UPDATE: “Demonic” Chihuahua Helped His New Mom Overcome Trauma

Demonic Chihuahua Update

In April 2021, the most brutally honest adoption description led to Prancer the “demonic” Chihuahua finding a forever home. Somehow, calling the dog a “Chucky doll in a dog’s body” led to Prancer getting an overwhelming amount of applications. Eventually, it even brought him to his perfect family. Now, months later, Prancer’s new mom can’t help but gush about how much she loves him. While he might be a “haunted Victorian child” around other humans and dogs, he’s loving and … Read more

This Sweet Three-Legged Dog Can Barely Contain Herself When Her Soldier Returns From Combat

Any dog owner has experienced the joy of being greeted at the front door after a day out of the house…or, if we’re being honest, after a 30-minute trip running errands, or even a quick jog around the block. No matter how much time actually passes, our fur babies love to excitedly remind us how much they’ve missed us, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. When the time spent apart is more significant, though, as it is for … Read more

Senior “Campus Dog” Lives To See A Statue Erected In His Honor

A handful of years ago, a black Lab mix wandered onto the campus of Northeast Alabama Community College and decided to make it his home. The lucky dog was lovingly embraced by faculty and students, especially NACC President Dr. David Campbell. His name was Roscoe, and he spent the best years of his life lounging in Campbell’s air-conditioned office, wading in the NACC fountain, and patrolling with the campus police. The unofficial campus mascot passed away this week at the … Read more

Mom Surprises Daughters By Secretly Rescuing The Dog They Fell In Love With

Rosie, a one-year-old Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix, was brought to a Georgia shelter after her parents got divorced. The young mother couldn’t afford to move with both her children and the dogs. When surrendered, Rosie was healthy and trained, but being at a kill shelter during the holidays meant a chance she may not make it out alive. Not long afterwards, Toni, a mother of two girls, was searching for dogs online. Her children got a peek of Rosie’s ad, … Read more

Man Returned His Dog To The Shelter For Being “Too Affectionate”

A guy took his dog to the shelter because she was too “affectionate” and that she “always wants to be by my side.” A bystander photographed Jubilee after hearing the conversation, but it would change her life dramatically. To be honest, there were a few additional factors behind bringing her back; the owner claimed his couch, baseboard, and cushion had been chewed by her.   Image/Story Source Credit: b/60 and Jubilee The Rescue Dog on Facebook via YouTube Video   … Read more

Lonely Street Dog Tried Following People Home, But They’d ‘Kick’ Him

Scribble was discovered on the streets of Manenberg in South Africa, where the stray dog population is exploding. This adorable guy would try to follow people home as a different way to stand out from the crowd. It was his only approach to get someone’s attention and he longed for a family more than anything.     Image/Story Source Credit: Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video       Some individuals, however, did not care for the notion of turning around … Read more

“Drugged-Up” Puppy Rescued From Motel Drug Bust Sees His Officer Again

Officer Laurich was on duty for a drug bust at a California motel when he rescued a puppy from the most heart-wrenching case of abuse the police station had ever seen. The poor thing had drugs in his system and required immediate assistance. Later, they would be reunited, and Bubba has the greatest reaction when he recognizes his hero!     Image/Story Source Credit: Tustin Police Department/ Video story Facebook       “We have received many requests asking about … Read more

Breeder Dumps Husky At Shelter Because Of “Weird Eyes” And Can’t Sell Her

When Jubilee the Siberian Husky was born, she didn’t look much like her other siblings. Her breeder thought that Jubilee’s eyes were abnormal and chose not to keep her. The beloved 4-year-old pooch was surrendered to the Matawan, New Jersey Husky House rescue center. Because of her unusual appearance, the dog’s health is unaffected by her looks.     Image/Story Source Credit:  Husky House/Facebook     The kind folks at Husky House welcomed the beautiful girl with open arms. After … Read more

Stranger Pays For Dog’s Vet Bills To Save Her Life

Vet Bills Paid Featured

After a year of grief, Teresa Boeklem couldn’t handle any more bad news. Not only did she have a miscarriage, but her dad died of COVID, her mom died of cancer, and her aunt passed away not long after. So, when she came home to find her 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Chloe unresponsive, she panicked. Chloe had comforted her through every heartbreaking moment during the pandemic. Without her, Boeklem didn’t know what to do. She felt like giving … Read more

Man Who Couldn’t Fit A Bed And His Dog In Apartment Gets Rid Of The Bed

Note: The names of the subject and his dog have been changed for confidentiality reasons. Marcus and his dog Pickles survived being homeless together. The pair had spent much of their lives on the notorious streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles. About the only thing they couldn’t survive was being apart. So when Marcus finally found affordable housing in the area, he insisted on bringing his best friend, the dog he had met on the streets, with him. It didn’t matter … Read more

