Woman’s Asked When She’ll Be Ready To Put Her Deaf Dog Down, Says Never

Chelsea brought Wilma home but wasn’t told she is deaf. The pup, 13 years old, is also partially blind. Chelsea says in the video that countless people have asked her when she’s going to put Wilma down… and that question breaks her heart. The loving mom accepts her dog unconditionally. She went out and got as much information as possible to prepare herself for life with Wilma. What a good mama! Wilma is such a warrior and doesn’t let anything … Read more

Tough Police Dog Turns Into Teddy Bear Around His Human Sister

German Shepherd and baby

Police K9s are known for being strong, serious, and focused. They know how to set aside their playful energy when on the job, but they don’t have to be serious 24/7. When working dogs go home at the end of the day, they’re able to relax and show a different side of their personalities. K9 Sonny from the Clinton Police Department in Connecticut is always tough on the job, but whenever he’s at home, he turns into a gentle soul. … Read more

Dog Lays On Bath Mat To Feel Safe, Drags It To Mom When She’s Sad

A pup named Hero lived with his owner on the streets. His owner loved him very much but understood he couldn’t properly care for Hero. He surrendered him to a rescue group in California. Due to overpopulation, pets are often transported up to British Columbia. Hero was one of the lucky pets chosen so he could find his forever family. Sarah and her husband heard about Hero, and Sarah, who works with the homeless, felt this may just be fate. … Read more

Dog Living With Owner On Streets For Years Gets His Own Comfy Bed

A pup named Hero lived with his owner on the streets. His owner loved him very much but understood he couldn’t properly care for Hero. He surrendered him to a rescue group in California. Due to overpopulation, pets are often transported up to British Columbia. Hero was one of the lucky pets chosen so he could find his forever family. Sarah and her husband heard about Hero, and Sarah, who works with the homeless, felt this may just be fate. … Read more

Mom Lays Beside Her Puppy’s Crate But They Don’t Know They’re Reunited

A feral dog, named Ella, made her way onto a farm and gave birth to seven puppies. All of the puppies found homes. One puppy named Maggie ended up as a foster-fail with Taylor, a volunteer with Atlas Animal Rescue. Taylor had inquired about Mama Ella and was told she was safe and sound with a family. Taylor was relieved. But soon that relief turned into turmoil. Ella was in fact surrendered by her new family to the shelter and … Read more

Dog That Cares For Sick Grandpa Rewards Herself With Treats At Pickup Window

A beautiful Pit Bull named Lily Bug (aka Bug or Lily) is a super affectionate pup. For months, Marisa, Bug’s mom, thought it was Bug who needed the attention but instead, Marisa learned the true nature of Bug’s heart. Bug goes to the office with Marisa and the staff loves her! Who can blame them, right? Amazingly, Lily Bug can sense when a coworker is having a rough time or feels stressed and will target them for hugs and some … Read more

Sad Pup That Needed Her Heart Mended ‘Locks Eyes’ With Woman Who Needed Her Too

When Sarah first met Sheba, she was in a kennel at the shelter. While all the dogs were active and barking, Sheba lay there with sad eyes as if her puppy heart was broken. Sarah gravitated towards Sheba because she understood what it was like to feel overwhelmed and lost. Sarah had been battling anxiety and depression and felt bringing a shelter dog into her life would benefit them both. When Sarah and Sheba went outside to the shelter’s play … Read more

Abandoned Dog With Only One Functional Leg Runs Joyfully On Her New Prosthetics!

One-legged dog

When a breeder’s Great Pyrenees had puppies, there was one pup in the litter that the owner didn’t want. Halo was born with front legs that weren’t fully developed, so the breeder knew they wouldn’t make a profit off her. So, the non-profit organization Safe in Austin took the puppy into their care after she was abandoned in a box. The organization offers a safe space for animals who have special needs or were abused. Yet, Halo’s front legs weren’t … Read more

Soldier Returns From Deployment And Nervous Dog Sniffs, Then Attacks

Seiko Feature

When a soldier left for a many-month deployment to Kuwait, her family’s German Shepherd was still a young puppy. So when she got home, Seiko the Shepherd wasn’t quite sure who was at the door. After all, dogs don’t recognize you by your looks. But once her pup was able to get a good long sniff, she knew exactly who she was.  And she couldn’t contain her excitement that she was finally home. Some canines can’t contain themselves when you … Read more

