80-Year-Old Gravestone Honors Dog Who “Died A Gentleman”

There’s no concept that feels as timeless as a human’s love for their dogs. They’re members of the family, so we tend to apply many of our human traditions to them: birthday celebrations, Halloween costumes, and ultimately funeral or memorial ceremonies. In many cultures, traditional burial rites involve dedicating a headstone in honor of the person lost. So naturally, people often remember their lost pets the same way. That doesn’t seem to have changed much at all over the last … Read more

Young Cancer Patient Spreads “Pawsitive” Message To Animal Shelters Across The U.S.

Avery and donations

When you’re truly passionate about something, you won’t let anything hold you back from accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams. This certainly can be said about 14-year-old Avery Sontheimer from Northwestern Pennsylvania. She absolutely adores animals and has made it her mission to help as many as possible.  “She’s always been an animal lover,” says Avery’s mom, Kim. “She wants to save them all.” That’s especially obvious by the fact that she has welcomed six rescue cats into her … Read more

Virginia Animal Shelter Receives Hefty Surprise Grant

Over the years, Angels of Assisi in Roanoke, Virginia has helped over 10,000 homeless animals find their forever homes. Now, they’re getting some major help in return.  Announced Monday, the nonprofit animal shelter has been awarded a hefty $500,000 grant from the Petco Love Foundation. The funds will help the shelter create a new building in Roanoke, which is estimated to cost about $3 million.  The team couldn’t be any more grateful for the money, as it will help more … Read more

Therapy Dog Has Helped Thousands During Pandemic, Earned Prestigious Award

We know that dogs bring healing to people who are suffering from both physical and psychological pain. They’re in our homes, our neighborhoods, sometimes in our schools, and occasionally even in offices! In England, there’s one dog that’s been helping thousands of people heal throughout the pandemic. Meet Max. He’s a Springer Spaniel mix that got his start as a therapy dog helping his dad, Kerry Irving. Irving is a locksmith that endured life-changing injuries after being rear-ended by a … Read more

Family Creates Bed On Wheels For Elderly Dog’s Adventures

Mobile dog bed

As dogs age, a lot can change in their personalities and abilities. They might slow down and prefer a good nap over a game of fetch, which is okay! But just because a dog is a senior doesn’t mean they want to miss out on adventures. Cocoa the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was once full of energy, but at age 16, she found walking difficult. Yet, she loved going on adventures in Virginia Beach. So, her family found a way to … Read more

Children’s Hospital Gets A Dog to Comfort Their Patients

Brea Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital Dog

We all know there’s hardly a better treatment for a cold than a snuggly pooch who’s picking up on you feeling down. So we’re hoping that dogs like Brea, a 2-year-old Yellow Labrador, bouncing down the halls of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Fla., become a common occurrence at other hospitals. Puppy Love for the Sick Brea is the hospital’s first facility dog. Leah Frohnerath, a child life specialist at the hospital, is Brea’s handler. Brea … Read more

Working Dog Program Helps Farmers Overcome Mental Health Hurdles

When farmer Kelly Barnes had to give up physical labor due to chronic pain from fibromyalgia, she was left feeling hopeless and isolated.  That was until she realized how much her Kelpie dog, Dugald, would be there by her side to help her battle through her mental health struggles. Now, Barnes is helping farmers throughout Victoria, Australia pair up with working dogs who will help them do the same thing through Dunkeld’s Working Dog Training School.  “Going through this experience … Read more

Protective Pit Bull Safeguards Stray Cat As She Gives Birth In His Doghouse

Hades and Nicol

When we think of unlikely friendships, the combination of cats and dogs is often at the top of our list. But that didn’t matter to a Pitbull named Hades and the stray cat he protected, befriended, and then welcomed into his family.  This heartwarming story started when Juan José P. Flores, dog dad of Hades, noticed frequent visits from a stray Calico cat. Despite his inability to get close to her, Flores was concerned she may not be getting enough … Read more

After Spending 667 Days At The Shelter, Melvin Finally Found His Forever Home

melvin cover

A deserving pup that spent almost two years at the shelter has finally found a forever home. Melvin had to celebrate one birthday behind shelter walls, but he will be celebrating his next one with an incredible family. The 3-year-old Pit Bull spent 667 days at SPCA LA. After being found wandering the streets by the Long Beach Animal Care Service, he began a two-year waiting game. Melvin was deeply loved by the staff from the second he walked through … Read more

Dog Arrested For “Attempted Unicorn Theft” Finds His Forever Home

Sisu cuddling unicorn

Throughout our lives, we are often encouraged to “chase our dreams.” Well, one-year-old Sisu, a lab-mix from eastern North Carolina, did exactly this. Only, instead of having predictable puppy dreams of dog bones and tennis balls, this determined dog dreamed of taking home a very specific stuffed purple unicorn from Dollar General.  On Sunday, March 21st, Animal Control received a call about a stray dog that kept entering a Dollar General as customers exited. Once inside the store, single-minded Sisu headed … Read more

