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Police K-9 Separated From Partner After Video Surfaces Showing Abuse

WARNING: Pictures and video might be sensitive to some readers. The video is tough to watch for anyone with a heart, especially dog-lovers. A K-9 police officer in Salisbury, N.C., has been been “administratively separated” from his K-9 partner, Zuul, after a minute-long video surfaced of him yelling at the 4-year-old German Shepherd, choking him by his leash, then throwing the dog against a police vehicle before tossing him in the backseat and striking him with his hand. Police footage … Read more

Officers Line Up For Police Dog’s Last Ride Ever

A dog police officer obviously sounds cute, but the fact is these amazing animals are valuable members of their team. Dax, a 13-year-old German Shepherd, served the Ashland Police Department in Massachusetts for 11 years. He just retired in February after serving for a longer than the average career. And what a career it was! As he’s pretty old now, 13-year-old Dax’s condition recently started to worsen. His handler, Sgt. Chris Alberini, made the extremely difficult decision to let him go. In … Read more

Guide Dog Dropout Becomes ‘Custody Canine’ For UK Police Station

River, like so many other 5-year-old Labs, loves to chase squirrels. For most dogs, this personality trait is a mere inconvenience; but for River, it resulted in her removal from a guide dog training program. This gorgeous gal wasn’t cut out for work with the blind, but her calm, gentle nature made her the perfect choice for a new form of police service. The “Custody Canine” pilot project at Maidstone Police Station in Kent, UK utilizes River’s unique skills to … Read more

Terminally Ill Pooch Becomes An Honorary Police Dog For A Day

On October 1, the Miller family of Wilmington, NC received heartbreaking news. Their beloved 14-year-old Parson Russell Terrier, Jack has terminal cancer. But until his final day comes, the Millers have vowed to fill Jack’s days with fun and adventure. This weekend they checked a big item off his Bucket List with a ride in a police car – plus plenty of extras courtesy of the Wilmington PD! In addition to his exciting ride in Sergeant Lisa Kittrell’s police cruiser, … Read more

Two Soon-To-Be Retired Police Dogs Are Looking For Forever Homes

After years of selfless service to their communities, two police dogs with the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) are ready for their next assignment—retirement. MSP announced on Facebook that while retired police dogs typically go on to live with their handlers, some are made available for adoption due to specific circumstances. K-9s Klauss and Alex will soon be up for adoption, and their human employers are looking for the perfect families to take them home. At five and a half years … Read more

UPDATE: Hero Police K9/ Netflix Star Succumbs To “Sudden, Untreatable Illness”

Updated 5/16/22 Just two months after a movie based on her life premiered on Netflix, Ruby the hero police dog has passed away. According to a Facebook post from the Rhode Island State Police, K-9 Ruby was put to sleep following a “sudden, acute, and untreatable illness.” The story of the remarkable pooch and her handler Cpl. Daniel O’Neil inspired the Netflix film, Rescued By Ruby. Before joining the force, Ruby, an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix, was an … Read more

Hawaii Police Dog Stabbed, But His Life Was Spared Thanks To His Special Vest

The Honolulu Police Department on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu is proud to employ several working K9s as part of their team. The dogs accompany officers on dangerous assignments and have been an integral part in keeping the island safe. One of those working dogs is a Belgian Malinois named Zero. He first joined the department in 2014, and he’s earned a reputation for being a valuable asset on the field. When a call about a domestic dispute turned dangerous … Read more

California Police Dog Makes Huge Drug Bust First Day On The Job

For six weeks, K9 Rye trained alongside his human handler, Officer Iside, to prepare for his future as a police dog. The two-year-old Belgian Malinois learned obedience and protection, and he also spent hundreds of hours learning the special skills he’d need to be a successful drug detection dog. The hours were long, yet rewarding, and at the end of the program, K9 Rye and Officer Iside received high marks in every category. It wasn’t an easy process, but K9 … Read more

Man Who Stole Police K9’s Ball Is Cited For “Larceny Of Police Property”

6-year-old Eli is the “seniority leader” of the Troy, Michigan Police Department‘s three scent K9s. On April 5, he was participating in a training exercise in a field behind the local Holiday Inn Express when a disgruntled guest stole his beloved ball. As a K9 officer was laying scent tracks for Eli, the man yelled from an open hotel window, demanding to know what was going on. The officer told him it was an official training exercise and advised him … Read more

Kansas’ First Pit Bull Officer Takes On The Drug Trade AND Breed Stereotypes

Kano is a regal, full-blooded Red-Nosed Pit Bull. He has one soulful hazel eye and one that is a stunning icy blue. For most of his life, Kano has trained for the distinguished title he holds today: Kansas’ very first Pit Bull narcotics K9. Representing an often-misunderstood breed, Kano will be judged on more than just his policework; but his handler Officer Mason Paden says they are up for the challenge. “Just like people dogs are individuals too!” Paden said … Read more

