Funny Dogs Pretend They Aren’t Watching Their Owners Eat

Does your dog stare at you when you eat? Most, if not all, dogs do that. Some of them even beg shamelessly, they stare at you with their puppy-dog eyes wishing that you’d give them even just one tiny bit! Well that’s just how dogs are. At least you don’t have to eat alone, right? But while some dogs are shameless in their begging, there are those who stare at the food, but then they quickly turn away when their … Read more

Want To Know How Your Dog Sees You And The World? Here You Go.

Everyday, we are woken up by the happy faces and kisses of our dogs. We feed them, take them outside to do their business, and take them for a walk. We love spoiling them and seeing them so happy. But have you ever wondered what it must be like for our dogs? What is it like for them as we do those routine activities? How do they see the world? BuzzFeed has created this video of how our dogs see … Read more

Pittie Figures Out A Great Way To Get His Toddler’s Attention

Gemma is sure jealous of the iPad that Elliott is playing with today. All his attention is so focused on it and it’s really making her feel left out. So what’s a girl to do? She sure doesn’t want to fight with him nor sulk in one corner till he pays her some attention and besides, she wants his attention, NOW! Hmmmm…Gemma, you sure are one smart cookie! Yup, smother him with kisses – that’s sure to get any boy’s … Read more

10 Precious Pooches That Had A Blast This Summer

It’s official, dogs know how to enjoy summer more than anyone else. These amazingly adorable images of dogs on Twitter living it up during #TheDogDaysofSummer will make you wish you were as cool as they are. #1 – Cooper Coolest dog around! Cooper enjoying the pool on a great sunny Sunday in Fresno! #Cali #dogsofsummer — Jessica Giglio (@CoachGiglio) May 3, 2015 #2 – Ice Cream Pup In case you were having a bad day here’s my dog eating … Read more

Owners Catch Creature Moving In Dog’s Fur And Are Totally Surprised By What It Is Doing

It’s so cute and sweet that some dogs are very gentle with smaller animals. While some dogs love to chase them, there are others who are totally friendly with them. Just like that huge but gentle dog who let a squirrel hide a nut in his fur Smaller animals must really find dog hair fascinating and useful. In the video below, we see a bird who’s trying to make a nest out of a dog’s butt hair. And the senior … Read more

Jerk Gets Instant Karma When He Tries To Kick A Dog

I sure hope whoever abuses animals or hurts them would get the same treatment. Scums who hurt animals should also feel the same (or even more!) pain that they inflict upon those poor defenseless animals. So when we saw this video of a jerk who got instant karma when tried to kick a dog, we just can’t help but laugh. The video we found on YouTube is a security footage from what seems to be an open internet cafe. A … Read more

9 Ways Our Dogs Make Us Smile

If you own a dog, than you are fully aware of their power to make us smile, laugh and improve our mood. But how do dogs learn to make us laugh? Is it just something they do naturally? Or maybe, just maybe, they have secret classes they take at night. Or they could own a copy of Don’t Fart When You Snuggle, a new book paw-written by Frank the Dog (from the popular greeting card line From Frank) for dogs … Read more

German Shepherd Can’t Figure Out Why This Animal Won’t Let Him On The Porch

When we have several pets living together, we find that it’s usually the cat who’s the bully. Well, we’ve seen several videos of cats bullying dogs. They either steal the dog’s beds, or block the stairs or the hallway so the dog would hesitate to pass by. But in this video, you will never expect who the bully is. In the video, you’ll see a duck bullying a German Shepherd. Yes, ladies and gents–the bully is a duck! The duck … Read more

This Dog Does Something Hilarious When Getting Kisses From Dad

Look at this Boston Terrier, why she’d do anything just to get a kiss from her daddy! It certainly looks like she’s channeling her inner super hero just to get at those kisses too! Look at how she stretches all the way, making it appear as if she’s flying through the air on her way to catch the kisses that her daddy’s giving her. Look at that face, how adorable is that!! She does this every single time her dad … Read more

The Frisbee Landed Over The Fence And What This Dog Does Is Downright Amazing.

