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7 Best Wrinkle Cream, Balms, and Wipes for Bulldogs

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on July 2, 2023
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Bulldogs, with their distinguished and adorable wrinkles, have won the hearts of many pet owners worldwide. However, these same wrinkles that we find endearing can also become a hotbed for various skin issues if not appropriately cared for. This article will guide you through the best wrinkle creams, balms, and wipes available on the market for Bulldogs, emphasizing their features, benefits, and use to keep your furry friend healthy and their wrinkles clean.


#1  – Squishface Wrinkle Paste – Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, English Bulldog – Cleans Wrinkles, Tear Stain, Tail Pockets, and Paws – Anti-Itch Tear Stain Remover & Bulldog Wrinkle Cream, 2 Oz.

The Squishface Wrinkle Paste is a dog tear stain remover and wrinkle cream that is designed to clean wrinkles, tear stains, tail pockets, and paws. It helps soothe itchiness and forms a water-repellent barrier to block moisture, resulting in clear and clean dog skin. This formula is made with minimal, natural ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil, making it suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone dogs. It is recommended for various breeds, including English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and pugs, and can be used in combination with the Bulldog Wrinkle Wipes for optimal results.


#2 – Paste for Bulldog Wrinkles 2oz+50 Wipes for Bulldog Wrinkles-Wrinkle Balm Rash Treatment for French Bulldog,English Bulldog-Cleans Tail Pockets,Paw,Tear Stain Remover for Dogs-Wrinkle Cream for Dogs

This product is a set that includes a 2 ounce jar of bulldog wrinkle cream and 50 wrinkle wipes for French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs. It is intended to clean and soothe the wrinkles, folds, and pockets of these dogs to reduce odor, remove dirt, and treat infections. The cream and wipes contain organic extracts and are made with Manuka Honey for natural healing properties. The company offers a full refund warranty and is committed to customer satisfaction.


#3 – Natural Dog Company Wrinkle Balm Bundle, 2 oz. Tin & Travel Stick, Dog lotion for dry itchy skin, Cleans Wrinkles, Yeast Infection treatment for dogs, Plant-based, Made in the USA

The Natural Dog Company Wrinkle Balm Bundle is a product designed to treat common skin issues in dogs with wrinkles. It is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds and is made with plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil. This balm is easy to apply and can be used daily to protect against infections. It is handcrafted in the USA and is non-toxic if ingested.


#4 – Bodhi Dog Wrinkle Cleaner and Protector | Extra Large 8oz | Soother & Treatment to Clean & Protect Wrinkles & Skin | Stain Remover & Anti Itch | Perfect for Bulldogs & Pugs | Made in The USA

Bodhi Dog Wrinkle Cleaner and Protector is a gentle and soothing treatment designed to clean and protect the wrinkles and skin folds of dogs, particularly those prone to infection and foul smells. Made with aloe vera and shea butter, it helps prevent moisture and fungal growth, keeping the skin folds clean and healthy. Proudly made in the USA with sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, Bodhi Dog is committed to providing safe and effective products for pets and their owners.


#5 – Raw Paws Natural Wrinkle Balm for Dogs, 4-oz – Dog Wrinkle Cream for Face French Bulldog, Pug, Frenchie – Skin Fold Care for Dogs – Skin Care for Bulldogs Tail Pocket Cleaner – Dog Dermatitis Cream

The Raw Paws Natural Wrinkle Balm is a dog care product specifically designed for the delicate skin of dogs with folds and wrinkles. It is made with all-natural ingredients that help soothe and heal sensitive skin, relieve pain, and resist infection. The product is easy to use and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


#6 – Vet Recommended – Organic Vegan Wrinkle Cream for Bulldogs – French Bulldogs, Shar Pei’s – Clean and Protect Wrinkles and Folds (USA Made – 2oz – 59ml)

The Vet Recommended Organic Vegan Wrinkle Cream for Bulldogs is a safe and easy solution for distressed and itchy wrinkles and folds in dogs. This cream not only offers relief for dogs, but it also helps to eliminate foul odors caused by yeast wrinkles, providing comfort for the entire family. Made with organic and vegan ingredients, this cream is designed to soothe and calm without any harmful additives.


