Man Jumps Into Frigid River To Rescue Dog After Sudden Car Accident

Man saves dog from river

As Andrew Grosky and his dad Kevin Grosky drove down a Connecticut road, they witnessed a shocking event. They saw a small dog get hit by a car, then run off into the woods and toward a freezing river. Andrew didn’t think twice before jumping into action. Several people rushed to see if the dog was okay, but Andrew was the one who took it a step further. He jumped into the chilly stream after the dog, ignoring his own … Read more

UPDATE: Tula The Maremma Dies After 8 Years Protecting Penguins From Extinction

Since 2006, Maremma dogs have been protecting the vulnerable penguins on Warrnambool’s Middle Island in Victoria, Australia. The specially skilled dogs prevent foxes from decimating the penguin population. The incredible work these dogs do was even the subject of a 2015 film ‘Oddball.’ After eight seasons on the island defending the birds, the penguin program’s “matriarch” Tula, who largely inspired the movie, sadly passed away at age 13 at the end of October, 2021. Dr. Trish Corbett, a Middle Island … Read more

Watch A Fearless Police Pup Detain A Dangerous Driver

PD Luna Featured

Just like how not every human is suited to be a police officer, not every dog is fit to be a police pup. It takes a specific temperament and disposition to make a great k-9. Or a specifically trained dog that assists law-enforcement personnel. It is incredibly important that a k-9 master the proper skills, as they often find themselves facing danger head-on from the front lines. PD Luna, a beautiful five-year-old Belgian Malinois, has exactly what it takes to apprehend … Read more

Curious Dog Drives Golf Cart Into Owner’s Truck, Then Casually Walks Away

Dog crashes golf cart

Lots of dogs have special talents, but does it count as a skill if it’s done by accident? A 10-year-old English Mastiff named Titan loves golf cart rides, but his humans aren’t always around to take him. So, one day, he decided to take matters into his own paws. While resting in the golf cart after a difficult day, he accidentally drove it. The golf cart ended up smashing into his human’s car, so he fled the scene to avoid … Read more

Heroic Dog Charges After Mountain Lion That Was Staring At His Human


Most dogs won’t hesitate if their humans are in danger, even if that means risking their own lives. Rocky, a 7-year-old Pit Bull mix, is called a hero after the lengths he went to when protecting his mom. Mary Padres spotted a massive mountain lion in her back yard, which sent her running inside screaming. Yet, she didn’t have time to grab her two dogs. Despite being the smaller dog, Rocky launched himself at the mountain lion without hesitation. He … Read more

Special Needs Dog Baffles Humans With His Selective Musical Taste

Studies show that dogs react to certain music. Most dogs seem to prefer soft rock and reggae, but Oscar the special needs dog’s music taste is much more complicated than that. Oscar was rescued from Thailand after he was found wandering the streets with his back legs paralyzed. Now, Oscar lives in the comfort of a loving home with two other rescue dogs. One of his favorite hobbies is listening to music, but he makes it clear which songs are … Read more

A Service Dog Changed Everything For A Drug-Dependent Veteran With PTSD

Through specialized training, service dogs are capable of amazing things. Most importantly, the stability they add to their handlers’ lives is virtually miraculous. The story of Navy Veteran Jason Howe and his service dog Sobee exemplifies this miracle. Years ago, Howe enjoyed many aspects of being in the military. It allowed him to see and experience new things, and it gave him “a purpose in life, structure.” It was after he left the Navy in 2007 that Howe’s life started … Read more

“Reverse Trick-Or-Treating” Has Kids Bring Goodies To Shelter Dogs

Sadly, the so-called “spooky season” has come to a close as the calendar now reads November. Luckily, these first few days of November are the ones where we get to reminisce (too soon) about the fun Halloween happenings of the year. One particularly sweet new tradition came about this year in Statesville, North Carolina. On Friday, October 29th, 2021, Iredell County Animal Services opened its doors to little monsters, superheroes, and princesses. I’m talking of course about human trick-or-treaters. The … Read more

Rottweiler & Panther Rescued From Siberian Zoo Are The Cutest BFFs

I love it when a cat and a dog are best friends. So, I guess I love it even more that a rescued black panther named Luna and her Rottweiler sibling are the closest of pals. This panther I speak of originally came from a Siberian zoo. She now belongs to a Russian woman named Victoria, who adopted her after the big cat’s mother rejected her. Victoria also has a Rottweiler named Venza, who immediately embraced his new panther sibling. … Read more

Elderly Service Dog Reunited With Family After Being Stolen At Walmart

Deborah Cyr spent the last week desperately searching for her beloved service dog, Emmy Lou. After having her stolen from their cart during a routine shopping trip, the heartbroken fur mom was pleading for help in searching for her fur baby. Deborah was initially introduced to Emmy when she was in search of a dedicated companion to help her with some of her medical ailments. She was then directed to an animal rescue that paired senior dogs with elderly individuals, … Read more