When a dog wants something, he will do almost anything just to get it. We’ve seen several videos proving just how persistent dogs are just to get what they want. Take for example, that determined dog who tried everything to get his huge stick through a doorway. That dog didn’t let that narrow door stop him from going where he wants to go with his stick! But this dog has a more creative way of handling something that’s blocking his … Read more

Giggling Dachshund Makes Everyone Laugh

Most dogs are pretty snuggly, but Bowser the Dachshund demands that his family cuddles with him every night. In fact, Bowser loves belly rubs so much he just can’t contain himself when his owners finally oblige him. When the scratching starts, so does his squeaky little self! Bowser’s family calls it laughing and that’s exactly what it sounds like! Thankfully a little laughter goes a long way, because Bowser’s family is giggling along with him. They’re a funny little bunch … Read more

Dog Shows The Cat Who Is Boss

In most videos we see, when a cat and a dog lives in the same house, it’s usually the cat who’s the bully. We’ve seen a lot of videos of cats bullying their dog siblings. Just like that video showing how dogs react when they see cats stealing their beds. Most dogs would just throw in the towel, and let the cats have their beds. But the dog in the video below is no pushover! This cute Shih Tzu pup … Read more

If Puppies Could Go To Rave Parties, This Is How It Might Look!

Do you remember that video of a Poodle who danced with excitement when she saw her owner? That video was so adorable that it now has over 8 million views! In the video, a Poodle pup was left in a doggy day care for the day, and when her human came back, she was so happy and excited to see her that she danced with joy! Well somebody made a silly version of that video, and it had us laughing! … Read more

Toddler Starts Playing The Harmonic Then The Dog Shows Up And Does This!

When it comes to the Blues, these two nailed it! My goodness, talk about that melancholic vibe in the dog’s voice and the soul from the harmonica – exquisite! I reckon, these two are natives of the south; way down south that is where the grassroots of the Blues originated. To think that they only just started practicing together today – such talent; such gifts! Fer sure the Blues Brothers would have loved them; probably get them to guess in … Read more

21 Dog Smiles Guaranteed To Make Your Day

Dogs are awesome. We love them, we love their pure happiness and excitement about life and we seriously love their smiles. All it takes is one friendly grin from a pooch and you’ve got us completely sold. How can you possibly have a bad day with a joyful canine companion around? If these don’t make you warm and fuzzy inside, you’ve probably got no soul. #1 I’m on a nice walk with mum 😆 Happy Tuesday everybody!! 👅😙 A photo … Read more

15 Adorably Tired Dogs That Just Want To Sleep

It’s a ruff life being a dog and sometimes you just need a minute to relax. Rejuvenate. Get some beauty sleep. Whether you’re an apartment dwelling couch potato or a nationally competing canine athlete, there are difficult decisions and rules. Don’t eat the cat, don’t poop here, don’t pee there – when can a pooch catch a break? Sometimes it gets to be a little too much and dogs just need to sleep. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 … Read more

A Video Celebrating Senior Dogs – This Will Move You

Our constant companions; our partners in crime; defender; protector; love of our lives and theirs! Dogs, no matter how old they are, are all that and they begin to mean more to us the older they get. For all the years that they have been with us, time spent together become more precious as time goes by. The bond and love we have for one another grow stronger, tighter. We are so lucky to have these silly dogs who will … Read more

Snuggly Saint Bernard Forces His Dad Into A Big Hug

Extra-large dog breeds are known for being gentle giants and Sully the Saint Bernard certainly proves that to us. This is the sweetest video of how affectionate and loving giant breeds can be. In fact, Sully wants to snuggle so much he won’t let his dad get off the bed! He insists that right now is the perfect time for some cuddly bonding, even if his human thinks he has better things to do. Sully’s dad had just come home … Read more

Smart Dog Figures Out The Winning Strategy To A Game Of Tug

So you think I’m lazy, eh? Well that’s your opinion, Buddy! I’ve played this game of Tug enough to know the best strategy for winning it and have spent hours testing out my theories and game plan and I’ve finally discovered the best and most winnable method! Watch and learn, Grasshoppa! What did I tell ya? Everyone gives up when I employ this method. They get tired and worn out from pulling me while I just lie down without doing … Read more

Watch This Dog’s Priceless Reaction When His Human Brought Him To An Off-leash Park

“Freedom at last!” We’re pretty sure that’s exactly what this dog exclaimed when he finally got to run around in an off-leash park! This cutie just couldn’t control the excitement he felt when his human brought him to a park where he can freely roam and run around! No leashes here–so he gets to enjoy all kinds of fun without someone tugging on him! Imagine all the possibilities! Yipee! He’s so happy he runs and spins around like crazy! Watch … Read more