Police Dog Pumps Out Push-Ups With Fellow Officers In Adorable Viral Video

Nitro the 2-year-old Dutch Shepherd is a rookie K9 officer with the Gulf Shores Police Department in Alabama. The physically fit pup recently showed off his push-up skills in a viral video with two of his fellow officers. Just 7 seconds long, the clip has spread like wildfire with more than 1 million views since it was posted on November 18. Not only is Nitro’s video adorable, it also serves an important purpose as part of the #9PMRoutine movement. The … Read more

K-9 Officer Shot In The Line Of Duty Is Honored With The Purple Heart

7-year-old Tess has served the Washington County, Utah Sheriff’s Office for over four years. On the evening of August 29, the brave K-9 officer was shot twice in the mouth while attempting to apprehend a carjacker. This week Tess was honored with a Purple Heart by Vietnam Veterans of America, an organization that recognizes military and police dogs as well as the men and women they serve with. “She did her job. She saved our life, absolutely saved our life,” Tess’ longtime handler, … Read more

Sheriff’s Office Hires Adorable Therapy Dog To Comfort Crime Victims

Meet Lily, a 5-year-old Beagle/Corgi mix who was rescued from a kill shelter in Florida. She was then enrolled in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s “Paws & Stripes College,” a program where inmates train rescued dogs to be PTSD dogs, therapy dogs, or child-victim-advocate dogs. She’s now moved on to assisting crime victims. After graduating from Paws and Stripes’s Law Enforcement Investigative Therapy Dog Course, she was given to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) for free to help comfort victims … Read more

Officials Retire Police Dog So He Can Stay With Fallen Officer’s Family

3-year-old Belgian Malinois, Ike, was the canine partner of Sergeant Mike Pershall until the officer was killed by a suspected drunk driver on August 22. Under normal circumstances, the dog would be assigned to a new handler and continue his service to the city of Modesto, CA. But on Tuesday, officials agreed that these are not normal circumstances, and Ike should be retired from the department and remain with Pershall’s wife and two children. Pershall was off duty when he … Read more

Photo Of Florida Cop Napping With His K-9 Partner Reminds Us Of Their Sacrifice

Heartwrenching photos of imperiled animals, huddled survivors, and property destruction continue to surface as Hurricane Irma assaults Florida. One image seems to perfectly capture an often overlooked group affected by such disasters – first responders. The photo depicts an exhausted officer catching a quick nap on a cot. He has no blanket and only a thin towel for a pillow, but what he does have is his beloved partner by his side. The image, posted to Twitter by the Fort … Read more

Colorado’s First Pit Bull K9 Is Busting Stereotypes And Drug Dealers

On July 13, 2017 a brindle Pit Bull mix named Kara was sworn in to the Colorado Mounted Rangers. The trained narcotics detection dog and her partner Dawn Havens are the state’s first-ever “Pit Bull” K9 Unit. New York and Ohio have also welcomed blocky-headed K9 officers to their law enforcement departments, but Kara’s arrival in Colorado is particularly momentous because dogs like her are banned in many of the cities she will serve – including the state capital.   … Read more

16 Retiring K-9 Officers Are Honored In An Official Ceremony

Law enforcement officers in Ecuador take the hard work and dedication of their K-9 partners very seriously. When it was time for 16 of the force’s four-legged officers to retire and enjoy their golden years in peaceful bliss, they held a formal ceremony in order to honor them for their remarkable service. The pooches maintained their professional demeanor as everyone took a moment to pray for the pups who had fallen in the line of duty. Afterward, they were walked … Read more

Unadoptable Dog Becomes Ohio’s First Pit Bull Police K9

When Leonard arrived at the Union County Humane Society in Ohio, the staff were concerned about his chances for adoption. Not only is he a Pit Bull-type dog, he also displayed “very high hunt, ball, and possessiveness drives.” Luckily, shelter director, Jim Alloway recognized Leonard’s potential. He has an extensive background with police dogs and saw that those very behaviors could make Leonard an ideal candidate for narcotics work! Leonard is a dog that came to us about 7 months … Read more

After Police Dog Is Shot, Selfless Little Girl Donates Allowance For Bulletproof Vests

Several weeks ago, we featured a heartbreaking story of a police dog named Jethro who was shot while he and his partner, Officer Ryan Davis, were responding to a burglary. Jethro was hit by three bullets that resulted in brain trauma; he died the next day. The man responsible for shooting Jethro will be facing up to 57 years in prison if he gets convicted of the shooting. A lot of people grieved for Jethro’s loss. Office Davis … Read more