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Wounded Dog Finds His Way Home One Year After Being Stolen


Michelle Miller and her son, Josh Calderon, have had a rough couple of years. They suffered the loss of Josh’s father in an accident and then the loss of one of their beloved dogs, Tank.

“Their dad passed away about a year and a half ago and he bought Tank and another dog before his accident, so getting Tank back… losing him to begin with was horrible,” Michelle told KSAT 12. Tank was stolen from their backyard about one year ago and they were finally giving up hope ever finding him again.

Then just last week, Michelle and Josh saw a story about a dog on KSAT 12 news channel. The dog, being introduced as “Mr. Big,” had been taken in by The Animal Defense League after suffering a gunshot wound to his chest.

“I jumped up from the couch and was like, that’s Tank! That’s him!” Michelle said. “My son was really, really attached to Tank. So to hear what he went through and to see him like that it was very emotional.”

She immediately contacted the rescue and went through the vigorous process of proving she was Tank’s original owner and that she had nothing to do with his abuse. After sending photos of Tank as a puppy and adult, she and Josh were able to welcome their beloved dog back home.

Watch the incredible story below:

“Whenever he walked in, it’s like he remembered this place. All the stuffed animals, that’s his favorite thing. Probably his favorite time is dinner time. When we eat, he gets food from everybody’s plate. He’s very spoiled,” Michelle laughed.

Tank still has some recovering to do, but he’s doing very well back at home. Josh adds, “He sleeps on my bed and sometimes I fall off.”

He always lets Tank stay, though. They are weary of someone taking him again, but he’s become a happy inside dog with a little extra security to ensure he stays there.

Written by Katie Finlay
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