Man Has Sickening Excuse For Leaving His Dog To Drown On A Massachusetts Beach

When Massachusetts beachgoers discovered that a dog had not only been abandoned, but that he was inescapably tied to a metal rod on a dangerous part of the beach, they weren’t sure what to think. What they did know was that this poor Pit Bull was in need of immediate rescue. Thanks to their kindness, the pup, once left for dead, has now found the family of his dreams. To be abandoned is one form of atrocious abuse, but then … Read more

Mama Dog Who Lost Her Litter Is A Miracle For Ten Orphaned Puppies

When Lexi Johnson, a volunteer foster for Ruff Start Rescue, was presented with the opportunity to take in pregnant pup Poppy, she was thrilled. As a dog lover, and as someone who studied animal behavior, she had always wanted to foster a pregnant mama dog. Her heart was bursting, and she excitedly shared the news with her friends and family. Then, about one week after she came to live with Lexi, the beautiful Lab Mix birthed ten healthy puppies. Lexi … Read more

Selfless Man Drives Over 1,000 Miles To Reunite A Terminally Ill Woman With Her Dog

Bailey's journey

A Wisconsin woman’s life was uprooted when she discovered she was terminally ill, and that she and her pup would need to relocate to a friend’s house across the country for help during her last days. What already seemed like a nightmare was made even more heartbreaking once the airlines turned her dog away. The staff at the airline explained to the distraught woman that because of her dog’s “smooshed face”, he would not be able to fly along with … Read more

Lost For 3-Yrs, He Howls With ‘Joy’ When He Sees His Dad Standing In Front Of Him

Jack, Mike’s dog, went missing three years ago, but he never lost hope of seeing him again. He spent every free moment looking for him and posting ads. Although he remained optimistic, the time without Jack was difficult to endure. Please be sure to WATCH this wonderful and heartwarming video all the way until the end! It’ll warm your heart!     Image/Story Source Credit: USA Today via YouTube Video     “Ever since I lost him, I haven’t been … Read more

Family Brings Dog To Be Euthanized Because They “Don’t Want To Care For Her Anymore”

Old Dogs Home is a large, rural home with 11 acres on which resides 35-year-old Melissa in Conyers, Georgia. When she started a rescue called Old Dog Home to help her fulfill her dream of rescuing old dogs in need of some TLC, she never could have imagined how much the organization would grow.   “For the dogs that come to us and can be rehabilitated and adopted out, we’re going to do so. We’ll do everything we can to … Read more

No One Wanted This ‘Grumpy Old Man’ But Then Someone Treated Him Like A King

We love all dogs here at IHeartDogs… from pups all the way through senior dogs. They touch our hearts no matter what the age. Well, you’re about to meet a dog that they called the “grumpy old man“. He will touch your heart and make you SMILE! Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end below.       Image/Story Source Credit: GeoBeats Animals via YouTube Video         A guy went to the … Read more

Biker With A Heart Of Gold Adopts 18-Year-Old Shelter Dog

Julep’s story is all too common. The senior Pit Bull-type dog found herself in the care of Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) in Washington D.C. at the end of February when her elderly owner passed away. What set Julep apart – and made rescue workers frightened for her future – was the fact that the white-faced gal is 18-years-old, the eldest dog to enter the HRA shelter in recent memory. The staff were understandably concerned that no one would be willing … Read more

Recently Adopted Shelter Dog Waits With ‘Excitement’ For Her Owner To Return Home

If there is one thing we love… it’s when we see dogs greeting their mom or dad when coming home! This story is extra special, so, be sure to WATCH the video all the way to the end,  you will not regret it! ❤️     Image/Story Source Credit: Tails of A Shelter Vet via YouTube Video       This adorable girl was rescued and taken to a new home where she may call her own. And, as seen … Read more

Pit Bull Sobs Like A ‘Baby’ After Mom’s Death And Begs UPS Driver To Give Him A Home

We absolutely love reading stories about delivery drivers and dogs they meet along the way. This story is extra special. Meet Katie Newhouser and Leo, this is their story!   Katie Newhouser has worked as a UPS delivery person for 15 years. She enjoys giving snacks and hugs to the dogs on her route. That’s how she met Leo, a kind Pit Bull, and his mother Tina Rummel, who lived in one of her delivery areas.   This story is … Read more

Family Adopts Foster Dog Even When Vet ‘Cautioned’ That He’s Mentally Challenged

Stanley’s personality was evident from the start, and it was certainly different. However, this was something a little unusual, and the quirks were a little concerning. Stanley’s parents adopted him but began to worry about their dog shortly thereafter. Stanley, a Golden Retriever, was quite friendly, loving, and physically healthy; however , there seemed to be much more to his tale.   Stanley was rescued from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida and was already known to be a bit … Read more