Boy Has Cutest Reaction When His Lost Pit Bull Returns Home

Lost Pit Bull Reunion

There’s no bond like that between a boy and his dog. But what happens if that beloved dog goes missing? Most families say confidently that their dog will never run off, but it happens much more than we realize. A family in Polk County, Florida was devastated when their gray Pit Bull named Bruiser disappeared. They tried everything they could to lure him home, but nothing worked. Just when they were about to lose hope, they got the news they’d … Read more

Deaf And Blind Rescue Dog Knows Exactly When Mom Comes Home

One-year-old Pearl may not be able to see or hear her owner, but that doesn’t stop her from knowing exactly where she is. Born with a condition called “double merle,” Pearl has had to navigate the world a little differently than the average rescue dog. She’s blind and deaf, but thanks to the right kind of training and a loving owner, she’s learned to overcome her disabilities. Pearl lives in Hawaii with her owner Lauren and three other rescue dogs, … Read more

Veterinarian Welcomes Stolen Yorkie Home After 13 Long Years

13 years ago, a teen and his mom witnessed something they’d never forget. Their Yorkie named Connor was in their front yard when a red pickup truck pulled up and snatched the pup as they watched. The teenager yelled for the truck to stop, but the vehicle drove off with Connor inside. Karen Fox and her son hopped in their car and sped after the truck. But despite their best efforts, they lost sight of the truck, and Connor was … Read more

Little Girl With Rare Blood Disorder Gifted Service Dog That Could Save Her Life

The start of the coronavirus pandemic was hard on everyone, but some were worse off than others. While the world panicked about the spreading virus, an 8-year-old girl was also diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. Young Mia Vane has been unable to return to school since then as doctors continue to find ways to help her. But like all kids, she knows there’s one cure to every disease: a dog! Dogs make everything better, which is why Mia was … Read more

UPDATE: Ethan The Formerly Malnourished Dog Gets Adoption Celebration

Ethan forever family

In late January 2021, a family found a large dog named Ethan alone in a parking lot. He was severely malnourished, weighing less than half of what he should. The pup was so ill and motionless that vets didn’t even know if he was alive at first. But after weeks of consistent care and love, Ethan gained weight and sprang to life. He became a social media star along the way, with many dog lovers cheering him on. Now, Ethan … Read more

Before And After: 17 Beautiful Rescue Dogs’ Transformations

Living in an animal shelter can really take a toll on a dog. Strolling down the aisles of crates and kennels, the stress comes across on their sad little faces. It’s why dogs are so great at showing us how thankful they are when we save them. These before-and-after shots beautifully illustrate the transformations rescue dogs undergo when they’re brought home forever. If these beyond heartwarming photos don’t convince you to #AdoptDontShop, I can’t imagine what will: 1. From Cellmates … Read more

Puppy With 6 Legs And Extra Organs Is Thriving Despite All Odds

Skipper acts just like your average puppy, but the newborn canine doesn’t look the way you’d expect. That’s because the 11-ounce Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix has six legs! Not only that, but she also has two tails and some duplicate organs. Most puppies in these situations don’t survive, but Skipper isn’t one to follow the crowd. Thanks to the help of supportive veterinarians, Skipper is thriving despite her conditions. All her legs seem to be functioning properly, and vets are … Read more

Abused Senior Finally Finds Her Forever Home After 10 Years In A Shelter

Abused Pit Bull

In 2011, a man named Ernie Moss witnessed a horrifying scene. While walking his dogs, he came across an object shaking in a ditch. When he got closer, he realized it was a Pit Bull in critical condition. She seemed to have been beaten. Her mouth was bound with electrical tape and her legs were tied together. Moss struggled to free the pup as he told his wife to call for help. Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) rushed to save … Read more

Miracle Dog Survives 4 Days On Frigid River After Coyote Chase

Detroit Miracle Dog

A 1-year-old dog named Alfonso by rescuers has defied all odds. This “miracle dog” reportedly spent four days on the frigid Detroit River after being chased by coyotes. Officials found him in critical condition and rushed him to a vet for immediate care. Alfonso suffered from multiple severe injuries, but he is refusing to give up. He has received an immense amount of support and donations, which only encourage him to fight harder. Every day, this brave little pup shows … Read more

Death Row Puppy Is Chosen To Play Superboy’s Sidekick On HBO Max

At five months old, a white and tan puppy named Pepsi was found abandoned in the snow. Sadly, the local shelter near Leavenworth, Kansas was overcrowded, meaning Pepsi would be at risk of euthanasia. He was way too young for his life to end that way, but he didn’t know what else to do. Then, animal trainer Melissa Millett came to the rescue. She’s famous for training dogs for acting roles, both for TV and movies. She had the perfect … Read more