Delivery Man Saves Helpless Dog From Being Strangled By Elevator

Man saves dog from elevator

Dogs don’t understand elevators like humans do. So, if a dog approaches an elevator on their own, it’s likely that something terrible could happen. Luckily, in most cases, someone is there to save the dog in time, but it’s heartbreaking to imagine what would happen if no one was there. In a recent video, a small white dog wandered onto an elevator alone. When he hopped on, the elevator doors closed on his leash as the elevator began going down. … Read more

After 200 Days & One Billboard Campaign, Senior Shelter Dog Finally Finds A Home

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in animal rescue is seeing incredible dogs spend day after day in the shelter until they’ve been there for months (even years) without interest. So many loving dogs get passed over because they can’t show their best selves from inside a kennel. That was the sad predicament a senior dog named Cano found himself in. The 9-year-old was taken to Orange County Animal Services after he was found tied up behind an … Read more

Miracle Dog Falls 170 Feet Into Gorge, But Comes Out Unscathed

Locals are calling a Pit Bull/Boxer mix named Tyson a “doggone miracle.” He proved himself indestructible when he survived a situation that should have been fatal. The pup fell 170 feet into the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. While his human feared the worst, Tyson surprised everyone in the end. Somehow, Tyson left the gorge virtually unscathed, and it’s hard to comprehend how. The only explanation is that Tyson is a miracle, and he will do anything to stay by … Read more

Senior Pit Bull Abandoned At Vet Spends 200 Days Waiting For Love

Pit Bull Adopted After 200 Days

A 9-year-old Pit Bull mix named Cano had a rough past. Orange County Animal Services took him in after someone abandoned him outside a veterinary hospital. Adjusting to shelter life wasn’t easy for Cano because he was fearful and distrusting toward other dogs. Yet, his trauma didn’t stop him from falling in love with all the humans who cared for him. For 200 days, the shelter begged the public to help Cano find a home. But finding a family who … Read more

Heartwarming Time Lapse Shows Bulldog And Baby Growing Up Together

Girl grows up with Bulldog

Most kids adore dogs, especially if they grew up with a furry friend by their side. But some kids and dogs have bonds that are closer than the average companions, and they’re extra cute too! A little girl named Willow grew up with Peaches the Bulldog beside her every step of the way. Peaches is one of the most tolerant, easygoing dogs you’ll ever meet, and she loves to be with her human. Willow’s family recorded her interactions with Peaches … Read more

Dog’s Extravagant Birthday Party Saves Homeless Animals

Goldendoodle Special Birthday Party

Dogs deserve to be loved and cherished, so dog birthday parties are becoming increasingly popular. Many dog parents spend lots of money on things their dogs might not even notice, such as fancy decorations and billboards. However, a Goldendoodle named Dagny had an extravagant party that didn’t go over the top with spendings. Instead of going crazy with the decorations, his humans used the event to raise money for a good cause. Thanks to Dagny’s special birthday, many other dogs … Read more

K9 Officer Is Met With A Hero’s Welcome After Surviving A Bullet To The Head

When Chicago police alerted the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office to the sighting of a murder suspect on the run at a Bristol, Illinois, gas station, Deputy Terry Tifft and partner K9 Riggs were two of the responding officers. The suspect was driving the homicide victim’s vehicle, and when officers approached, he fled the car, brandishing a gun. Riggs went after him, tackling him to the ground before he reached the highway. But the suspect fired on Riggs, shooting him once … Read more

Officers Cut Through Wire Fence To Save Dog Trapped Inches From Highway

In addition to the daily struggle for basic survival, one of the biggest threats to a stray dog’s safety is fast-moving traffic. It’s not easy dodging heavy machinery traveling at 60 miles an hour. On October 20th in Arlington, Virginia, a bus driver spotted a dog trapped between two fences, mere inches from Interstate 396. The driver called animal control to report the dog’s precarious situation. Meanwhile, the poor dog stood terrified between the highway barrier and the chain-link fence … Read more

Pittie Tied With Barbed Wire & Left In A Dumpster Finally Knows Love

Used and abused as a bait dog, a 2-year-old Pit Bull was tied up with barbed wire and left to die in an Alabama dumpster. Eventually, he was found and placed in a shelter. Serendipitously, this boy with a rough start to life got noticed by the right person. Zye Tipton saw the Pittie at the shelter and decided he would be the perfect companion for his family, especially his grandmother, Edee Grun. At that time, Grun was dealing with … Read more

Heartlessly Abandoned By His Breeders, Somersaulting Dog Defies The Odds

When his breeders surrendered tiny, five-week-old Sampson to Good Sprout Rescue and Sanctuary, all odds were against him. Not only was he young enough that he should still be with his mother and siblings, but he was suffering from a severe brain infection. In fact, they weren’t even sure whether or not he would survive his first night in the hospital. “Sampson was surrendered to us by his breeders because he was not growing like the rest of his siblings … Read more