Little Boy Terrified Of Dogs Is Adopted Into A Family That Already Has One

Holly adopted a beautiful little boy named Marcelo, who was terrified of dogs. He screamed if a dog came near him. The problem was: the family already included Mini, a senior Chihuahua. Mini was instantly interested in her new human brother (even during bath time!) Mini was determined to win Marcelo over and did so in the smartest way. She gave the boy space to trust her but never relented. She’d follow him around in a gentle pursuit and when … Read more

Man With Terminal Cancer Surprised With Wheelchair For Beloved Dog

According to his doctors, Georgia resident Andrew Kuzyk only has a year to live. Before he goes, though, his most desired wish is not for himself but for Champ, the precious dog who helps him face his daily battles with multiple types of cancer. More than anything, Andrew wants Champ the Chihuahua to get a wheelchair because his furry best bud was born without front paws. So, to make Champ’s life easier, the proud dog dad has been working to … Read more

Community Steps Up To Save A Dog And Change A Homeless Mother’s Fate

When a mom and her two kids fell on hard times and found themselves homeless, she felt like she had no other option but to give up their beloved dog, Lilo. After a good Samaritan found Lilo all alone and took her to the shelter, they made a plea to the public to try and reunite Lilo with her loving family. Then, many people in their community offered to donate dog food, so this family could stay together. When a … Read more

Rescue Puppy Comforts Grieving Mom After A Miscarriage

Millie is a 3-year-old rescue dog that’s completely obsessed with her human brother, Arlo. When Arlo was born, Millie adopted the little boy as her own. Arlo understood from a very young age that Millie is the gentlest pup. When Millie makes her way over to Arlo to give him kisses, the baby immediately understands that it’s time for a play session (and it’s the cutest thing ever!) Arlo also loves to feed Millie from his highchair. They’re just two … Read more

The Poem Jimmy Stewart Read About His Dog Beau Made Johnny Carson Tear Up

For nearly as long as dogs have had relationships with human beings, they’ve appeared in our art. Obviously, dogs really inspire us, and they’ve always been very important to us too. Jimmy Stewart, known for his iconic acting roles in ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,’ also wrote some poetry. As a dog lover, it’s only natural that his dog Beau became the subject of one of these poems. Stewart appeared on Johnny Carson’s show in July of 1981, … Read more

19-Year-Old Dog Dumped At Shelter Learns To Smile And Play Like A Puppy

A heartless family surrendered their 19-year-old dog Annie to the shelter. Initially, she could hardly walk. Annie’s human friends carted her from the shelter into their car to take her to her new foster home. Before their journey, the volunteers stopped and got Annie some burgers. Annie was so excited and ate them right up! Lauren, Annie’s foster mom, saw Annie’s photo online and knew instantly that she had to foster her. Annie didn’t know it yet, but she was … Read more

Sick Baby Cow Springs To Life After Befriending Rescue Dog

Dog and cow friends

The Gentle Barn, a sanctuary for animals, has raised many abused animals over the years and given them better lives. One of their famous residents is a cow named John Lewis Thunderheart (or just Lewis for short). Lewis’ mom was killed at a slaughterhouse, leaving him with no one to look after him. He suffered from pneumonia and needed special care as a result. So, the Gentle Barn took him in and nursed him back to health. But little did … Read more

Pup Wraps Herself Around Man That Didn’t Like Dogs And Changes His Heart

A dog named Elsie was rescued from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. She was emaciated and pregnant. The California-based rescue group worked tirelessly to find Elsie the perfect forever home… and they did with Sandrine and her husband, but it wasn’t an easy feat. Sandrine wanted to adopt a dog for a long time but her husband wasn’t really rosy on the idea. He eventually gave in and met a few dogs his wife liked but didn’t feel a connection. … Read more

Canine Comforts Koala As They Share A Drink And Nuzzle Noses In Adorable Viral Video


When bushfires began blazing through their habitat in Australia, many koalas started searching for water in nearby backyards. Quasi the koala frequently visits one particular family’s property when it’s extremely hot and he’s hankering for a drink. He does it so often that Rusty, the family’s dog, and Quasi have become best friends. In fact, it happens so frequently that the family was able to capture a particularly adorable video that has since gone viral.  The adorable interaction begins with Quasi … Read more

