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Veteran With PTSD Battles To Buy Working Dog He’s Loved For Over 3 Years

Silox is not a service dog. He is a five-year-old explosive detection K-9 owned by government contractor, Inter-Con Security Systems. For the past three-and-a-half years, Silox has lived with his handler, Bobby Kling, a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps. In that time, Kling has seen a marked improvement in the PTSD-related anxiety he suffers from. Upon resigning from his position with Inter-Con, Kling requested to purchase Silox. His request was denied, sparking his latest battle – this … Read more

Service Dog Chooses A Wounded Veteran To Devote His Life To

While stationed in Guam on board the USS Frank Cable AS-40, Michael, a Navy machinist, was nearly killed when a boiler tank exploded. Two of his shipmates died in the blast. Michael endured fifty surgeries and countless hours of therapy as a result of the injuries he sustained in the explosion. He lives with visible scars as well as those we cannot see, including PTSD and Depression. On April 28, Michael joined three other disabled veterans at a very special … Read more

6 Medical Conditions Dogs Can Sense

To understand why dogs are so incredibly gifted at sniffing out medical conditions (not to mention drugs, explosives, lost humans, and, of course, cats) you have to fully appreciate the wonder of the canine nose. Your average family dog has a sense of smell 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than any human. They have 300 million olfactory receptors to our measly 6 million. Scientists have likened their ability to “catching a whiff of one rotten apple in two million … Read more

Firefighter Agrees To Adopt Veteran’s Dog He Bonded With At A Charity Photo Shoot

The Charleston Animal Society’s annual firefighter calendar is highly sought after – you know, because of the adorable rescue pets – it has nothing to do with the shirtless firemen! In May, Rob Tackett posed as 2017’s “Mr. March” with a shy German Shepard pup named Kimber. Little did he know he would soon forge a meaningful bond with her adopter and eventually become Kimber’s new dad. Kimber was found hairless, undernourished and pitiful on the side of the road … Read more

Veteran Reads A Touching Letter, Written To The Dog Who Saved Him From Suicide

While serving in Iraq as a combat medic, Randy witnessed the horrible aftermath of an explosion that left him mentally and emotionally scarred. When he returned to civilian life he had PTSD, and didn’t know how to adjust. He was plagued with anxiety, both when he was awake and when he was asleep, suffering from constant nightmares. Living in a daily hell, Randy began having thoughts of suicide…until he got his dog, Captain. Watch as he reads a touching letter written to … Read more