#7 – Wrinkle Wipes + Wrinkle Balm For Dogs | Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, English Bulldog | Cleans & Soothes Wrinkles, Folds, Tear Stain, Tail Pockets & Paws, Anti-Itch | 100 Soft Cotton Pads

The Wrinkle Wipes + Wrinkle Balm for dogs by Barkos Pet Supplies is a veterinarian-recommended product designed to gently clean and deodorize wrinkles and folds on dogs, while soothing any irritation. Made with all-natural and plant-based ingredients, these products are free of chemicals and pesticides, promoting the well-being of your furry friend. Specifically formulated for wrinkly breeds like Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, and English Bulldogs, this product protects their face folds and body wrinkles from swelling, redness, and irritation. Additionally, the brand offers a 100% happy dog guarantee, promising to replace the product or give a full refund if it does not meet expectations. The product is easy to apply and safe for dogs, even if they lick it.


What Are The Benefits of Using a Wrinkle Balm, Cream, or Wipe for Your Bulldog’s Wrinkles?

Wrinkle balm, cream, or wipes are particularly beneficial for breeds like Bulldogs, which have distinctive skin folds or wrinkles on their face and body. The deep folds can be prone to various health issues if not properly cared for. Here are some of the main benefits of using these products:

  1. Prevents Infection: Moisture and dirt can easily become trapped within a Bulldog’s skin folds, which can lead to bacterial and yeast infections. A high-quality wrinkle balm or cream can create a barrier that helps prevent these infections by keeping the area clean and dry.
  2. Soothes Irritation and Itching: Bulldogs are prone to developing skin irritation and itchiness in their wrinkles due to various factors such as moisture, food residue, or allergens. These products typically contain ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, or chamomile that soothe and calm the skin.
  3. Heals Existing Problems: If your Bulldog already has issues like irritation, hot spots, or minor infections in their wrinkles, these products often contain ingredients with healing properties. For instance, products might contain calendula to promote wound healing, tea tree oil for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, or coconut oil for its moisturizing and soothing effects.
  4. Moisturizes and Hydrates: Bulldogs’ skin can become dry and chapped, particularly in harsh weather conditions. Wrinkle balms and creams typically contain moisturizing ingredients that can hydrate the skin and prevent chapping, cracking, and consequent discomfort.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Wrinkle wipes are particularly useful for easy and quick daily cleaning of your Bulldog’s wrinkles. They can help remove dirt, residue, and moisture quickly, thus preventing any buildup that could cause problems later on.
  6. Prevents Bad Odors: The buildup of sweat, dirt, and bacteria can lead to unpleasant odors. Regularly using wrinkle balm, cream, or wipes helps keep your Bulldog smelling fresh.

Remember, each product is different, so it’s crucial to choose a product that is specifically designed for Bulldogs or dogs with similar skin folds. Also, avoid products that contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, or alcohol, as they could cause more harm than good. Always consult your vet before starting any new skincare regimen for your pet.


What Ingredients Can Help Relieve Rashes, Infections, or Itching In Your Bulldog’s Wrinkle Folds?

When it comes to relieving rashes, infections, or itching in your Bulldog’s wrinkle folds, it’s essential to find products with safe, natural, and effective ingredients. Here are a few ingredients that can provide significant benefits:

