumps dogs develop are malignant or cancerous. Should you discover an unfamiliar growth on your dog’s skin, schedule a visit with your … Read more

Rescue Staff Helps Service Dog Diagnosed With Cancer Complete “Bucket List”

Wonka the service dog has only spent a few years on this planet, but he’s managed to accomplish so much in that time. In the last two months since his diagnosis with terminal cancer, the 6-year-old Golden Retriever has been even busier than usual. Hearts Alive Village, the rescue organization where Wonka works, put together a “bucket list” of adventures for his last days. Kelly McMahon, Wonka’s handler, also serves as Hearts Alive’s Director Of Operations. There Wonka both works full … Read more

Grieving Dad Takes Senior Dog With Cancer On One Last Walk To Vet

No one ever wants to have to say goodbye forever to their best friend. But when given the chance, many would prefer to let their beloved dogs go peacefully instead of painfully succumbing to disease. That dreaded moment of acceptance is one that sticks with you for a long time. On Twitter, Toronto resident Dale Thompson shared a glimpse of his own heartbreaking farewell moment with his 14-year-old dog Murphy. Murphy had been battling cancer for a while now. “This … Read more

10 Best Cancer Preventing Foods For Your Dog

We know it by many names and fear it by them all. Cancer. The word alone has the power to conjure up deep and dark feelings in those of us whose lives have been impacted by it, which is most of us. Statistics show that the majority of American families have relatives who have been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, our canine family members are at risk in high numbers as well. Stats vary largely depending on breed, but overall between … Read more

3,000 Golden Retrievers Are Paving The Way For Cancer Research

A groundbreaking lifetime study of 3,044 Golden Retrievers is hoping to find some answers about what sort of factors may lead to cancer, not only in that breed, but in all dogs and even people. In-depth record keeping of each dog in the study aims to find common factors in dogs that do or don’t develop cancer in their lifetimes. Scientists think it is probably some combination of genetic and environmental factors that make some dogs – or people – … Read more

New Antibody Therapy Shows Promising Results For Dogs With Cancer

Researchers at Japan’s Hokkaido University have developed an antibody that induces immune responses and therefore tumor regression in dogs with certain cancers. The advancement is an important new treatment option for dogs with malignant cancers that cannot be treated with existing therapies such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The antibody has shown promising results in dogs with oral malignant melanoma (OMM) – a highly invasive cancer that affects the mouth and jaw – and undifferentiated sarcoma. According to Science Daily: “In … Read more

Canine Cancer: What To Know And How To Help

The word “cancer” might be one of the scariest words in the English language, especially when it’s aimed at your beloved fur child. Unfortunately, cancer is responsible for the deaths of about half of all dogs over the age of 10. The good news is that many types of cancer, if they are caught early enough, are highly treatable. The dog’s overall well-being is the primary concern during treatment, so the process is not quite as grueling as what humans … Read more

7 Dog Breeds That Are More Prone To Cancer

Cancer. It’s one of the scariest words any pet owner could hear in relation to their beloved fur child. Unfortunately, some dog breeds are far more likely to get cancer than others. Any dog owner should be vigilant about their dog’s health, but owners of dog breeds on this list should be aware of any symptoms that could point to cancer, since early detection is crucial for any hope of successful treatment. Here are 7 dog breeds that are more … Read more