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23 “Vicious” Guard Dogs Who Don’t Need Their “Beware Of Dog” Signs

| Published on February 10, 2021

A lot of the time, when you pass a yard fence with a “Beware Of Dog” sign posted on it, it’s just there as a deterrent or a heads up for the mail carrier. Occasionally though, you might get a glimpse of the vicious canine guardian that warranted the sign. That’s what these brave photographers did.

Intruders, you better watch out. These 23 ferocious dogs spotted defending their backyards are ready to pounce on whoever dares enter their domain.


1. A German Shepherd Scaring You Away With A Display Of Tongue

via Imgur

Come one step closer and you’re getting some licks! This dog looks nothing like what the sign threatens.

2. This Terrifying Husky Daring You To Enter


That certainly is a dangerous amount of fluff. That must be what the sign is warning about.

3. A Golden Retriever To Be Aware Of

via Imgur

It looks like this sign is just missing another ‘A’ because I am glad to now be aware of this dog.

4. This Grinning Boy Proud To Be Warned About


He fully plans to attack you with some kisses if you dare enter his domain. And he’s only getting bigger!

5. This Pup Threatening To Make You Rub His Belly


Careful going through this gate! The dog inside will make you give him scratches for hours!

6. A Little Guy Whose Parents Ordered The Wrong Sign


Oh, do they not make warning signs for teeny tiny puppers like this one? Oh well, this will do.

7. An Eager Guard Dog Who Picked Out His Own Sign


He may be young, but this pup is ready to defend his territory. Check out his official sign!

8. Look Out, He’s Spotted You!


If the sign isn’t enough to ward off intruders, that stare down is sure to send this pup’s enemies running.

9. May These “Roo Roo”s Serve As A Warning


That’s right, get any closer and he’ll start getting physical. You won’t be able to escape his tongue!

10. This Defender Is Practicing His Moves

via Reddit

He’s ready to roll over for anyone brave enough to pass this tree. Think you can handle all the scritches?

11. This Dog Disappointed He’s So Frightening


Aw, it’s okay, buddy. Most people probably interpret the sign as a joke anyway.

12. Beware Of This Spy


This pup sees you, and he’s not letting you anywhere near his buried toys.

13. Two Pooches Letting You Know They’ve Got Eyes On You


Look out; there’s two of them! Oh no, they’re just too cute!!

14. A Guard-en Retriever


He loves his duty, and he’s not afraid to show it. Trespassers beware!

15. That Guard Dog Confidence


This totally ferocious fluff ball won’t even break a sweat to defend his turf. Look at that casual posture.

16. This Pup Will Attack As Soon As He Feels Like Getting Up


So you better watch out whenever that happens. You’re getting jumped all over, pal!

17. A Yorkie Making Sure You See Him Seeing You


He sees you looking at his trash can. That’s his trash can; he even peed on it!

18. A Cocky Dog Who Knows He’s Worth A Homemade Sign


Yes, you better beware. Come any closer and you may just die of cuteness.

19. These Tiny But Feisty Guard Dogs


Only those brave enough to face ankle nips may enter. Well, more likely ankle licks.

20. This Princess Says “Blep” To All Intruders


Beware of this doggie in the window… she’s a total diva.

21. A Yorkie Who Will Climb Her Way To You If She Must


She might be a vicious home defender, or she may just want to show off her cute hair-do.

22. This Gal Who’s Starting Out Young


Someday all who dare trespass on her yard will fear this little cutie! Maybe not yet, though.

23. This Dog Who Uses His Woofs, Not His Paws


You’ll definitely need to watch out for this dog’s enchanting “stay away” howl.


Sign or no sign, I’d trust these dogs to protect me any day!

Featured Image: @cianmort/Reddit, @unfoundailen/Reddit

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