Veteran Tearfully Reunited With Dogs He Had To Say Goodbye To

The effects of war are no secret. Many veterans are living with the physical and mental anguish brought on by their time spent defending freedom. For a lot of veterans, dogs seem to be one of the best remedies to help ease their transition to civilian life. “Just from going from a war zone to a civilian life and coming back, you feel totally isolated. You feel totally alone. You feel cut off from everything. My dogs were the only … Read more

Rescued From A Life Of Horror, This Dog Now Explores The World With Her Best Friend

As the Editor of iHeartDogs, I come across so many stories that make me feel something inside. Sometimes they are sweet, other times tragic, but when you find a story with a beautiful and happy ending that brings you to tears, it touches your soul. The story of Penni the dog is one of those stories. Penni is one of those dogs that you see in pictures and know that she is loved. But it wasn’t always this way for … Read more

His Heart ‘Ached’ So Much After Family Dumped Him, Shuts Himself Down And Cried All Day

Ritter, a 4-yr-old American Bulldog from Indiana, was just surrendered to the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana following devastating events that had befallen his family. They gave up Ritter as a result of bad circumstances that had beset his household. Meet Ritter, this is his story!   Image/Story Source Credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)/Facebook     Ritter’s home, as seen in this photograph distributed by the shelter, has been significantly harmed by this construction. He misses … Read more

Family Dumps Their “Ugly Dog”, Doctors Transformed Him With A ‘Life-Altering’ Surgery

This is the story of a dog, Bjarni, who was rescued from a difficult home with a disfigured face. Despite being ignored by passersby at first, those who one who found this dog’s story saw it as a worthy cause to support. There seems to be no immediate danger to the dog as he is cared for in a foster family before being adopted out into his forever home.     Image Credit: Facebook/St. Francis’ Angels     Bjarni had … Read more

Sweet Cat Becomes Mother To Puppies After Losing All Her Own Kittens

In Melbourne, Australia, a loveable cat puts her motherly instincts to good use by co-parenting a litter of Cavalier King Charles/Poodle puppies. This breed of pups is fondly referred to as the Cavadoodle. The sweet-hearted grey Bengal kitty named Medina has taken on the challenges of puppy parenting following the devastating loss of her own litter. Medina and her litter of adorable golden puppies were first discovered via a series of TikTok videos posted by her owner Chanelle. These videos … Read more

‘Heartbroken’ Dog Doesn’t Understand Why His Family Is Leaving Him At The Shelter

Moses the Pit Bull was ecstatic when he was finally adopted into a loving family in California last year. He was his family’s greatest “good boy,” and they were a fantastic team. However, owing to financial hardship, the family was compelled to relocate to an inexpensive location that did not allow pets.     Image/Story Source Credit: Nancy Klein via Facebook Watch Video     In this video from Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, we see Moses clutching to … Read more

Military K-9 Steps Off Elevator & Sees His Handler For First Time In 3-Years

Sgt. Joe Stasio and K-9 Enzo served together in the Marines for over a year. For seven months, they were side by side in Kuwait, training back in the United States. The two of them last saw each other in January 2017, but now that Enzo is eight years old and retiring, Stasio was able to adopt him thanks to Mission K9 Rescue.     Image/Story Source Credit: WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY via YouTube Video       Although … Read more

Sweetest Dog Who Was Set On Fire To Receive Hero Animal Award

The road to recovery has been a long one for Buddy the Labrador Retriever mix.  Buddy is getting a new lease on life after being intentionally set on fire by a 12-year-old boy while living on the streets as a stray. No one knows why the child decided to do this — but it resulted in terrible wounds and pain for the poor dog, who was found wandering the streets of Mississippi on April 22 with an extension cord wrapped … Read more

Homeless Cat Comforts Abandoned Dog Until They Are Both Rescued

Cat comfort

The love and loyalty of a pet is incredible to experience. Once a dog chooses you, that’s it, you’ve been claimed. You become their everything. But, why does this happen?  Well, dogs are naturally pack animals who favor the company of others. Many experts believe that this pack mentality, coupled with a survival instinct, is why dogs remain so loyal to their human companions. They bond deeply with their caretakers, and view you as their pack. Dogs are even well … Read more

UPDATE: Frenchie Given Only Weeks To Live Hangs On To See Her Best Friend Get Married

Updated March 2022 Dogs are incredible characters. Almost without exception, they have this amazingly upbeat spirit that lights up any room, brings smiles to our faces, and can turn our whole lives around. Even some of those that suffer the most horrific abuse and neglect come out of it ready to forgive with little hesitation. Dogs are pure love. And when given love, they can accomplish big, big things. Kardi is one such dog who has taken the love she … Read more