  1. Aloe Vera: This plant has natural anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, making it a fantastic ingredient to help calm irritated skin and reduce redness.
  2. Tea Tree Oil: Known for its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil can help soothe itchy skin and fight off infections. It should be used in a diluted form, as it can be too potent in high concentrations.
  3. Coconut Oil: This is a popular choice due to its moisturizing and healing properties. It can soothe dry, itchy skin and has antimicrobial properties that can help prevent infections.
  4. Calendula: Extracted from marigold flowers, calendula has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It’s often used in natural remedies to heal rashes, wounds, and skin infections.
  5. Witch Hazel: This plant extract is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It can help soothe itchy skin and reduce inflammation and redness.
  6. Chamomile: Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can soothe the skin, reduce itching, and promote healing.
  7. Honey: Particularly Manuka honey, which is known for its healing, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help heal skin infections and soothe irritation.
  8. Oatmeal: Colloidal oatmeal is used in many skincare products because it can soothe and moisturize itchy, dry skin. It’s also known for its anti-inflammatory and skin-protective properties.
  9. Shea Butter: This is a rich, moisturizing ingredient that can hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Remember, while these ingredients can provide relief, they may not cure underlying conditions. Therefore, if your Bulldog has persistent rashes, infections, or severe itching, it’s crucial to consult with your vet for a thorough examination and appropriate treatment. Also, some dogs might have allergies or sensitivity to certain ingredients, so it’s always best to do a patch test or consult with your vet before applying a new product.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wrinkle Wipes, Creams, and Balms for Your Bulldog

  1. What are wrinkle wipes, creams, and balms for Bulldogs? Wrinkle wipes, creams, and balms are special skincare products designed to clean, moisturize, and protect the skin in your Bulldog’s wrinkles. They contain ingredients that help to prevent infections, soothe irritations, and maintain overall skin health.
  2. How often should I use wrinkle wipes, creams, or balms on my Bulldog? Typically, you should clean your Bulldog’s wrinkles daily using wipes to remove dirt and moisture. Applying creams or balms depends on the product instructions or your veterinarian’s advice, but usually, it’s a few times a week or as needed.
  3. Why does my Bulldog need special products for their wrinkles? Bulldogs have distinctive skin folds or wrinkles that can trap moisture, dirt, and food residues, leading to bacterial and yeast infections, skin irritations, and other issues. Special products are designed to combat these problems and maintain the health of these skin folds.
  4. Are these products safe for my Bulldog to ingest? Most high-quality wrinkle care products are made to be pet-safe. However, they’re not intended for ingestion. Always check the label and choose products with non-toxic, natural ingredients. If your dog ingests a large amount, contact your vet.
  5. Can I use human skincare products on my Bulldog’s wrinkles? It’s generally not recommended to use human skincare products on your Bulldog as they can contain ingredients that are harmful or irritating to dogs. Always choose products specifically formulated for canine use.
  6. Do I need to see a vet before using these products? If your Bulldog has existing skin issues or you’re unsure about using a new product, it’s best to consult with your vet. However, for routine maintenance and prevention, these products can usually be used without a vet consultation.
  7. How do I know if my Bulldog is allergic to a wrinkle cream or balm? Signs of an allergic reaction can include increased itching, redness, swelling, hives, or discomfort. Always perform a patch test with a new product and monitor your dog’s reaction. If you notice any adverse effects, stop using the product and consult your vet.
  8. Can I use wrinkle wipes, creams, and balms on other breeds? Yes, while these products are particularly beneficial for breeds with skin folds like Bulldogs, they can be used on any dog breed that requires extra skin care, such as Pugs, French Bulldogs, or Shar-Peis.
  9. Are all wrinkle balms, creams, and wipes the same? No, different products may have different ingredients, intended purposes, and effectiveness. Always read the label carefully, and choose products with natural, non-toxic ingredients that are appropriate for your Bulldog’s needs.
  10. Where can I buy these products? You can find wrinkle wipes, creams, and balms at pet supply stores, vet clinics, or online. Make sure to buy from reputable sources to ensure product quality and safety.


Conclusion: Best Wrinkle Cream, Balms, & Wipes for Bulldogs

Taking care of your Bulldog’s wrinkles need not be a daunting task. With the right products like the wrinkle creams, balms, and wipes outlined in this article, you can ensure your dog’s skin stays clean, hydrated, and free from irritations. Remember, each Bulldog is unique, and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. Always monitor your pet’s reaction to a new product and consult with your vet if any issues arise. Here’s to maintaining those charming wrinkles in the healthiest way possible!

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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