Loving Dad Turns Ignored Dog Into An Affection Addict

Nala came to her foster family after her parents split up. She was covered in mange causing her to lose half of her fur. She was in constant pain. Her paws were too soft for her age, which was a sign that she didn’t go outside much. It was as if she didn’t have a chance to be a real dog. The sweet pup quickly became attached to her foster parents. She had all this love to give and wanted … Read more

Precocious Shelter Dog Helps Himself To ALL The Toys

Damon Party

Damon, a dashing Pittie mix, came in to care at Cincinnati Animal CARE as a lost dog. But despite their best efforts to find his family, nobody came to claim him. So naturally, he was put up for adoption. Damon spent many many months waiting for the perfect forever family to come along, but it just hadn’t happened for him yet. But since Cincinnati Animal CARE is a shelter that’s often at critical capacity, dogs are sometimes rotated into the employees’ … Read more

Girls See “No Longer Available” On Dog’s Photo & Cry But Mom’s Up To Something

Toni and her daughters, MacKenna and Kerrigan, were looking at shelter dogs online. Toni’s youngest came across Rosie, a sweet girl who desperately needed an adoption commitment ASAP or she would be euthanized. The girls knew instantly that they needed to help Rosie before it was too late. They wanted to bring her home. Soon after the girls saw Rosie online, they went back to the shelter’s site. That’s when it said, across Rosie’s photo, that she was no longer … Read more

After 14 Failed Adoptions, #15 Is A Perfect Match For Ronald!

14 Failed Adoptions

Shelters and rescues work hard to make sure adoptable dogs go to the best homes possible. But the first potential adopters aren’t always the best match for one reason or another. A large puppy named Ronald quickly realized that was the case after 14 of his adoptions fell through. Ronald’s failed adoptions were nothing personal. The families chose to pass on him because of his size and energy level. Of course, he was disappointed, but he knew he’d rather wait … Read more

Dog Loses Ears After Attack But Concerned Vet Tech Crochets Him A New Pair

Willy Wonka is an adorable two-year-old Pittie pup with a big smile, and he’s looking for his forever home. But Willy has a unique look that came about in a painful way. This poor guy lost his ears after his head got stuck in a fence, and dogs from the neighboring yard attacked him. His mangled ear flaps had to be amputated by emergency veterinarians. But Willy is still such a happy dog. Because Willy looks a little different than … Read more

Dog Finds Tiniest Abandoned Lamb And Decides She’s Her Baby

When a dog named Max laid eyes on a tiny lamb, all bets were off. The lamb was crying after her mama rejected her and needed someone like Max to fill that void. Max fell in love with the little lamb named Beau and decided to adopt her. She became the perfect surrogate mom. Beau was born a month late and from the start, her mom wasn’t interested in her. Max looked at her in the enclosure as she cried, … Read more

Mom Worries When Entranced Dog Won’t Break His ‘Stare’ At Same Spot Everyday

The loyalty of dogs to their human loved ones is seen in the numerous stories of dog parents. Ask them and they will share stories of how their pup kept bouncing back up after anything life threw at it, whether or not it was understood by its owner or handler. Every single day, deep down inside, there are things that remind us everything is going to be ok. This heartwarming story provides a small ray of light in our lives … Read more

Squirrel Befriends Lonely Lion And Every Day They Share A Sweet Treat

Lion with squirrel copy

There’s just something incredibly endearing about an interspecies friendship. Perhaps it’s the perceived unlikeliness of their affection or that there can be a substantial size difference. Either way, it warms your heart.  So when someone captured a sweet moment between a squirrel and a recently rescued lion named Güero, it melted hearts across the internet. The video was taken shortly after Güero, the lion, was finally freed from a zoo in Mexico, where he lived a torturous life. For many … Read more

Dog Tells Dad To Sell Their House So He Can Be With His Best Friend

A Pit Bull named Dexter loved to play with a neighborhood stray. Dexter’s dad, Derrick, was hesitant at first. But the stray Pit Bull, Derrick later named Doakes, was the perfect buddy for Dexter when he went outside to play. Derrick hid Doakes in his garage one day when animal control came by. He didn’t want animal control to take him away. Although Doakes didn’t have a collar, Derrick was determined to figure out if Doakes actually had a home … Read more

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