As Her Turn On The Kill-List Drew Closer, “Ugly” Dog Believed Her Time Was Up

When Aimee the Pit Bull was only six months old, she arrived at Carson Animal Care Center in California. It was clear that she’d been neglected to an extent. Her diseased skin was peeling off in patches, and it looked like she was in a lot of discomfort.     Image/Story Source Credit: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs via Facebook Watch Video       The shelter staff was informed that Aimee was one of the “friendliest” dogs they had ever … Read more

Couple adopts rescue dog before meeting him. When the door opens to reveal him they “lose it”

Tracy Whyatt realized that many dogs were being euthanized in high-kill shelters every day with little chance of adoption, so she stepped in and decided to do something about it. Tracy’s Dogs was founded by Tracy Whyatt as a way to save unloved canines.


Image/Story Source Credit: OnlyGood TV via YouTube Video


Tracy and her husband, Scott, load up dogs from overcrowded kill shelters into a 32-foot trailer and drive them to other states to find them forever homes. They’ve partnered up with PetSmart as a meeting place for the dogs and their new owners.

As you can imagine, the moment the owners see their new dogs for the first time is beautiful and emotional. Everyone gathers around the trailer as the door swings open, and the tears begin to flow. Welcome to your new lives, pups! 🙂


Image/Story Source Credit: OnlyGood TV via YouTube Video


Since starting their company in 2011, Tracy and Scott have adopted out over 3,700 dogs! If it weren’t for them, most of these dogs would not have survived. They have a wonderful thing going here, and Tracy’s Dogs deserves all the recognition they can get!


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No One Helped Her Because She’s A Pit Bull So She Roamed The Streets In ‘Agony’

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Puppy Dumped By Owner In Middle Of Nowhere, Chases A Jogger And Begs To Be Rescued

A puppy was discovered hiding behind the bushes one morning on this popular walkway on the outskirts of the city by a runner who was out for a run. The dog had been abandoned by his owners and was hiding from him.   Image/Story Source Credit: TDPets via YouTube Video       The jogger went on ahead and discovered the helpless puppy. The pup recognized a decent soul in adversity, so he began trailing the runner with a grin … Read more

Disabled Man Finally Reunites With Service Dog After Woman Refused To Give Him Back

An outrageous story that recently went viral just got a happy ending! David Guindon, a resident of San Bernardino, California suffered a heart attack and stroke six years ago, which left him disabled, bound to a wheelchair, and in need of a service animal. In 2014, he adopted and bonded with Zeus, a Husky who was professionally trained to handle tasks David needed assistance with. Two years ago, a nurse working in David’s home left a door unlocked, and Zeus … Read more

Stray With Paralysis Slithered To Food When Woman Saw Him Suffering Alone

Homeless animals have enough to contend with. Finding adequate shelter, food, and clean water is challenging enough. Doing so is dangerous for healthy strays but imagine what it would be like for a dog that is paralyzed! It would be impossible. Yet a dog, later named Kuya Bon, fought to stay alive despite his disability. He was left all by himself when his owner deemed him useless after a car had hit him.


Image Story/Source Credit: YouTube Video


Kuya Bon’s callous owner couldn’t be bothered with a dog that needed so much care. He kicked him out of the only home he had ever known. By the time he was spotted by a kind individual, he had been on the streets for a very long time. He had to deal with so many rainy days, especially during the monsoon season. It’s a miracle he survived this long.


Image Story/Source Credit: YouTube Video


A kind woman saw the dog from afar and got a bowl of food for Kuya Bon. She went over to him and put the bowl down. She wanted to see how bad his legs were. Despite his struggles, Kuya Bon slithered to the bowl of food and ate happily. The woman knew he needed urgent veterinary care. She would spend her own money to help him.


Image Story/Source Credit: YouTube Video


While waiting for Kuya Bon to have x-rays done, the woman called a local rescuer. She begged for his help knowing she couldn’t keep Kuya Bon and he did not belong back out on the streets. The rescuer agreed. Kuya Bon is recovering as we speak at the vet clinic. It’s uncertain where he will end up but what IS FOR SURE is that he will never be back out on the streets again! To see Kuya Bon’s rescue, please scroll down. We are so thankful that he is now safe.