Dog Gets Hilariously Jealous When Daddy Cuddles With The Other Dog

Does your dog get jealous easily? Some dogs don’t like it when their humans cuddle or show affection to someone else. Some dogs get jealous of other dogs, and some even get jealous of other humans. These jealous dogs just want all the attention to themselves, so don’t you dare take the limelight away from them! The dog in the video below is one of those jealous dogs. Her name is Holly. When Holly sees Dad cuddling with her sibling, … Read more

Baby Wolf & Border Collie Play The Cutest Game Tug Of War Ever

Stop getting all the toys Faye, they aren’t all yours, you know! They are so mine! No they’re not so give it here. No! I said, give it here cos you have the other one, anyways! No! Hey, stop pulling. HEY, this IS fun! Let’s do it again, Nikai! Well, I’m sure glad Nikai and Faye are finally getting along and enjoying their game of tag. Of course, Faye being the elder one by a few weeks, can be rather … Read more

Toddler Is Determined To See That His Dogs Get Fed

Good little tyke, so helpful too! Here he is helping mommy feed the dogs. Look at him climb up the dogs’ food bin just to get food and feed them. Why, there is no stopping this energetic toddler! 😀 With all that he’s doing, this cutie pie thinks he deserves the same treat that he gives them so he decided to taste one but oh my, I guess Liver doesn’t taste that great does it, young man? Oh no matter, … Read more

12 Dogs Who Do Fall Fashion Better Than The Pros

NYC Fashion Week is coming up (Sept 10-17) and in celebration we have rounded up some haute dawg couture – these pups are fashionistas to the max! They just might even have better fashion sense than the pros at NYC. Do you have a four-legged fashionista or fashionister? Share your pups in their best duds in the comments! #1 – iHeartNerds sebastianloveslunaBack to school, as you can tell we are thrilled! Both back to obedience school after dropping out for … Read more

Dog Throws World’s Cutest Temper Tantrum After His Bed Is Stolen

If somebody steals your property, you’d be mad right? And if a parking slot is reserved for you, then somebody parks on it without your permission, that would surely get in your nerves too, correct? Well, that’s how the Bulldog in the video below feels! This Bulldog is throwing a tantrum because another dog has stolen his bed! He loves his bed because not only is it comfy, it’s close to the window too–so he gets enough sunlight when he … Read more

Baby’s First Steps Interrupted By Jealous Dog’s Poop!

It’s so exciting to see your baby take his first few steps. Seeing that is such a joyful moment for both parents and grandparents. And thanks to video cameras, we get to capture that moment and watch it over and over again. However, this baby’s first steps was interrupted by something so hysterical and just amazingly epic! In the video below, the baby’s grandmother was recording a video of her beloved granddaughter taking her first steps. A few seconds in, … Read more

15 Dog Characters Loved Most By Adults (Admit It, You Still Watch #14!)

So you’re a grown-up with kids of your own. Don’t tell us you didn’t tear up when Pongo was reunited with his puppies. Or that you don’t quote Dug from Disney and Pixars Up! On a daily basis. It’s okay though, we love these on-screen pups with larger-than-life personalities too. With the “dog days” of summer upon us, and just ahead of National Dog Day (Aug. 26), E-Score couldn’t help but honor our most popular pets in the eyes of TV viewers … Read more

These Hilarious Dog Fails Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh!

We’ve seen a couple of videos of dogs failing to do things–like that hilarious video compilation of dog fetch fails! Even if they do fail at doing certain tasks, I’m sure we can all agree that they never fail to make us laugh! Now here’s another funny dog fail compilation for you to enjoy! I’m pretty sure you’ve seen some of the videos included in this compilation. But they still made me laugh! My favorite was the French Bulldog who … Read more

Chinese Crested Has A Very Funny Way Of Swimming In The Lake

When dogs swim, they do the doggy paddle. Almost all dogs seem to know this type of swimming style, like it’s an innate ability. However there are some dogs who have their own swimming style. Take for example that big dog who paddled like crazy, splashing around the water just to swim to his dad! On the other hand, some dogs just refuse to swim, like that dog who just stood in the water and just walked in it while … Read more

How A Dog Can Win At Being A Dog

How does one win at being a dog? Well, according to one wise and ancient..oh okay, scratch that, I meant an extinct scribe. Well, anyhoo, we need to take a nap first. Then go for a long run. Yeah baby, I’m liking the sound of that! Hmmm, lemme see what’s next. Oh, play fetch, eat treats AND another nap??? OMG dude, that’s like being in doggy heaven!!! Anymore?? Yup, you bet! He also said, we should go for long car … Read more