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11 Best Dog Perfumes & Colognes for Stinky Pups

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on July 29, 2023
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Is your adorable fur baby a little less fragrant than you’d prefer? Foul odors are a common problem among dogs, but they don’t have to be a permanent issue. Thanks to a wide variety of dog perfumes and colognes available on the market, you can keep your dog smelling fresh and pleasant between baths. These products are specially formulated to be safe for your canine companions, ensuring they not only smell good but feel good too. This article will guide you through the best dog perfumes and colognes to consider for your stinky pup, with options suitable for all breeds, sizes, and sensitivities.


#1 – PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray Dog Spray Deodorizer Perfume for Dogs – Dog Cologne Spray Long Lasting Dog Sprays – Dog Perfume Spray Long Lasting After Bath- Dog deodorizing Spray (Blue Ribbon)

PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray Dog Spray Deodorizer Perfume for Dogs is a line of high-end dog cologne sprays that offer long-lasting fragrance. The sprays are designed to eliminate odors, moisturize and detangle the dog’s coat, and reduce static. Veterinarian-certified and eco-friendly, these sprays have a probiotic formula that keeps the dog’s coat shiny and fresh. With a variety of scent profiles available, the sprays provide a luxurious grooming experience for dogs.


#2 – Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne | Premium Scented Perfume Body Spray for Dogs and Cats | Clean and Fresh Scent | Natural Conditioning Qualities | Made in USA (Baby Powder, 4 Fl Oz)

The Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne is a scented perfume body spray designed for dogs and cats. It helps to eliminate offensive odors without being overwhelming and can be used in between baths to maintain a pleasing pet smell. The cologne also contains natural conditioners, leaving the pet’s coat silky soft. It is recommended by vets and groomers and is made in the USA with socially responsible practices and sustainable ingredients.


#3 – Gerrard Larriett – Aromatherapy Freshening and Shining Dog Perfume, Calming Dog Cologne with Oat, Pet Supplies for Skin Care and Odor Control, 8 fl oz (De-stress Lavender & Chamomile)

The Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Freshening and Shining Dog Perfume is a dog-safe essential oil spray that helps to calm dog anxiety without any heavy perfume or harsh chemicals. Veterinarians recommend this calming spray for dogs that struggle with barking and chewing, while pet owners appreciate how it leaves their pet’s coat soft and shiny. Made in the USA, this spray features natural ingredients like Lanolin, Vitamin E Oil, Oats, and Chamomile to soothe sensitive skin and relieve itchiness.


#4 – SHOW SEASON ANIMAL PRODUCTS 1 South Bark Blueberry-Clove Pet Cologne 8.5 oz. For Dogs | Long-Lasting Odor Eliminator | Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free | Biodegradable and Non-Toxic | Made In USA

Show Season Animal Products offers an 8.5 oz bottle of South Bark Blueberry-Clove Pet Cologne for dogs. This pet cologne is designed to control pet odor between baths and provides a fresh, clean aroma that lasts for weeks. Made in the USA, this product is cruelty-free, paraben-free, biodegradable, and non-toxic, ensuring the safety and well-being of dogs.


#5 – Vet Recommended Premium Dog Cologne & Perfume Deodorizing Spray – Long Lasting Puppy Safe Sensitive Skin Formula Made in USA – Grooming Odor Eliminator – Fresh Cucumber Melon Scent – Alcohol-Free 4 oz

The Vet Recommended Premium Dog Cologne & Perfume Deodorizing Spray is a pet cologne spray that provides a fresh fragrance for dogs. It is tested by a vet and is safe for pets with sensitive skin. The spray is alcohol-free and neutralizes odors, leaving dogs smelling fresh and clean. It is made in the USA and is long-lasting, with a cucumber melon scent that is suitable for all breeds and fur types. It is easy to use and comes in a travel-size spray bottle. Pawstruck, the brand behind the product, is a small business that prioritizes the quality and care of its products.


#6 – Bark2Basics Salon Scents Pet Grooming Cologne – 8 oz, Natural Professional Groomer Perfume for Dogs and Cats, Long Lasting, Deodorizing, (Spring Water and Cucumber)

The Bark2Basics Salon Scents Pet Grooming Cologne is a natural and professional perfume for dogs and cats. It is designed to eliminate odors and leave your pet smelling fresh. The long-lasting fragrance attaches to the hair follicles for a lasting scent, and the ready-to-use formula makes it convenient for use at home or on the go. This product is used by grooming professionals and is made in the USA with high-quality and eco-friendly ingredients.


#7 – Natural Rapport Female Dog Cologne Spray with Floral & Coconut Scent – The Only Between Bath Spray Dogs Need – Convenient, Between-Bath Dog Deodorant Spray and Pet Urine Odor Eliminator Perfume (Female, 8 fl oz.)

The Natural Rapport Female Dog Cologne Spray is designed for female dogs who tend to develop odors between baths. It offers long-lasting freshness and acts as a convenient odor neutralizer with its single spray-per-pump nozzle. The 3-in-1 formula not only deodorizes but also conditions the fur and the spray is made with naturally derived ingredients, free of alcohol. Additionally, the product is made in the USA and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


#8 – Espree Vanilla Silk Conditioning Cologne, 4 oz

The Espree Vanilla Silk Conditioning Cologne is a 4 oz product that claims to naturally neutralize odors and condition coats. It is made with 100% Organically Grown Aloe Vera and is manufactured in the USA. Additionally, it mentions that the fragrance of the cologne lasts, implying that it provides a long-lasting scent for pets.


