GONE VIRAL: A truckload of dogs has the time of their life at the beach!

*** It’s official, over 1 million of you have shared this video on our website!!! *** When you lookup “happiness” in the dictionary, there will now be a reference to THIS video! Posted 5 days ago on YouTube, this video is taking the internet by storm. The story behind it is totally awesome! Apparently the Malibu Dog Training Company takes it’s students from their “off leash” program to the beach after graduation. Afterwards they clean them up, trim their nails, and bring … Read more

I’ve Seen A Lot of Army Dog Reunions. But THIS ONE! Wow So Moving!

Sgt. Jason Bos thought he had a 10% chance of ever seeing his bomb sniffing dog Cila again. But when he found out she was retiring, he jumped at the chance for them to be together. I’ve seen a lot of these types of videos, but never where the owner and dog were THIS excited. Brought tears to my eyes! Share this amazing video! My favorite part was Sgt. Bos talking at the beginning of the video about how we … Read more

I Can’t Believe My Eyes! This Dog Can Actually Solve Math Problems!

A sweet dog in China has surfaced on the internet in the past few days. Five year old DuoDuo lives in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, with her owner Mr. Xiu… Who appears to have gone above and beyond normal dog training with his precious pooch! 🙂 Mr Xiu has been training DuoDuo to do mental arithmetic since she was 4 months old. Wait a second, what?!?! Yep you read that correctly! This means she can add, subtract, multiple and divide! “How?” … Read more

Unique Chihuahua, Rikki, Finds Home And Best Friend. Beautiful Story!

There are so many dogs in need of a home. Can you just imagine how many of those are older, disabled and deformed, maybe even diseased in someway? All of those reasons are preventing them from being adopted! The younger, healthy ones are typically picked first leaving some dogs waiting for their forever home, well… for forever! It’s such a sad situation. It takes a special kind of person and family to welcome a unique dog into their home, and … Read more

TRENDING: 2 Stranded Dogs Dramatically Rescued. This is a MUST SEE!

We don’t know much about the video you’re about to see. It was uploaded to YouTube on April 27th by someone by the name of “Ben P.” Some have speculated that this is a rescue dog in training. Whatever the situation, bravo to Robbie for his heroic effort! Whether in training or not, he’s going to make a wonderful rescue dog and a perfect companion. Did this video inspire you? Share it with your friends!

POWERFUL: Soldier Reunited with the Dog He Took a Bullet For

Because of the effectiveness of bomb sniffing dogs like Bart, the Taliban we’re known to specifically target the dogs with snipers. Brave soldiers like US Sergeant Aaron Yoder have been known to wrap their Kevlar coated bodies around their dogs to protect them. While protecting his dog Bart, Yoder was wounded in the leg, requiring a full 6 surgeries. The video you’re about to see records the first time they were reunited. So good! We often share videos showing the … Read more

Two Dogs Skype Each Other! You’ve Got To See What Happens Next!

Technology isn’t what it used to be! We can now speak to anyone across the globe, with a click of a button! Another click and you can even SEE who you are talking to! But people aren’t the only ones benefiting from this. Nope! Long lost best-doggy-friends are giving it a shot! And what happens next is adorably funny. Check them out! What do you think about your dog using Skype? Tell us in the comments below! SHARE if you … Read more

Dog and Pony Play Together! Adorable!

Here’s something you don’t see every day… a dog and baby horse playing “keep away” together!! By the looks of it, the dog is winning. But these two buddies are certainly having a great time playing with one another. We promise, this adorable video will have you smiling in no time! Enjoy! 🙂 SHARE this with someone who could use a smile! SHARE this with someone who could use a smile!

Kira The Dog Swims With Wild Dolphins!!

While most dogs get really good at fetch or walking on their hind legs, Kira has taken up an extraordinary talent of her own. She regularly swims with wild dolphins! Yes! DOLPHINS! Something that most humans dream of doing!! She and the dolphins brought a huge smile to my face as I sat in awe over this next video. Pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy as Kira hangs out with her Dolphin pals! ♥ This is one video … Read more

And Then, God Made a Dog.

While we don’t usually share slideshow-like videos, we couldn’t pass this one up. Anyone who owns a dog should appreciate this beautiful video! Whether you believe in God or not, at it’s core, this video is two wonderful minutes highlighting just how truly amazing dogs are! One of my favorite parts? “Strong enough to pull sleds, sniff out bombs, yet gentle enuff to love babies and lead the blind…” So good! Seriously, go take a listen. And then love on … Read more

Dog “Videobombs” Live Newscast Bulletin!

You’ve heard of “photobombing” right? This is when someone sneaks into a photo at the last second and the actual subjects in the photo aren’t expecting it. Well, we think this dog has created a new version of the phenomenon and we’re calling it “videobombing.” It’s the same concept, but even more funny! Especially when it involves a live newscast and a cute dog, much like this next video! Stormy just wanted to pop in to say, “Hi!” Check it … Read more

Puppies Doing Things For The First Time!

Life is confusing for puppies, especially in those first few months. Everything is brand new and a bit complicated! Coordination is ‘ruff and food is messy. Hiccups are weird and so are the rules for going potty! But something tells us that they’ll quickly come to love it all as they master each new task presented to them. In the meantime while they’re still learning, we can’t help but smile at their “oopsie” moments! SHARE this with a fellow puppy … Read more

These Labradors Will Make You Laugh!