Newly-Adopted Rescue Dog Saves Owner From Fatal Mudslide

Most dog parents will agree that their furry friends have changed their lives for the better. But not many can say that their dog saved them from a near-death experience. Pierpaolo Paradisi had only recently adopted his dog Leo when a dangerous storm broke out in Vernazza, Italy. Amid the storm, Paradisi was only moments away from driving into a deadly landslide. However, Leo quickly stopped him in the most unusual way. If Paradisi hadn’t had his rescue dog by … Read more

Flight Attendants Break Protocol To Save French Bulldog’s Life

frenchie plane rescue

Two fur parents are thankful for the fast action of the flight attendants on their Jet Blue flight. When their beloved French Bulldog fell into respiratory distress, the plane crew jumped into action and offered her life-saving care. Michele and Steven Burt were on a Jet Blue flight to Worcester, Massachusetts with their 3-year-old Frenchie named Darcy. Darcy is a healthy pup with no underlying issues they were aware of, so the couple assumed she would be safe with them … Read more

Man Goes To Pier To Spread Grandmother’s Ashes & Ends Up Saving Drowning Dog

drowning dog rescue

A grieving grandson named Raden Soemawinata went to the Brighton Pier to scatter his late grandmother’s ashes. He planned to spend the afternoon honoring his loved one, but was instead offered an opportunity to save a treasured life. Raden set off to the pier in Melbourne, Australia to say goodbye to his dear grandmother. Just before he was about to head home after paying his respects, he witnessed a frantic dog owner in need of help. A tiny Maltese mix … Read more

Chilling Camera Footage Captures A “Ghost” Removing A Dog’s Collar

Ok, you’re reading this and probably thinking, a ghost took off a dog’s collar, whatever. Either you don’t believe in specters, or perhaps you feel there’s no way a ghost is going to mess around with a dog’s collar. But watch the video. It will change your mind. And once you see the end, you’ll be just as creeped out as the 10.5 million TikTok viewers who’ve already seen this chilling camera footage. As the video starts, the frame shows … Read more

Pit Bull Puppy Found Barely Alive In Tornado Rubble Now Saves Lives

Little Man the Pit Bull

Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City, suffered massive wreckage in 2013 when a tornado plowed past. Molly Gibb, a volunteer for the search and rescue team, helped scour the area for any signs of life. After five days of searching, the team found a Pit Bull puppy buried under the rubble. He was just barely alive, but volunteers had faith he’d survive. Gibb named the pup Little Man, and she adopted him when no one claimed him. He was clinging … Read more

Millions Rely On This Sassy Senior Pug To Predict How Their Day Will Go

Dad and Noodle

Every morning, the internet waits to find out what kind of day it’s going to be from a handsome senior pug named Noodle. Millions of online followers have fallen in love with the charming 13-year-old and eagerly anticipate his videos. His devoted fans view his posts to help them determine how their day will go. In a sense, Noodle is their daily horoscope provider.  They wait to find out whether it will be a “Bones Day” or a “No Bones … Read more

In Sweetest Meeting You’d Never Expect, Trusty Dog & Gentle Whale Shark Share A Kiss

Did you know whale sharks exist on a diet of plankton and small fish? With no teeth, these big fish are filter feeders and certainly not maneaters or dog eaters! As what National Geographic describes as a “docile fish,” whale sharks don’t even mind if a diver decides to hold on and catch a ride. Truly, any of us would be in good company if we ever got the chance to meet a whale shark. Listed as an endangered species, … Read more

Boaters Leap Into Water To Rescue Dog Swimming Alone In Middle Of Ocean

Some dogs love to swim, but they might not realize the consequences of taking an unattended dip in the ocean. Over-eager dogs get swept up by ocean currents and take ill-advised leaps off of boats more than you’d think. Case in point: a group of friends in Florida were out enjoying their boat when they saw a rather unusual sea creature. Somehow, a Jack Russell Terrier was swimming beside them, with no other boats in sight in the middle of … Read more

Great Dane Survives 60-Foot Fall & 48 Hours In The Wilderness

A Great Dane named Presley found herself in a desperate situation after straying away from her fur mom on a walk. Not only did she get lost in the forest near her home, but she fell down a 60-foot embankment in the process. Susan Clark and Presley go on daily walks in the forest surrounding their Oregon home. Presley is typically glued to Susan’s side during their outdoor endeavors, but something appeared to have distracted the 100-pound pup on their … Read more

Incredible Footage Shows Rescuers Drone-Dropping Food To Dogs Trapped By Lava

For nearly a month, the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands of Spain has been erupting, spewing hot lava across the area. The eruption, which started in September 2021, has destroyed over a thousand buildings and forced 6,000 residents to evacuate La Palma. Sadly, some had no choice but to leave their pets behind. La Palma is home to 83,000 people, and many of them have furry family members. Fortunately, dogs have better survival instincts than we do. Footage … Read more