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Dad Sets Up Camera To Show The 4-Gigantic Dogs ‘Go-Crazy’ On The Way To Their Favorite Place

For anyone who has had the pleasure of owning a dog, the simple utterance of the word “park” can trigger an outburst of pure joy and boundless excitement. This is a spectacle characterized by wagging tails, bright, eager eyes, and an unmistakable air of anticipation that fills the room. Imagine, if you will, this scene intensified tenfold, as not just one or two, but four large, exuberant dogs prepare for an outing. The atmosphere inside the vehicle en route to … Read more

Dog Park Serving Beer, Coffee, And Tail-Wagging Good Times Opening Soon

A giant social space where dogs are required to be off leash and adult drinks and small bites are on the menu? Yes, please! Residents in North Bethesda, Maryland are about to get a boost to their dog-friendly restaurant and bar scene with the opening of Bark Social in September. Not Your Typical Dog Park Dog parks are great fun! They offer humans and their furry companions a space to get together and romp around without the drag of a … Read more

Dog Park Etiquette 101: Is Your Pet Prepared?

By Victoria Schade Reviewed by Stephanie Liff, DVM There’s nothing quite like watching a pack of dogs frolicking together at the dog park. Spending time at the park helps keep a dog’s socialization skills in tip-top form and can wear out a busy pup in a way that walks around the block can’t touch. Dog play at the park can look intense, but it shouldn’t be a lawless free-for-all. That’s why both pups and pet parents need to abide by … Read more

Dream Job Alert: Make $100 An Hour “Petting Puppies”

Is your current job boring, uninspiring, and devoid of dogs? Well then, you may want to apply for the new “Pup-tern” position at MUTTS Canine Cantina’s newest location in Fort Worth, Texas! Responsibilities include petting dogs and…that’s it! MUTTS shared a post via Instagram earlier this week asking interested applicants to post a video showing their “puppy petting skills” by November 12.   View this post on Instagram   Show us your puppy petting skills! Do you have what it … Read more

10 Dog Park Rules Every Pup Parent Should Know

dog park rules

With dogs of all breeds and personalities running around and making new friends, dog parks are supposed to be places full of fun and socialization. There’s freedom to run unhindered by a leash, other dogs to race and wrestle, and opportunities for both mental and physical stimulation. These are the things you expect when you open the gate and unleash your dog, but unfortunately, that’s not always what you get. Even if there are no officially posted rules, always follow … Read more

Fences For Fido Builds Dog Run For Pets Of Homeless Women

Kirkland’s Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Washington state provides a Safe Parking program for women who are down on their luck. They can sleep in their cars in the parking lot and use the building’s kitchen and Wi-Fi. Now, their dogs have a place to run and stretch their legs. Related: 10 Best Invisible Electric Fences for Dogs Fences For Fido is a nonprofit organization that usually builds fences for dogs who are tethered in back yards in order to … Read more

Pup Parents Make A Horrifying Discovery At Their Local Dog Park

Safety should always be a concern when heading to the dog park. Pups are at risk for anything from parasites to injuries and over-exertion. But visitors to Bicentennial Park in Ormond Beach, Florida had no idea their dogs could also be in danger of intentional sabbotage. This Tuesday, two park-goers discovered several fish hooks embedded in raw meatballs when one of their dogs ingested part of the tainted meat. The woman, identified only as Rita, rushed the pooch to Tomoka Pines … Read more

6 Friendly Reminders Everyone Should Follow At The Dog Park

Dog parks are a great way to let your pup burn off some energy and play with others. For many dogs, especially those who live in the city, it’s the only chance they have to truly run. For highly social dogs, the opportunity to be around other dogs is crucial for their happiness. However, it’s not a good idea to just show up at the dog park unprepared and spend the entire time on your phone. While each park has … Read more

London Launches The World’s First Doggy Tour Bus

“Who wants to go for a ride?!” The dogs of London do! And thanks to the UK insurance company called More Than, they will finally get their chance aboard a customized Routemaster bus called the K9. The world’s first bus tour for dogs takes pups and the people who love them on a figure-eight loop around London, making stops at four dog-friendly parks along the way. The 90-minute tour had its flagship ride on Monday and will continue with three departures … Read more

Top 10 Picks For The Best Dog-Friendly Stops In America

Savvy entrepreneurs are capitalizing on America’s love for their four-legged friends in new and amazing ways. From exclusive members-only clubs to the finest in canine cuisine, here are our choices for the top doggy destinations the United States has to offer. What are your favorite pup-friendly hot spots in your neck of the woods?   1.Best Restaurant: The Morrison Pub, Los Angeles, CA The Morrison will literally serve up your dog’s favorite goodies on a silver platter! Choices include: Where’s … Read more

These Posters Could Save Your Dog’s Life At The Dog Park

Dog parks can be a great place for your dog to get exercise and play with friends– IF your dog likes friends. And, if all the other dogs there like friends. Otherwise, it can be a tragedy waiting to happen. Dog park fights almost always end in vet visits. Sometimes they end in hospital visits and even the tragic loss of a dog. But do you know if your dog is really friendly? Are you sure your puppy is enjoying … Read more

Owner Dragged By Car While Trying To Save Senior Dog From Dognappers; Today, They Were Reunited!

Imagine: you’re on your way to the dog park with your pooch when someone walking by snatches him, takes him to a car, and begins to drives off. That’s exactly what happened to Mike Heredia on Sunday (February 7th) in Claremont, California. He and his three dogs were heading toward the Claremont Pooch Park when a passer-by on his phone walked by and Heredia heard his dog cry. He turned to see that the dognapper had grabbed Otis, his 15-year-old Cocker Spaniel, and was heading toward a waiting car. … Read more