Man Saves Beagle Tethered to a Tree During Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian pummeled the Bahamas and the eastern United States just last week. The storm caused damage spanning several states and caused catastrophic damage to the Bahamas. Residents up the east coast evacuated as Dorian’s strength continued to build and its path became more uncertain.

Humans Flee to Safety and Leave Their Dogs in Harm’s Way

People left their homes with their belongings and families in tow. A harsh reality is that many people choose to leave their fur babies behind. An alarming number of people have been reported to tie their dogs up to trees or simply set them free to fend for themselves during catastrophic conditions.

Badi Ellis of Florence, South Carolina witnessed this firsthand. He’s the owner of Imperial Ink Tattoo in Florence. Ellis takes the same route home every day and always passed by a small Beagle. The tiny Beagle was tied to a tree at a house on Ellis’ route each day. Sadly, the neglected pup remained tethered to the same tree even as the hurricane inched closer.

Ellis passed by and saw the dog shivering in the rain with no shelter to take refuge in. He decided enough was enough! The timid little boy was skin and bone and Ellis knew he couldn’t pass him by another day. He knocked on the door of the house and took matters into his own hands.

A Life-Changing Trade

A woman and her children answered the door. That’s when Ellis noticed the homeowner had tattoos so he thought quickly and offered a voucher to use at his shop. The catch? She had to give him the tiny Beagle he had grown so fond of each day. The woman quickly agreed and Ellis’ family instantly gained four paws!

“He was so cold and scared at first. When he realized that I was taking him with me he started that little bark that beagles do,” Ellis told WYFF News.

The adorable little love bug is now named Ruffles. This beautiful Beagle boy has adorable floppy ears and loving dark brown eyes. He seems to be enjoying his new lease on life! How could he not? Ellis recently shared a picture of Ruffles happily lounging on his couch while enjoying the dry indoors.

Unfortunately, Ruffles Isn’t Alone

Sadly, a similar story recently happened in Florida. An officer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department responded to a stranded vehicle during hurricane Dorian. He found a tiny, wet puppy inside the vehicle. The officer fell in love with the spotted puppy. Naturally, he decided to take her home. I bet you can guess what he named her…

Yep. Dorian!

The Miami Animal Rescue also rushed to rescue 17 dogs off the street. The rescue stretched their capacity beyond its limits as the hurricane started to make landfall.  The dogs had been abandoned by their families as they fled the storm. All of the babies were safe and survived.

h/t: WYFF 4 News

Featured Photo: @BadiEllis/Facebook

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