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Sickly Puppy Used All She Had To Sit Up And Tell Mom It Would Be All Right

The life on the streets can be cruel enough for humans. Animals also suffer from lack of food, shelter, and clean water. Many organizations try to help them by feeding them or providing shelter where they can.  Meet Animal Aid, a wonderful organization helping animals and doing a wonderful job. Animal charities provide a variety of help with stray animals in areas all around the world, for example, Animal Aid does all it can to house and feed the animals in addition to providing medical care.

Animal Aid received a call regarding a pup that was suffering and had severe mange. Even with ample love and care, Mange is always challenging to cure. Her condition was so widespread that she had lost her hair, leaving her overly sensitive to secondary infections, parasites, and sunburns. Animal Aid dispatched volunteers to help the dog. Caring offers rolled over eagerly because she was understandably starving–but she had no intention of being picked up.


Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video

The dog was staying on the streets for a reason-she was a new mother. It took a lot of coaxing and a lot of dog treats, but the volunteer finally managed to pick Momma up. Now it was time to latch on to her puppies.



Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video



When Momma’s pups were found they were suffering from mange and Coco was in bad shape. In order to save both dogs, our volunteer picked up the weakest pup and brought her over to her mom. Coco will have a second chance at life that she deserves.


Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video



Momma was put on the exam table. Her poor body was riddled with mange. She needed topical antibiotic ointment and daily medicated baths. They hoped that with their diligence and good nutrition, she would make a full recovery. Momma was scared but the medical team did their best to soothe her.



Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video


Coco was also examined. She was underweight and lethargic, so she got a lot of reassurance and love from the medical team, who applied the topical treatment to her skin. The little puppy would need regular dermatological baths. Fortunately in these cases, landlords allowed for both mother and baby to stay at the rescue center during recovery period.


Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video


After some time, the dogs were settled in enough to have their first meal. Momma and Coco weren’t used to being confined or interacting with humans at this capacity, but the volunteer knelt down and had only the best intentions – feeding them a delicious bowl of food. The feelings of warmth throughout the room – particularly among the volunteers – hit their high point when the dogs began eating it.


Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video


Even though the dogs were safe, they were in a strange environment. Coco so tiny and so fragile, snuggled up to her mom every chance she got. She was only able to sleep tucked into her mother’s body. It was a beautiful thing to see. Their bond was so obvious and so pure.


Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video


After a couple of weeks of diligent treatment, Coco and her mom improved drastically. Coco even had the energy to play and it drove Momma a little crazy. The cutest thing happened next and the volunteers were in awe. Coco watched her mom carefully and imitated everything she did. If Momma scratched her ear, so did Coco. If Momma sat down to scratch, so did Coco. Coco didn’t take her eyes off of her mother and it was utterly adorable.


Image Source Credit: Animal Aid – YouTube Video


Special thanks to the wonderful work that Animal Aid performs for animals in need! Be sure to watch their video below.

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Kind-Hearted Officer Pulls All-Nighter To Protect The Neglected Stray Puppy He Rescued

Rescuing a stray puppy may not be a police officer‘s job, but some kind-hearted officers don’t do it for the job. Some genuinely want to help the little ones who can’t help themselves. Officer Kareem Garibaldi of the Lakeland Police Department in Florida is one of those wonderful people. Officer Garibaldi worked an early morning shift one Saturday in May 2016. As he drove his patrol car, he nearly ran into a small Pit/Boxer mix puppy. The 8-to-10-week old pup … Read more

Biker Sees “Chewed Up” Crate In Rural Wilderness, His Heart Sunk As He Opened It

There is a lot of cruelty in this world and even though this story starts off in a sad manner, we PROMISE that you’ll be CHEERING by the end of watching the video! Please be sure to ‘SHARE‘ it with a friend or family member because you will make their day and restore faith that there are so many caring people still in this world.   Bret Winingar and his son Zach were riding their dirt bikes along the rural … Read more

Owner Brings Puppy To Be Euthanized For “Not Playing” But Rescuers Were Able To Intervene Quickly

Simba was discarded in Cape Town, South Africa because he wasn’t like all the other “normal” dogs. For a long time, Simba had been sick and sad, according to zenoonee. Simba wouldn’t be very energetic or joyful; this was why his former owners chose to abandon him. He was discovered by a rescue team and brought to their shelter. The staff and veterinarian were shocked when they saw the dog in this condition. How can someone just drop a being … Read more

Blind Baby Shaking From Hunger Roamed Back & Forth As They All Passed Her By

We absolutely love rescue stories and this is another one that will warm your heart! This poor little pup is blind and out on the road and woods all alone. That is when AnimalSTEP came to the rescue!     Image/Story Source Credit: AnimalSTEP via YouTube Video       We’re not sure how many people walked past this poor little one and kept going. How many of them had the chance to rescue her but didn’t? She was stranded … Read more

Mom Turned Back To Get 1 Last Look At Her Babies And Wished Them A ‘Happy Life’

People still come and go without noticing the stray dogs, but some individuals are trying to change that. One woman came back for more water not long after finding two of the most beautiful puppies, setting off a chain reaction she never expected.