Stray Dog Who Lost Leg In A Trap Is Flooded With Adoption Applications

Vision Leg Amputation

Veterinarians first thought that 1-year-old Vision, the stray dog, couldn’t be saved. Animal control found him emaciated and missing part of his back leg in Michigan. But despite everything, he was overly friendly and affectionate. He hid his pain well, so rescue staff agreed that he deserved a fighting chance. With the help of hopeful vets, Vision was rushed to emergency care, where he had his leg fully amputated. It was a lot for a young dog to process, but … Read more

Rescue Dog Couple Ties The Knot To Support Heartworm Survivors

Rescue Dog Wedding

Rescue dogs Sassy and Spero live together with a loving family. Both are heartworm survivors, which means they had to go through a long, pricey treatment to get where they are today. Luckily, the two pups are now happier than ever. When Sassy was adopted with heartworm, Spero was there to comfort her every step of the way. Some might say the bond they share is an example of true love. Now, Sassy and Spero want to help other dogs … Read more

UPDATE: Puppy Celebrates Every Day In Honor Of Brother He Never Met

Nico and Khyber Update

At the end of 2019, photographer Brendan Wiltse and his partner Shelly said goodbye to their beloved rescue dog, Khyber. Khyber was diagnosed with cancer, given only a few days to live. Yet, instead of wallowing in sorrow, the couple chose to look at the bright side. They lived every remaining day to the fullest and documented Khyber’s “bonus days” on Facebook. Khyber got 87 bonus days with his family, and each one was special. Now, a new rescue dog … Read more

Dog Found Guarding His Deceased Owner In The Snow Finds A Loving New Home

Last month, 69-year-old David Deshon was reported missing by his daughter Shona. Two days later, Placer County, CA sheriff’s deputies discovered his body in the snow. It is a heartbreaking end to a valiant rescue effort, but Deshon’s loved ones take comfort in knowing he was not alone in his final moments. Deshon’s beloved dogs, 10-year-old Buddy, and 5-year-old Baby Dog remained by his side throughout the entire ordeal. Even after their master passed, Baby Dog refused to abandon him, … Read more

Chihuahua Amputee Gets Adopted By The Vet Who Saved Him

Chihuahua amputee and vet

It was love at first sight for an injured Chihuahua mix and the vet who saved his life. The pup named Jim suffered from a fractured pelvis, but despite having a leg amputated, he was happy and loving. Dr. Sue Lynch admired his bravery and positive attitude, so she knew she couldn’t let him go. After fostering him during his recovery, she chose to make him a permanent family member. Now, not only did he survive this scary situation, but … Read more

After 11 Years In A Shelter, Senior Dog Finally Finds Her Happy Ending

Wiggles Shelter Dog

11 years is a long time for anyone. But it’s especially lengthy for a dog, considering that many canines don’t even live that long. But after 11 long, patient years, a Pit Bull mix named Wiggles is finally getting a fresh start to life. The 14-year-old dog spent 11 lonely years in a shelter, waiting for a forever family. But her age and health problems made humans overlook her for practically her whole life. To Wiggles, age is just a … Read more

Police Officer Welcomes Rescued Pittie Puppy Into His Family

As a police officer on patrol, your duty is to serve and protect your community. Occasionally, that includes local canines in need too. Police officers frequently help stray or injured animals and recover lost pets when they can. Lucky for one lone puppy in New Jersey, patrol cars came his way when he needed them. On January 2nd, Mount Laurel Police Department officers found the small gray and white Pit Bull puppy wandering alone in an industrial area. The little … Read more

How A Sassy, Abandoned Shih-Tzu Inspired One Woman To Foster And Adopt Senior Dogs

When I was in college, I began working at a busy animal hospital as a veterinary assistant. As much as I adore dogs, I didn’t think it was fair to adopt one with my crazy schedule of classes, work, and friends—until the day I met Brandy. It was a typical afternoon when I noticed a group of staff clustered around one of the exam room doors. The veterinarian inside was speaking to a man about his dogs, and from the … Read more

Faithful Dog Waits Outside Her Human’s Hospital For 6 Days

Dog waits at hospital

Even when we tell our dogs that everything will be okay, they don’t always understand. Being away from their loved ones is stressful, and it sometimes feels like the worst situation in the world. So, when Cemal Senturk was taken to a hospital in Turkey, he wanted to tell his dog that he would be back. But she didn’t understand why he was leaving her. The loyal dog waited outside the hospital for 6 days, hoping her human would come … Read more

Puppy Mill Survivor Led Me To A Life Of Helping Dogs

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a dedicated dog lover and a passionate rescue dog advocate. I even made a career out of writing about dogs and encouraging others to adopt. But this passion didn’t just appear out of thin air. It isn’t something I was born with. Everyone’s love for rescue dogs starts somewhere, and my passion began thanks to a tiny puppy mill survivor named Zoe. Unlike most of the other dog bloggers out there, I didn’t … Read more