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Family Upset After Postal Worker Uses “Dog Repellant” Spray On Their Dog

It was just a regular day when Victoria Alexander let her two-year-old Boxer, Bumper, out into the front yard. The yard is completely fenced, so she didn’t think Bumper was at risk for any injury. Unfortunately, she was surprisingly mistaken. A postal worker walked up to the fenced yard and Bumper started barking, as many dogs do when a stranger comes near their home. But what happened next is what shocked Alexander. The postal worker walked back to his truck, pulled … Read more

Special Cheerleading Team Adds An Awesome Service Dog To Their Roster

Team Zeta is not just your average cheerleading team. This group of young, special needs athletes is gearing up to put on quite the show on the national stage. Coming from Ohio, they’re not just planning on an incredible human performance – they’ve got a surprising twist to their routine. Among them will be Cyclone, a Golden Retriever who accompanies athlete Harrison Chmura. Chmura is non-verbal and having his service dog around keeps him focused. “Otherwise, Harrison has a tough time getting … Read more

Death Row Dog Makes 2,000 Mile Journey To Find Love And A Real Chance At Life

If it weren’t for people like Robert Scheinberg and his organization, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, we might never see dogs like Lucy get a chance at life. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary have it their goal to rescue the lost and forgotten pets on death row in crowded animal shelters. One such shelter was Miami-Dade, where they found Lucy and over 100 other dogs.   Lucy was scheduled to be humanely euthanized the day the group arrived at Miami-Dada. All of … Read more

15-Pound Dog Brawls With Giant Black Bear To Protect Her Family

What an amazing story of bravery! Dogs are arguably the most loyal creatures in the world, whether they’re big or small. And Dachshunds are known for having huge personalities, despite their size – just like the brave little pup in this story. Daisy is a 15 pound Dachshund with the courage of a lion. When her human and big brother were cornered in their garage by a 200 pound black bear, Daisy didn’t hesitate to spring in to action. You’ve got … Read more