Mama dog had spent her whole life on the streets. Sure, she struggled but she had no desire to change her fate. She took excellent care of her pups and led them to a shaded area where kind humans would find them.


Image Story/Source Credit: Love Furry Friends-Rescue Channel


Mama knew the moment she turned back to get one last look at her dog, she was doing the right thing; Her sacrifice will never be forgotten. After seeing her dogs picked up by rescuers, Mama wandered away.


Image Story/Source Credit: Love Furry Friends-Rescue Channel


The puppies are happy to see these kind humans who happen to have food and water. They wag their tails and say hello. In preparation for taking them to the vet clinic, they need a flea bath!


Image Story/Source Credit: Love Furry Friends-Rescue Channel


The rescuers and vet staff are very happy with the puppies’ condition. Mom took excellent care of them both. Their weight is good, their coats are shiny. And they are really happy little boys! The rescuers and staff post lots of photos on their social media pages.


Image Story/Source Credit: Love Furry Friends-Rescue Channel


If you thought that was good, check out the video below of the rescue group going back to try and find mom so they can help her, too. A mother’s love is a powerful thing for sure.


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Wary Stray Moved Into Foster Home, He’s Scared To Budge Till He Met New Friend:


For a dog named Boomer, life looked quite bleak. He was badly injured and living on the streets. His days were numbered but thankfully he was found in time wandering on a highway.


But once Boomer was rescued, there were still many challenges ahead of him. Challenges he’d no longer face on his own. The rescue organization, Hopalong Animal Rescue, reached out to Thom hoping he could foster Boomer. Boomer would need a lot of TLC and Thom was thankfully willing to give him a chance.

When he came home with Thom, he was so wary of humans. He wasn’t sure what to make of being inside a house. Everything was so foreign to him.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube video


His life on the streets and eye injury really wore him out and all he did was sleep for the first few days. Thom never left his side.

He’d wake up and Thom would change his eye bandages and then Boomer would go back to sleep. The poor dog was on ten different medications which made him even more exhausted.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube video


Thom’s dog Ruby would continuously check on Boomer. She wanted him to get better as well. Thom was confident that Ruby would help Boomer come out of his shell.

The first time they met, and Boomer was actually awake, he had an instant crush on Ruby. It was adorable!


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube video


But Ruby didn’t really feel the same way. She let Boomer sniff her and would then run away. She spent days keeping her distance, unsure of what to make of this new dog in her home.

Finally, something magical happened. Boomer came over to Ruby with a toy and she actually took the other end. This was a huge deal and the beginning of something beautiful!


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube video


Ruby and Boomer bonded over playtime. They were constantly playing tug-of-war and running about. Their bond, which started slowly, only got stronger.

Before long they were doing everything together. They’d sunbathe on the same bed, go for rides together, and hike side by side. And of course, cuddle.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube video



This friendship gave Boomer the confidence and security he so badly needed. The dog could finally let his true personality shine.

As Thom watched this amazing transformation, and Boomer walked with his head held up high, he knew that their job was complete. It was now time for Boomer to find him forever home.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube video



To see how the story turns out, and to see Ruby and Boomer’s adorable bond, check out the video below. We are so grateful for fosters! Dogs like Boomer need an environment that feels like home.

Shelters, which are usually filled to capacity, cannot offer what foster homes can. If you can find it in your heart to foster a pet, please contact your local rescue groups and shelters.


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Wary Stray Moved Into Foster Home, He’s Scared To Budge Till He Met New Friend

For a dog named Boomer, life looked quite bleak. He was badly injured and living on the streets. His days were numbered but thankfully he was found in time wandering on a highway. But once Boomer was rescued, there were still many challenges ahead of him. Challenges he’d no longer face on his own. The rescue organization, Hopalong Animal Rescue, reached out to Thom hoping he could foster Boomer. Boomer would need a lot of TLC and Thom was thankfully … Read more

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