America’s Funniest Home Videos has us giggling with glee. The Labs in this video are full of personality! We can’t help but LOVE every single one of them. Our favorite might be the first pup, but trust us when we say that you’ll wanna watch the whole video! Which pup had you laughing most? Did you LOVE this video? SHARE it! Post by America's Funniest Home Videos. Did you LOVE this video? SHARE it!

Hilarious Dog Confused By Bag of Marbles!

This Boxer is losing his marbles! Or maybe he’s listening to some hard rock music that no one else can hear? Regardless, his response to this bag of marbles has us laughing hysterically! And while we’re pretty sure this isn’t the correct way to play with marbles, we’re going to embrace this pooch’s approach because he’s having more fun with marbles than anyone EVER has! 🙂 Check it out! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this … Read more

Adorably Talented Mixed-Breed to Perform at Westminster!

Paws up for mixed breeds making headlines! As you probably know, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the annual, highly esteemed competition for purebred dogs. In a rare opportunity, mixed-breeds were allowed to compete in the Master’s Agility Championship this year! Only 15 mixed-breed pooches were competing… out of 225 canines! And since we love ALL dogs, we couldn’t help but cheer on these underdogs. This pretty girl, Hailey, was one of the lucky 15 to perform! She knows … Read more

What Ever Happened to Michael Vick’s Dogs? Prepare to Be Blown Away!

Ever wonder what happened to Michael Vick’s fighting dogs? Prepare to have your heart melted! I absolutely love that they call these pups VICKtory dogs! (thanks to The Bark Post to first posting on this story!) 1 of 9: Handsome Dan This beautiful boy was adopted by a family who now has a little girl. While skittish at first, Handsome Dan has learned to trust humans again and it a fantastic family member. Amazingly, he has a Facebook fan page … Read more

8 Photos of Rescue Dogs Helping in the Washington Mudslide

Dogs are simply amazing. They've been helping with the search and rescue mission. - Source Searching through the debris using their powerful sense of smell. (AP Photo /The Herald, Dan Bates) - Source The search is very challenging. It's muddy and cold. (AP Photo/The Seattle Times, Marcus Yam) - Source They have to search every area, even though it's very challenging. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) - Source They braved through the cold just to help people. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, Pool) - ... Read more

11 Dogs Patiently Wait For Their Name To Be Called And Then Their Dinner Is Served!!

Now these are some well-trained dogs! This family has a whopping ELEVEN beautiful dogs! All of them patiently await for their name to be called and one by one, they leave their kennel. What happens when you’re polite at dinner time? You get a nice yummy dinner! … And now a viral video, showing off your great manners! I love that these dogs behave so well. Dogs LOVE to have structure and do much better when given it, and these … Read more

This Dog is NOT Allowed on the Bed… So Guess What Happens When He’s Home Alone?!

Dogs try their very best to behave properly when we’re present. I’d like to think they’re well-behaved when we’re away but… something tells me otherwise! Perhaps it could be this adorable video of what a hidden camera captured of a dog home alone? As the title mentions, and I will repeat, this dog is NOT allowed on the bed! So, it stays off the bed right? :-p Find out! (This video has amassed a whopping 23 MILLION VIEWS so far! … Read more

Rescued beagles walk on grass for the FIRST time ever! [AMAZING]

Can you imagine the horror of living your entire life in a cage, used only as a tool by a research lab? For these beagles, that WAS life. Thanks to the amazing team at the ARME Beagle Freedom Project, they are now rescued and free. In this next video, you’re about to see them experiencing grass for the first time! Tragically, it took some of this pups over ten minutes to muster the courage to walk out of his crate. … Read more

Watch as these 2 become best friends over 2 years and 22 pictures!

Watch as these 2 become best friends over a period of 2 1/2 years! Don’t miss the last photo, it’s absolutely priceless! SHARE the cuteness!   So it begins… In the beginning, they don’t do too much…. Just sleep! But then they get closer. And closer.   And closer! Hugs and kisses! Playtime! And cry time.   They even ride into battle together!     And of course, they share secrets.   Best friends FOREVER!

Lost Dog Reunited With Family After 7 Months!!!

When I heard how Dora jumped the fence in her backyard on the 4th of July, my heart was aching as I quickly envisioned that happening to one of my babies. Dora was scared of the fireworks causing her to run away, leaving her family devastated. They searched high and low but with no luck. However, their luck suddenly changed almost exactly 7 months later when they received a call about a new dog at a local shelter! Dora was … Read more

When 2 Dogs Share An Ice Cream Cone, The Little One ALWAYS Gets The First Bite…You’ll See Why!

Friday Fun-day is a regular occurrence in Cooper’s home, and even his friends get to join in from time to time! They LOVE their ice cream, especially Cooper. Cooper loves it SO much that he knows it’s only best to let his friends go first in getting a taste. His politeness pays off, so keep your eye on him! Any guesses as to what happens? Find out: Did anyone see that coming?! We wonder if Cooper got a brain freeze… … Read more

Why was this boy going on mysterious walks? The answer will amaze you.

This little boy from the Philippines spent two weeks going on mysterious walks by himself, when one day his father decided to join him to see what his son was up to. Take a look at the reason why he went on all those walks… we guarantee you’re heart will touched! The hours he spent walking, was actually time spent feeding stray dogs! The dogs he fed were extremely malnourished, and many were  infected with scabies and parasites. It was clear … Read more