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Guide Dog Dropout Becomes ‘Custody Canine’ For UK Police Station

River, like so many other 5-year-old Labs, loves to chase squirrels. For most dogs, this personality trait is a mere inconvenience; but for River, it resulted in her removal from a guide dog training program. This gorgeous gal wasn’t cut out for work with the blind, but her calm, gentle nature made her the perfect choice for a new form of police service. The “Custody Canine” pilot project at Maidstone Police Station in Kent, UK utilizes River’s unique skills to … Read more

Tiny Rescue Puppy Idolizes The LAPD Officers Who Saved Him

Officers Mercado and Tavera of the LAPD were patrolling the streets of Hollywood when they came across a teeny-tiny chocolate brown puppy in need of a new home.  They named him after the street where he was found, and together, Officers Mercado, Tavera, and honorary K-9 Hobart headed back to the station. On the ride, little Hobart could not contain his adoration as he stared lovingly at his rescuers. Hobart made himself right at home in the cruiser, happily riding … Read more

Man Who Stole Police K9’s Ball Is Cited For “Larceny Of Police Property”

6-year-old Eli is the “seniority leader” of the Troy, Michigan Police Department‘s three scent K9s. On April 5, he was participating in a training exercise in a field behind the local Holiday Inn Express when a disgruntled guest stole his beloved ball. As a K9 officer was laying scent tracks for Eli, the man yelled from an open hotel window, demanding to know what was going on. The officer told him it was an official training exercise and advised him … Read more

Officers Use Cheetos & Belly Rubs To Negotiate With Fugitive Dog On The Run

The officers of the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Police Department are not only animal lovers, they also have a flair for comedy! A Facebook post describing a “standoff” between the SFPD and a “four-legged canine suspect” has received over 5,000 likes and laughs since it appeared Wednesday afternoon. The incident occurred the previous day when the dog – “who refused to identify herself” – ran loose through a busy roadway, nearly causing several accidents.   The pup defied direct orders from … Read more

Firefighters Rescue A Missing Dog Trapped In The Ice Of A Frigid Creek

Thanks to the brave firefighters of the Perry Joint Fire District, a lost and highly endangered dog has been reunited with his family this week. The local police alerted the fire rescue team to a terrified dog who had broken through the ice of a frozen creek and was trapped in the frigid water. They immediately rushed to his aid. Koda the Bull Mastiff/Lab mix and his brother Hank had gotten loose from the family home a few days prior. … Read more

Here’s How Cyber Crime Dogs Help Bust Terrorists & Child Predators

There seems to be no limit to what the canine nose is capable of. The latest set of heroic working dogs are trained to sniff out unique chemical compounds emitted by electronic storage devices such as laptops, cellphones, memory cards and flash drives. Their skills can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal in cases of terrorism, sex trafficking and child pornography.   URL (pronounced “Earl”) is an 18-month-old Black Lab mix, twice rescued from a shelter. On the surface, … Read more

Dog Who Was Hit By Drunk Driver Reunited With Owner After 43 Days Of Living In The Woods

An 11-month-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever was missing for 43 days after being hit by a drunk driver…but has now been reunited with his owner! On December 13th, police officers in Orange, Massachusetts witnessed Chessie get hit by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol. The dog was in his own driveway, and the car was on the wrong side of the road. Luckily, the driver was caught and charged; but the hurt and frightened pup disappeared into the … Read more

Dog Left Tied Outside In Freezing Temperatures Thanks His Rescuer With Kisses!

A picture posted on the Parsippany Police Department’s Facebook page shows a grateful Pit Bull giving a police officer a kiss from the backseat of his squad car. While most people are hunkered down in the midst of the historic blizzard that’s hit the east coast, one dog was left to fend for himself in the elements. Apparently the Pittie’s former owner decided that the late-January day, with the temperature and wind chill dipping far below freezing, was the best time to … Read more