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Julie Hunt

Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for She attended the University of Delaware, majoring in English. She was accepted into a creative writing program within the university, leading to two published works of poetry, Everchanging and In New Jersey. Upon graduation, Hunt worked as a veterinarian technician before becoming a proofreader, writer, and editor for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

After several years in the field and having two kids, Hunt dabbled in writing viral content for social media and became hooked. She’s been in the industry for over a decade and continues to long for the days without Facebook algorithms.

Julie has three dogs: Paisley– a Chinese Imperial Dog who was rescued prior to auction, Skyler– a Schnoodle and Rory– a bait puppy Hunt saw on Facebook needing urgent rescue while she was researching for an article.

Expertise: Writing Viral Content

Education: University of Delaware

Location: Morris County, New Jersey

Title: Writer

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