#9 – Oxyfresh Premium Pet Odor Eliminator – Say Goodbye to Stinky Dog and Cat Odors – Non-Toxic – Perfect for Dog Beds, Carpets, Cat Litter Boxes & Anywhere Stinky,16 oz.

The Oxyfresh Premium Pet Odor Eliminator is a non-toxic solution that effectively eliminates tough pet odors, such as urine, cat litter box, and kennel odors. It can be used on various surfaces including dog beds, carpets, and cat litter boxes to leave them smelling fresh and clean. The fast-acting formula breaks down organic odors quickly and it is fragrance-free, offering a more natural and effective solution compared to products that simply cover up odors. This product has received recognition for its effectiveness with awards such as the 2019 Pet Innovation Award and the 2019 Family Choice Award.


#10 – Hempz Petz Dog Cologne, Creamy Citrus Orange & Red Raspberry, 8.5 fl. oz. – Hydrating Puppy Perfume

The Hempz Petz Dog Cologne is a pet perfume designed to hydrate and refresh your dog’s coat while leaving a bright, fruity fragrance. Enriched with Hemp Seed Oil and herbal extracts, this dog deodorant nourishes and moisturizes your pup’s coat, enhancing the skin’s natural barrier. With a non-greasy formula and a long-lasting fruity scent, this dog perfume is easy to use and leaves fur soft. It is made in the USA with healthy ingredients, free of paraben, dyes, and gluten, and is cruelty-free and vegan.


#11 – Espree Rainforest Cologne, 4 oz

The Espree Rainforest Cologne is a 4 oz cologne that offers a fresh rainforest fragrance. It is designed to naturally neutralize odors on pets and condition their coats while leaving a lasting scent. The cologne is made with 100% organically grown Aloe Vera and is proudly manufactured in the United States.


What Should I Look for When Choosing a Dog Perfume or Cologne?

When choosing a dog perfume or cologne, several factors should be considered:

  1. Ingredients: Look for a product that uses natural, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic ingredients. Avoid artificial fragrances and parabens, as these can cause allergies and other health issues in some dogs.
  2. Fragrance: The scent itself is a personal preference, but it should be pleasant and not too overpowering. Some dogs may react negatively to strong fragrances. Opt for a fragrance that you and your dog both enjoy.
  3. Longevity: A quality dog perfume or cologne should have a fragrance that lasts but isn’t overpowering. However, bear in mind that the longevity of the scent may vary based on your dog’s activities and how frequently they get wet.
  4. Ease of Application: Look for products that are easy to apply. Most are available in spray form, which is typically the easiest and most efficient method of application.
  5. Suitability: Make sure the product is suitable for dogs. Human perfumes and colognes can be harmful to dogs, so it’s important to choose a product specifically formulated for canines.
  6. Skin and Coat Health: Some products can also have additional benefits such as promoting healthy skin and coat. Ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, or natural oils can be beneficial.

Remember, always test a new product on a small area first to make sure your dog doesn’t have an adverse reaction.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Colognes and Perfumes

  1. What are dog colognes and perfumes? Dog colognes and perfumes are specially formulated fragrances designed to keep your dog smelling fresh and pleasant between baths. They’re made with pet-safe ingredients and typically have milder scents compared to human fragrances.
  2. Are dog colognes and perfumes safe? Yes, as long as they are specifically designed for dogs and are free from harmful chemicals like parabens and artificial fragrances. Always check the ingredient list and ensure the product is vet-approved.
  3. How often can I use a dog cologne or perfume on my dog? This can depend on the specific product and your dog’s tolerance to it. Generally, using it a couple of times per week should be fine. However, it’s best to consult your vet if you’re unsure.
  4. Can I use human perfume or cologne on my dog? No, human fragrances can contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs and can cause skin irritations, allergies, and other health problems. Always use products specifically formulated for dogs.
  5. Can dog colognes and perfumes help with my dog’s skin conditions? While some dog perfumes and colognes contain beneficial ingredients like aloe vera or essential oils that can promote skin health, they are primarily designed to make your dog smell good. If your dog has a skin condition, it’s best to seek advice from your vet.
  6. Does my dog really need perfume or cologne? While not a necessity, a dog perfume or cologne can be a helpful tool to keep your dog smelling fresh, especially between baths or after a walk. It can also be useful for dogs that have a naturally stronger odor.
  7. Can dog colognes and perfumes cause allergies? Some dogs may be sensitive to certain ingredients in these products, which could lead to allergies. Always do a patch test first, and if any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use and consult your vet.
  8. How do I apply a dog cologne or perfume? Most dog colognes and perfumes come in a spray bottle. You should spray it lightly onto your dog’s coat, avoiding their face and any sensitive areas. Always brush it through for even distribution.
  9. Can I use dog colognes and perfumes on puppies? Some dog fragrances are safe for puppies, but always check the product label. Some manufacturers might recommend waiting until the puppy reaches a certain age before using the product.
  10. Can dog perfumes and colognes help calm my dog? Some dog perfumes and colognes are infused with calming essential oils like lavender and chamomile that may help soothe an anxious dog. However, they’re not a standalone solution for anxiety and should be used as part of a broader management plan.


Conclusion: Best Dog Perfumes & Colognes for Stinky Pups

No matter how much fun your pup has rolling in the mud or exploring the great outdoors, a good dog perfume or cologne can help ensure they always come home smelling sweet. The right fragrance can make all the difference, providing a quick and effective solution to tackle those less-than-pleasant doggy odors. In exploring these top dog perfumes and colognes, remember to consider your dog’s personal needs and sensitivities. With the right choice, you’ll not only enjoy a fresher-smelling pup, but you’ll also give your dog a boost in confidence, knowing they’re looking – and smelling – their very best.

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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